A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 14 Reactions

Chapter 14 Reactions

Frosthold City, the capital of the Sabat Kingdom, North of the Avalon Empire , A man was standing on a balcony witnessing this miracle happening in front of him. , He looked south towards the Forsaken forest where an explosion came from. , The man was excited and worried at the same time. ”So in the end it was the truth. I thought the book was just a warning from a senile old man.” , A woman with light blue hair and shining crystal blue eyes ran up to the man in a panic and grabbed hold of him. , ”What’s going on Einar? What was that explosion!!” , He looked down at the woman holding onto him and calmed her down by explaining. , ”Yeva, there’s a book in the vault that explains that when an explosion in the south is heard, it concludes the birth of the boy who will save Thrylos from the storm that will cover the world.” , His wife looked at him with panicked eyes. , ”Do you believe what the book says?” , Einar nodded before grabbing her hand and leading her somewhere. They walked for some time until they arrived in front of a vault with three guards outside. , When they saw him they all saluted him.”” My King, My Queen”” , He smiled at them while opening the door, and walking inside with the Queen , As soon as they entered, he dragged her to a bookshelf at the back of the vault, searching for a specific book. , Finding the book he opens it and finds the page to show her. ”Here read this.” , The Avalon Empire’s history. , A warning from the past. , ”The land of Thrylos will be engulfed in a fierce storm, and the rivers will run red with blood. Empires and kingdoms will crumble as they fight to survive. , Only the boy who can bring the races together will be able to unite them against the impending disaster. , He is the key to stopping the storm and saving the land. , This boy is the firstborn in five millennia, and a white flash in the midst of the storm will signal the beginning of his journey. , He has been cast aside by his own family. , My descendants, you must find this boy at all costs. , Do not ignore my warning, for I have witnessed the divine power of the heavens and have been given hope by them. , It is they who have warned me of the coming storm and the importance of finding the boy.” , Cynrad Avalon, 1st Emperor and Founder of the Avalon Empire. , ”The Avalon Empire’s first emperor? Why do you have this?” , Einar explained how he got the book. , ”Well, the 1st emperor sent it to my ancestor.” , She nodded and thought. ”We should send some of our people to find this boy.” , Sultania City, Nagendra Kingdom’s capital city south of the Avalon Empire , The palace’s garden is surrounded by colorful flowers and water fountains dotted throughout the garden. , Three women and a man sat around a table chatting, all the women were dressed in kaftan-like clothes in all different colors. , The man had dark brown skin with snake-like pink eyes, and the three women looked alike, they were cousins after all. , Little fangs hang out of their mouth and the women share the same features. They all had colorful snake scales running up and down their bodies. , He was wearing loose pants and a shirt that was left open so people could see his blue scales running down his body. , They were all talking while eating when a boom was heard from the north. He jumps up and without thinking, rushes towards a tower in a corner of the palace. , The women followed him. As soon as they reached the tower, they rushed to the top of it. After they all got there, one of the women spoke up. , ”Khonsu, why did you run here after that explosion?” , The tall brown-skinned man looked directly into the woman’s eyes before speaking. , ”A old Nagendra legend.” , All 3 women looked confused before speaking at the same time. , ””Legend?”” , He smiled at his three wives before informing them of what he knows ”Well, this tale has been told in the Nagendra royal family for 1000s of years.” , He takes a deep breath and tells them a story that he’s heard all his life. , ”In a time of turmoil and strife, where the continent flows with blood and wars erupt everywhere, the earth will rise and lay waste to the Nagendra kingdom,” , Khonsu speaks and looks out across his vast kingdom before finishing. 𝑖𝘦𝑎.𝗇t, ”A discarded white angel descends to fight the earth in an almighty battle that shakes the whole kingdom, defeating the earth. This angel becomes the beacon of the people igniting hope for all.” , Naravo City, the capital city of the Lionheart Kingdom to the west of the Avalon Empire , A Lion Demi-human woman with golden colored hair and lion ears on the top of her head and a tail was excited while moving around quickly while training with a young girl. , The girl bore a striking resemblance to the older woman as they both trained with spears at the Lionheart royal family’s training grounds. , With a swift motion, the woman struck the girl’s shield, causing her to exclaim in pain. , “Ahhh!” , The impact sent the girl flying, crashing hard into the ground as the woman followed up with a kick to her shield. , “Come on, Nala. You must fully commit your entire body to the block, or you’ll find yourself sent flying once more,” the woman admonished. , Unfazed, the young girl rose to her feet, determined to resume the fight, when a deep voice resonated from behind. , “How’s my daughter’s training going?” , Approaching them with an imposing presence, a towering figure stood tall at seven feet, adorned with white hair, lion ears, and a majestic tail. , However, their attention was swiftly diverted by a resounding boom that reverberated through the air. , BOOM!~ , Their gazes turned eastward, where a brilliant white light streaked across the sky. , Situated not far from the Avalon border, Archdale provided them with a vantage point to witness events beyond the reach of others. , “A surge of mana and radiant light. Could it be the prophecy I’ve heard?” mused the lion-man. , Determined to unravel the mystery, he promptly instructed his advisor to investigate the phenomenon. , Dragon Hunters, Far North , The tribe of dragon hunters had been on the hunt for weeks, scouring the mountains and valleys for any sign of their prey. , But as they made camp one night, they saw something that made their blood run cold. , A bright white light was shining in the distance, illuminating the sky like a beacon. , At first, they thought it might be a trick of the light, or perhaps a natural phenomenon they had never seen before. , But as they watched, they saw an illusion moving within the light. , It was a dragon, but not like any dragon they had ever seen before. , Its scales were as white as snow, and its eyes glowed with an otherworldly light. , The hunters knew that this was no ordinary dragon. , It was a creature of legend, a white dragon, said to be the most powerful and elusive of all dragons. , They knew that capturing it would bring them great wealth and renown, but they also knew that it would be a dangerous and difficult task. , As they watched the dragon move within the light, they knew that they had to act quickly. , They packed up their camp and set out toward the light, their hearts pounding with excitement and fear. , They knew that they were about to embark on the hunt of a lifetime and that their lives would never be the same again. , The main church branch in Starfall City, Pluoria Continent , The Church of Light was a powerful religious organization that had long been dedicated to the eradication of all things dark and evil. , When news of the white dragon’s rise reached them, they were initially skeptical. , They had heard rumors of such a creature before but had always dismissed them as mere superstition. , However, when reports of the bright white flash in the Avalon Empire began to pour in, the Church of Light knew that something significant was happening. , They quickly mobilized their forces, sending out scouts and messengers to gather information and assess the situation. , The Church of Light became increasingly concerned when they couldn’t find anything. , They saw the creature as a threat to their mission and feared that it could potentially be a tool of the darkness they had sworn to destroy. , Despite their fears, the Church of Light remained resolute in its mission. , They continued to gather information and plan their next move, determined to protect the humans of the Avalon Empire from any potential harm that the white dragon might bring. , In the end, the Church of Light’s response to the rise of the white dragon was one of caution and vigilance. , They knew that they could not underestimate the power of such a creature, and were determined to do everything in their power to ensure that it did not pose a threat to the world they had sworn to protect. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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