Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 76 – Lady Enforcer!

Chapter 76 – Lady Enforcer!

Long Chen has violated the rules for this competition. I hereby declare that he has lost the right to enter the Lingwu Family.

Huang Feiyangs voice echoed faintly.

Even though hed received one of Huang Feiyangs powerful moves and survived, Long Chen couldnt feel any satisfaction!

Currently, it was impossible for Huang Feiyang to let him off the hook. Long Chens hands had been blown away from his ears due to the impact of his attack, so Lingxi could come out at any moment now.

Suddenly Long Chen yelled with great force: Lingxi, come back here! If not, I will hate you to my death!

Currently, Lingxi was already in motion. Even though she heard Long Chens anxious words, she didnt listen.

To her, Long Chen was on the verge of death; this was the only thing on her mind!

Lingxi! I beg you. Please listen to me, okay?!

Long Chens heart-rending voice wasnt able to make Lingxi return!

At the moment, Huang Feiyang has already arrived in front of Long Chen. With rage filled eyes, he immediately attacked Long Chen a second time.

By now, Lingxi had already prepared to leave Long Chens ear to shield him!

In just the nick of time, a cold female voice suddenly spoke out. Huang Feiyang, who was originally on top of Long Chen, was suddenly blown away. After he retreated a few steps, he looked up with an ashen face towards the new arrival.

Initially, his face was filled with fury, but after seeing who had come, he trembled with fear and hurriedly said: Disciple Huang Feiyang, greets the Enforcer.

Wen Ya who was standing to the side, likewise bowed towards the newcomer.

Long Chen didnt know the identity of the new arrival. But, he had already recovered a little and was barely able to stand up. Lingxi, who was originally planning to intervene, saw that Long Chen had received assistance. She sighed in relief and didnt take any further actions.

Just wait and see how I will deal with you when we return!

After Long Chen gave Lingxi a serious fright, he endured the tremendous pain in his body as he gritted his teeth and tried to stand up.

Although his body was barely holding up, Long Chen still looked towards the newcomer.

Ahead, a group of people walked towards them.

Each person gave off an extraordinary aura. Their strength eclipsed Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya by a large margin, especially that woman amidst them. She even made Long Chen narrow his eyes.Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

The lone woman amongst the young men seemed to attract the most attention. She was wearing a crimson gown framing her delicate features. Her snow white skin, her enchanting smile, her stride accentuating the graceful yet well-developed curves of her lush figure, attracted the attention of every man.

When the 8 competitors were suddenly confronted with such a beauty, they immediately swallowed their saliva and stared at her with widened eyes.

Amongst the beauties Long Chen had seen, Lingxi and Yang Lingqing both seemed immature in comparison. This woman embodied a completely different charm; every motion and every quirk of the lips was filled with maturity, intellect, and elegance. It would be extremely difficult for an ordinary man to resist her.

The phrase peerless beauty came unbidden to Long Chen.

However, right now, his body was hurting all over, so he was in no mood to flirt with the woman. Moreover, with her abnormal strength, she wasnt someone he could flirt with, even if he wanted to.

Therefore, Long Chen put up an innocent wounded teenager front, as he stared coldly at Huang Feiyang while biting his lower lip.

Long Chen was handsome, and coupled with his innocent yet wild and untamed appearance; he had immediately attracted the attention of the beauty.

Long Chen was just 16 years old and still had the appearance of a youngster, with blood running from the corners of his mouth. When the woman saw him, it made her heart ache slightly.

She immediately swept his gaze towards Huang Feiyang. With an expression as if she was holding back a smile on her flawless face, she asked him: Huang Feiyang, explain yourself.

The womans voice was soft yet charming. Long Chen suddenly felt his heart stir. Remembering that Lingxi was still in his ear, he momentarily deflated like a balloon and stopped looking at her.

Her tone seemed to be one of total indifference, but Huang Feiyang knew that this was when the Enforcer was at her most terrifying state. He immediately replied sincerely: Enforcer, its like this. Originally, these two were about to commence the last battle to decide who would enter our Lingwu family. That youth named Long Chen was being ruthless. Even though he was already victorious, but he still pursued and even wanted to kill his opponent. This is against the rules, and thats why I think he should be disqualified!


That woman looked at Long Chen with her beautiful eyes before smiling faintly and said with a nonchalant tone: Huang Feiyang, you tell me this. Since when did our Lingwu family have a rule against killing their opponents? On the contrary, we encourage killing.

Hearing her words, Huang Feiyangs complexion changed, and he was about to argue. The womans gaze suddenly intensified, staring at him. Immediately he began to feel like he was being suffocated. His face paled and he couldnt utter a single word.

Long Chen was startled. This woman could at most be 27 or 28 years old, but her cultivation had already reached a state unattainable by Huang Feiyang. Long Chen was astonished by her charm and beauty, but now her cultivation level had made him even more impressed.

That fellow is your younger brother right?

Her voice was like a poisonous snake that was transmitted into Huang Feiyangs ears. Huang Feiyangs forehead immediately broke out in a cold sweat. He didnt dare breathe a single word. His complexion just turned even paler, and his body started to shake.

That womans smile was inviting, with a charm that evoked an extraordinary desire, but to Huang Feiyang, it seemed like a nightmare.

Under the jurisdiction of me, Liu Lan, you dare disregard the rules. Are you not afraid to be sent to Star Fiend Prison?

The almost inaudible voice had frightened Huang Feiyang silly. Seeing Huang Feiyang quivering, Liu Lan straightened her waist and giggled with a charming grace. She waved her hands and said: I was just kidding. I just wanted to scare you. Dont do it again, ok? You can all scram now.

Wen Ya was also angry, but was afraid to voice his opinion. After hearing Liu Lans words, he relaxed and immediately pulled the stunned Huang Feiyang with him, and said: Thank you, Enforcer, for your leniency. We will leave immediately!

Liu Lan didnt give them a second thought, she spoke to a youth beside her: Huang Feiyang is useless. Youre to take these five of the factions newcomers, arrange everything, and also impart them some common knowledge. Most importantly, the Lingwu Family rules, understood?

That man immediately nodded his head and said: Yes, Enforcer Liu!

Liu Lan nodded, then swept her enchanting gaze towards Long Chen. She smiled sweetly and said: Take special care of that fellow for me. I will visit him alone later tonight.

After giving her orders, she left with her entourage.

Seeing her departing figure, Long Chen relaxed his tense heart, but he wasnt able to forget the hatred-filled look that Huang Feiyang had given him before he left.

I have arrived in Yuanling City and have created such enmity already. I must have been really bored. In the future, when Im in the Lingwu Family, I must be careful.

At this time, the man who had remained looked over at Long Chen and the four others. His gaze lingered slightly longer on Long Chen before he said: My name is Gan Lin. The Lingwu Family is comparable to a large sect. We all operate under Enforcer Liu. In the future, you can call me Senior Brother Gan. Do you understand?

Long Chen and the others nodded.

As Gan Lin saw that they were obedient, he was extremely satisfied and said: Why arent you all introducing yourselves?

The five of them immediately reported their names and family background. Long Chen just repeated the information he gave during the enrollment for the Lingwu Family selection.

Hearing that Long Chen was from a small town in Yuanling County, Gan Lins eyes lit up with surprise and complimented: I saw your previous battle from afar; being this young and coming from a small place, and to have achieved this much, I really admire you!

The golden rule was to keep a low profile. Senior Brother Gan seemed quite approachable and he might need his help to settle a few problems in the future so Long Chen had decided to improve his relationship with him and hastily said: Ive had a bit of luck but mostly its because Ive practiced diligently since my childhood.

Long Chens answer was neither humble nor boastful and didnt include the clichs like You are too kind. Gan Lin was very pleased with him. He patted Long Chen on the shoulders and said while smiling, Since youve entered Lingwu Family, you should work hard. This is the real battlefield. People who have talent and a strong will are destined to shine, while those who are lazy and depend on their parents or family background will all die miserably, just like that kid you had defeated.

After that, he looked at the others and said: I will now take you all to Lingwu City, at which I will give you jade cards that serve as identity tokens, and also inform you all on many things. If you encounter anything you dont understand, I will explain it all to you so as to avoid future mistakes that may cost you your lives.

Long Chen, like the others, nodded his head. Under Gan Lins lead, they headed towards Lingwu City. That place was the true stronghold of the Lingwu Family.

Looking at Gan Lins powerful figure ahead, remembering Xiao Lang, and thinking back to his encounter with Xiao Lang, Long Chen found himself deeply in thought.

[TL NOTE: Xiao Lang () Referring to () Mo Xiaolang/Lord Lang]

This Lingwu Family is the place for me. One could surmise from what Liu Lan and Gan Lin said, how intense the internal competition is within Lingwu Family. The faction I joined is called the Green Sun Branch, and Enforcer Liu seems to be a big shot in the Green Sun Branch. Her strength is really terrifying. However, the Green Sun Branch is only a part of Green Faction. Aside from the Green Faction, there are also the other 8 great outer factions, the true Lingwu Family faction, and 4 great Inner factions.

Long Chen was momentarily dumbfounded.

Back at Yuanyang Citadel, Id only heard the Lingwu Family name, but didnt know how terrifying it was. The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is a nobody when compared to them. The matter regarding the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is related to the survival of Yang Family. If I dont improve as soon as possible, the Yang Family will be finished!

Long Chen felt an immense pressure.

After following Gan Lin for about an hour, Gan Lin suddenly turned and said: We have arrived at Lingwu City!

Chapter end

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