Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 89 – [Gigantic Meteor Fist]!

Chapter 89 – [Gigantic Meteor Fist]!

From Li Yans point of view, this was extremely unexpected!

Just as Huang Feiyang was about to kill him, Long Chen who was originally his captor suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked Huang Feiyang. It gave Li Yan a chance to escape. As he ran he struggled to understand the situation.

Long Chen blocked Huang Feiyang and let Li Yan escape. This caused Huang Feiyang to yell, Long Chen, what kind of foolishness is this. Is there something wrong with your head?!

Ive already said that we wont kill him. Im just fulfilling my promise, thats all!

Seeing that Long Chen wasnt showing any sign of backing down, Huang Feiyang couldnt endure it anymore and was about to act when he was suddenly stopped by Wen Ya!

Huang Feiyang recalled that he had endured this long and was just about to successfully eliminate Long Chen. At this crucial moment, even if he was consumed by rage, he had to endure!

Starring at Long Chen coldly, Huang Feiyang said, Since you let him go, you better capture him!

If Li Yan arrived ahead of them and warned the people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, they might disappear without a trace. If they escaped, this mission would be considered a failure. If Huang Feiyang wanted to kill Long Chen, he must find another way. Thats why he could only order Long Chen to follow as they chased after.

[Devil82 TN: () Original idiom was tree has fallen and the monkeys scattered, I used, disappeared without a trace.]

Long Chen sneered. The trio chased after Li Yan, who wasnt fast and Huang Feiyangs party knew the direction. They quickly closed on the gathering point of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!

Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya were at the head of the pursuing group. As they chased Li Yan they kept looking back to see if Long Chen was following them.

The boys speed isnt bad!

In the blink of an eye, Li Yans figure could be seen ahead. In the face of death, one can bring out unlimited potential. Li Yan cried for help as he ran for his life. Suddenly there was a commotion. In a flash group of people with red dots between their brows charged into the dried up forest!

These people numbered about a dozen, each one a blood-soaked fiend. These were indeed the people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

Presently they had a scarlet complexion and smelled of liquor. They were obviously celebrating. Li Yan was just an errand boy. Thats why he was wandering outside.

As these people appeared, Li Yan howled miserably and rushed to meet them. The group of people noticed Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya running in the front.

Lord Proctor, they are people from the Lingwu Family!

Hearing Lingwu Family being mentioned, the ten odd peoples expression changed!

Amongst these people, two men seemed to be in charge. One was skinny, both his eyebrows and hair carried a crimson tint, and his gaze was like a piercing set of crimson arrows.

The other one was tall and sturdy with a shiny bald head. From afar it looked just like a round metal ball.

They must be two of the eight Great Proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. The leader amongst these two seems to be the skinny one!

Long Chen felt that he was the most powerful one. As the Proctor heard the name Lingwu Family, hes complexion changed and snapped, Kill every one of them, and let none escape!

To the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, the Lingwu Family was too great of an existence. So the only thing they could do was to exterminate and remove all traces of them!

Affirmative, Proctor Qin!

On the other side, Huang Feiyang noticed that the opponents had two leaders and was secretly delighted, Amongst these two, the bald sturdy man is in the Human Dan Realm and that skinny Proctor Qin is at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm and close to my own cultivation. The might of these two people is enough to exterminate Long Chen!

Crimson Blood Sacred Sect? You are bold enough that you would even dare to act against us, the people of the Lingwu Family! You dare to perform such heinous acts within the territory governed by us. Today on behalf of the Lingwu Family, Ill exterminate you all!

Huang Feiyang was formulating plans in his head while still speaking, afterwards, he conveyed them covertly to Wen Ya, In a moment Ill engage that Proctor Qin, you will circle around to free the captured women. That bald headed Proctor wouldnt dare to clash against you so he will go and trouble Long Chen instead!

Wen Yan understood his meaning completely. Presently under Proctor Qins orders, a large number of Crimson Blood Sacred Sect members charged forward. They were all masters of the Dragon Pulse Realm! Even though these masters havent reached the Human Dan Realm but with their numbers they were still a force to be reckoned with!Checkk new ovel chpters at novlbin(.)com

From the three people of the Lingwu Family, a single person suddenly circled around them and headed towards the Crimson Blood Sacred Sects rear. At that speed, apart from Proctor Qin, no one was able to block him!

Proctor Qin and the other Proctor named Shi glanced at each other and both knew the opponents intentions. Seeing that the Lingwu Family actually brought two people at the Initial Mastery of the Human Dan Realm, they were initially a bit fearful but after seeing that they were youngsters, their battle experience, and their killing intent wasnt sufficient, so they decided to engage them!

These three fledglings cant compare to us in terms of battle experience. They only have a profound cultivation. Originally I was a bit fearful but these retards actually split up to save those women. They are indeed stupid to the extreme!

Proctor Qin laughed coldly when he thought of this and bellowed: All apprentices that havent reached the Human Dan Realm hunt them and pin them down. When Im finished with those two I will immediately come and relieve you!

Even though there was a total of ten experts in the Dragon Pulse Realm, they still couldnt handle their counterparts, but they could pin them down for a little while!

In the meantime, Proctor Qin and Proctor Shi could use this opportunity to kill Huang Feiyang and Long Chen!

This slightly older youth, his cultivation is quite frightening. I must pay 100% attention to deal with him. But after old Shi kills off that other youngster we can combine forces to kill this youth!

This bout will decide the victor, old Shi lets go all out!

Under Proctor Qins order, all the others disciples raced out, leaving only Li Yan behind. Since he was previously beaten and then ran for his life, he lost a part of his ability to fight. After only a few steps, his complexion paled as he sat down on the ground to play possum.

[Devil82 TLN: (play possum) Raw said play grandson, but the meaning should be similar. Not that he plays dead but trying to shift focus.]

Proctor Qin and Proctor Shi didnt bother with Li Yan.

It wouldnt affect their effectiveness either with or without him. Right after the order was given out, Proctor Qin lunged at Huang Feiyang, and the tall Proctor Shi advanced towards Long Chen with a bleak expression!

Everything went according to plan, Huang Feiyang let out a sigh as he looked over at Long Chen who was being locked down by Proctor Shi and sneered.

This baldy probably wont hold back. Long Chen, now you are really in for it.

Regarding Proctor Qin, Huang Feiyang gave him his full attention. He was, after all, an expert of the same calibre.

Between you and Proctor Qin, its enough if one of you dies. Ill let the other on be the witness, proving that Long Chen died by your hands!

As for Li Yan who was not far away, he was completely overlooked.

Currently, Li Yan was observing the battle with bewilderment. If Proctor Qin couldnt get there in time, the people facing Wen Ya would be done for. Thats why Li Yan was in no hurry to join the fray.

But this move by the Lingwu Family certainly made Li Yan puzzled.

Just now that youth saved me, he is clearly at strife with the other two. Now these two are tricking Proctor Shi into battling him. They are clearly using our hands to get rid of that youth!

After he realized what was going on, Li Yan was a bit regretful.

I didnt think these sons of bitches would be this vicious. It seems like the internal strife within the Lingwu Family is really fierce. Those two are clearly jealous of that youngsters talent and want to have him killed!

Long Chen was faithful to his word and he even personally blocked Huang Feiyangs attack. Li Yan felt moved by this.

He was staring intently at Long Chen as he sighed, One doesnt come across many righteous youths like this anymore. Him being killed by Proctor Shi, its such a shame.

Proctor Shi was also clicking his tongue in amazement, he looked over Long Chen and smiled coldly, An intelligent and charming youngster like you, if you were unaffiliated, I would naturally try to convince you to join me. But since you are a member of the Lingwu Family, there is only death!

Long Chen naturally paid him no heed.

Wen Ya had already left. Huang Feiyang thought it was the opportune time to kill Long Chen. But wasnt this also an excellent opportunity for Long Chen?

Long Chen roared and exploded forth with all his Qi as he used [Dragon Soul Transformation]. Proctor Shi, Proctor Qin, and Li Yan showed shocked expressions as exquisite and orderly crimson scales surfaced upon Long Chens skin and sharp bony spikes instantly formed on his body!

This youngster is unexpectedly a Beast Warrior?

Proctor Shi was stunned and then burst out laughing, This appearance is not bad, nice appeal, good ferocity!

After that sentence, he didnt care how powerful Long Chen became and pounced on him. On the other side of the battlefield, Huang Feiyang and Proctor Qin were already clashing!

In front of a Human Dan Realm practitioner, no matter how powerful you are. As long as you are within the Dragon Pulse Realm, you are nothing but a clown.

Thinking this Huang Feiyang felt at ease as he tangled with Proctor Qin. From time to time, he would watch Long Chen with the corner of his eyes. Since the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was in a hurry and Proctor Shi was the key element to winning this battle; as soon as Huang Feiyang was engaged in combat, Proctor Shi immediately pounced on Long Chen!

Indeed as a practitioner of the Human Dan Realm, his skills are exceptional!

In the blink of an eye, Proctor Shi appeared before Long Chen. Qi belonging to the Human Dan Realm exploded forth in an instant, a huge stature like a mountain pressed forth towards Long Chen!

Within Proctors Shis Qi, there is a trace of blood. Compared to mine its a bit lacking but still makes one wonder how they accomplished this!

Presently, Proctor Shis eyes radiated coldness. His whole body exploded with Qi as his aura swept away everything in the surrounding area. As his pupils contracted, his fist seemed to turn into a small boulder and smashed into the ground with a loud bang!

[Gigantic Meteor Fist]!

Being targeted by the [Gigantic Meteor Fist], Long Chen didnt have the slightest inclination to move. Li Yans complexion changed and said with a dejected voice. This youngster, his experience is indeed to shallow.

Chapter end

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