Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 90 – Killing Proctor Shi!

Chapter 90 – Killing Proctor Shi!

A basic Profound grade Martial Technique right off the bat, this guy seems to be in a hurry to finish me off. But how can I, Long Chen, let you have your way?

Sneering inwardly as the [Gigantic Meteor Fist] was howling towards him. Long Chen was calm as his movement skills flowed like a graceful yet quick dance. Proctor Shis first art had a huge area of effect and the power behind it was also top tier. But its weak point was speed!

Long Chen used to practice [Falling Star Fist]. The concept behind [Falling Star Fist] was almost the same as the [Gigantic Meteor Fist], but a falling star reaches an incredible speed before impact. When comparing speed, it far surpasses the [Gigantic Meteor Fist]!

Long Chen used [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] and immediately it was as if he had become a shadow. Initially, Proctor Shi thought he would be able to instantly kill Long Chen. Just before it was about to hit Long Chen, who he thought was paralyzed due to fear, he suddenly turned into an after image. Like dragon moves in water with its sinuous body, Long Chen evaded this move!

[Devil82 TLN: Remember that Chinese dragons are strongly associated with bodies of water.]

Long Chen dodged at the last moment which alarmed Proctor Shi greatly. Li Yan was even more shocked as his jaw dropped and thought, This youngster is indeed talented. Using his movement skills to evade at the last moment, but

Li Yan shook his head and thought, Simply knowing some movement skills, is not enough to put up a fight against Proctor Shi who is proficient in attack

Just as Li Yan reached this conclusion, Long Chen circled behind Proctor Shi. As his eyes radiated coldness, his body exploded into action!

I originally thought that only Martial techniques were useful, but now I see that only by using Core Techniques in conjunction with Movement Techniques can one display true power in combat!

With the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step], Long Chen was already able to tire out his enemy to death. Even though he was currently in the Human Dan Realm, the quality of his Qi was better than Proctor Shi by a tenfold!

Only people with a larger amount of Qi than Long Chen could be considered his match. This Proctor Shi was far from being his match!

To this side, while Huang Feiyang was battling Proctor Qin, he was also observing Long Chens battle. When he saw that Long Chen dodged Proctor Shis attack with [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step], he was greatly alarmed!

Long Chen had never argued with Huang Feiyang in front of Proctor Qin. Thats why when Proctor Qin saw that Huang Feiyang was observing Long Chen, he thought that it was out of concern!

This feeling of being disregarded and viewed as unimportant made Proctor Qin - who was already resolved to kill Huang Feiyang enraged.

Kiddo, your opponent is me! Regarding your little brother, he wont live for long!

Proctor Qin thought Long Chen was Huang Feiyangs little brother.

Due to Huang Feiyangs neglect, Proctor Qin suddenly launched a barrage of attacks, which was like a raging hailstorm. Originally they were experts within the same realm but due to Huang Feiyangs distraction, he was instantly forced into a disadvantage situation!

Long Chen hadnt gotten killed yet if he died by anothers hands he would lose a lot of face.

Therefore, Huang Feiyang could only muster up all his strength to engage Proctor Qin in mortal combat!

Going against our Lingwu Family? You are destined to die a most horrible death!

What? That was in the past, now just die, you inexperienced kid! That kiddo must be your little brother, right? Haha, after youve been killed we will thoroughly violate him!

Huang Feiyang was currently fighting with Proctor Qin while Long Chen managed to dodge Proctor Shis repeated assault. Seeing Proctor Shis now rage-filled complexion, his own heart also brimming with fury. A wave of powerful Qi instantly exploded from him!.

Long Chen being able to dodge once could be considered pure luck but Proctor Shi wasnt able to hit him at all, which left Li Yan stunned.

He no longer felt that Long Chen was simply lucky!

Presently Long Chen felt his anger stir. The next moment, he body appeared behind Proctor Shi and then a Qi belonging to the Human Dan Realm erupted from him. At this moment, everyone was shocked!

Just when they realized that Long Chen was also a cultivator in the Human Dan Realm, hed already struck out!

As he was using [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] to dodge his opponent he was also quickly forming seals. As he managed to dodge his opponents last attack, Long Chen roared explosively. Nine images of the Dragon Gods appeared within his hands and as he roared it struck with devastating force towards Proctor Shi who was in very close proximity!

[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!

Long Chen was now completely taken with the idea of using movement techniques in conjunction with martial techniques. After using [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step], he could truly display his offensive martial techniques freely!

As Proctor Shi missed his attack, he was immediately overwhelmed by Long Chens Human Dan Realm pressure. And facing such a fast, tyrannical and unexpected martial technique, Proctor Shi felt greatly alarmed, and his face showed a frenzied expression!

But within this frenzy was also a hint of panic and fear!

This dragon seal hit Proctor Shi squarely on his body, when he had just turned around and he was unable to defend properly!

Even though it was only an advanced Huang grade martial technique, but with such tyrannical force behind, it still caused Proctor Shi to spit out a mouthful of blood. His large frame crashed through a couple of dried up trees, landing heavily onto the ground as he drew his last breath!

The time between Long Chen revealing his Human Dan Realm cultivation and Proctor Shis death was merely two breaths of time!

Li Yans face grew slack. His eyes stared blankly at the youth as his teeth start to chatter.

It had taken some time before he recovered as he drew a fresh breath and praised, This youth certainly is an abnormal existence. His previous act, I couldnt see through it at all

Proctor Shis death was naturally seen by Huang Feiyang and Proctor Qin, who were still battling each other.

Long Chens fight would basically determine the result of their fight as well. These two had been evenly matched until now. They were just waiting for the conclusion of Long Chens fight.

But the strange thing was that both Huang Feiyang and Proctor Qin had hoped that the one to perish would be Long Chen.

To Proctor Qin, Long Chens death meant that Proctor Shi could rush over and help to kill Huang Feiyang.

To Huang Feiyang, the death of Long Chen was his main objective. Regarding the issue of Proctor Qin and Proctor Shis combined assault, Huang Feiyang had ways to deal with it. In the worst case, he would be able to last until Wen Ya returned!

But no one could imagine that Long Chen would turn the tables on them, using a sudden burst of power to eliminate Proctor Shi in under two breaths time!

This sudden turn of events caused Huang Feiyangs face to twitch. His careful plan, to borrow a knife to get rid of Long Chen, turned out like this instead. It made him want to vomit blood.

Currently, Long Chen had disposed of his opponent and glanced at him with a smile on his face. Seeing Long Chens smiling face, Huang Feiyang was so angry he could explode.

I originally intended to use others to dispose of you, but you kept provoking me time and time again! Long Chen, dont blame me for being ruthless, blame yourself for courting death!

If the Lady Enforcer wants to conduct an investigation Ill simply deny everything. I dont believe that my years of service wont be equal to the worth of a fledgling like you!

Blood vessels laced Huang Feiyangs eyes!

Upon seeing Long Chen eliminating Proctor Shi, Proctor Qins face was filled with shock. Proctor Shi was an important part of the original plan. He would never have guessed that Proctor Shi, with whom he had roamed the world with for half his life, would fall before a fledgling!

Old Shi!

Looking at Long Chen, Proctor Qins eyes also turned red!

He didnt know of the previous conflict between Long Chen and Huang Feiyang. If he wanted to take revenge, he must first flee. The most important thing right now was to defeat Huang Feiyang!

Once Proctor Shi died, Proctor Qin roared fiercely and assaulted Huang Feiyang wildly. He fought without regard for his life!

Front the beginning Huang Feiyang hadnt fought seriously and now his plan of using Crimson Blood Sacred Sect to get rid of Long Chen was ruined. Adding his rage, he planned to dispose of this annoying Proctor Qin as soon as possible!

Old fool, youre courting death!

Huang Feiyangs voice contained a trace of chill.

Proctor Qin was like a madman and pressed towards Huang Feiyang with a barrage of attacks!

The one courting death is you!

Everything was on course until the Lingwu family butted in, and the bottom line was that Proctor Qin was pissed off by this!

Huang Feiyang was even more pissed because he had seen Long Chen killing Proctor Shi. His eyes turned serious and said, What a troublesome fellow, Ill let you taste our Huang Family strongest secret art, [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]!

[Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] was originally displayed by Huang Xiang against Long Chen, but that [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] was completed defeated by Long Chens [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist]!

Huang Feiyang was at the Initial Stage of Human Dan Realm, the power of his [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] compared to Huang Xiangs was ten times more powerful!

Suddenly a force exploded outwards like a grenade. An ethereal wheel of black and white covered in runes began to rotate around Huang Feiyang with great speed as it vibrated.

Immediately the entire forest started to shake!

Seeing a technique this powerful, Proctor Qins complexion changed. In Long Chens eyes the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect might be a big player, but compared to Huang Feiyangs family, it paled in comparison!Findd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

Being targeted by such a majestic and violent [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], Proctor Qin realized that he had no way to defend against it!

Young talents from the Lingwu Family are indeed nothing the likes of us could hold a candle to.

Facing this situation where fleeing meant death but fighting might give one a chance, a veteran like Proctor Qin, naturally knew what to do.

Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was originally a place filled with bloodshed. Within the sect, everyone was fierce and cruel. Proctor Qin being able to reach this position meant that he wasnt a pushover!

You want me dead? I wont let you off that easily either! [Hurricane Soaring Eagle Strike]!

The two tremendous forces collided, but Proctor Qin was still the weaker of them as he was smashed into the ground by Huang Feiyang!

Huang Feiyang with his face locked in a cold expression and his eyes filled with pride as he charged over and ended Proctor Qins life. Then he turned his expression on Long Chen.

Did you get impatient from waiting? Its your turn now!

Chapter end

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