Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 93 – Wan’er

Chapter 93 – Wan’er

Huang Feiyang, the two Great Proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sects, Li Yan, and the rest had already died. The only people left were Long Chen, Wen Ya and the girls from Yan Luo Town.

Presently, all the women had already started to recover. Every single one of them look upon Wen Ya with reverence and even adoration in their eyes, as it had been Wen Ya who had rescued them from the claws of those devils.

[Devil82 TLN: Devils is referring to the people of Crimson Blood Sacred Sect]

As for Long Chen, he had not attacked in front of these young girls, so they naturally did not notice him.

We dont know when Huang Feiyang will be back and its getting late, so lets return to Yan Luo Town first.

Presently, Wen Yas brows were deeply furrowed. It had been such a long time since Huang Feiyang had gone. Could something have happened to him? However, he could not leave yet, and on top of that, in this boundless mountains, how was he to search for him?

A large crowd of people spilled down the mountains.

Wen Ya walked ahead by himself. The women saw that Long Chen seemed a lot more approachable so they hurried forth and asked, Lord, are- are you from the Ling Wu Family?

Long Chen had disposed of Huang Feiyang and managed to fool Wen Ya, which put him in a very good mood. At the sight of so many beautiful ladies surrounding him, he said in a complacent manner, Of course, only us from the Ling Wu Family would be able to rescue you with such ease!


Long Chen was young and Wen Ya wasnt that old either and were exactly what these young maidens fantasized heroes to be like. While there was still fear lingering in their minds after the ordeal, they were able to recover very quickly.

That man in front must be your Senior Brother right? Did he rescue us?

Your Senior Brother must be a super expert from the Ling Wu Family, right?

Facing these questions, Long Chen answered with pride, Of course, Senior Brother Wen Ya is famous amongst the Ling Wu Family. Countless young maidens have a crush on him, so if youre interested, youd better make your move now!

Long Chen made these young women bashful as they blushed and cursed at him jokingly.

Not even halfway to their destination, Yan Beitian had already brought some experts from Yan Luo Town and were searching anxiously within the Easter Yan Mountain. At the sight of Wen Ya and a bunch of young women, everyones faces was filled with joy as they began to cheer.

Yan Beitian could immediately spot that his daughter was safe and sound. He rushed forward and knelt in front of Wen Ya, shedding tears of gratitude as he spoke,Today, the Ling Wu Family helped Yan Luo Town settle this huge catastrophe. Whether as a Town Master of as a father, I am eternally grateful to you three- two Lords!

Yes! Yes! If you have any requests, whether big or small, we will do our utmost to accomplish it!

Yan Beitian didnt see Huang Feiyang but he saw Long Chen, who was surrounded by a circle of women. He frowned inwardly as Wen Ya coldly signaled him to stand.

Lord, weve prepared a feast and hope that you will humble us with your presence

Huang Feiyang was nowhere to be seen and Wen Ya was in no mood to join any feasts. He waved his hand impatiently and replied, All of you should return first. I still have some matters to deal with, so just cancel this feast.

Wen Yas tone was resolute. This puzzled the experts of Yan Luo Town as they glanced amongst themselves. They could not understand Wen Yas bad mood. Was this mission not a success?

Wen Yan had not realized the seriousness of this matter previously. He only assumed that with Huang Feiyangs [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], it was obvious that he would be able to return safely.

However, a long time has passed, indicating that Huang Feiyang might actually be in trouble. He couldnt be bothered with guarding Long Chen now since Huang Feiyangs life was much more important than killing Long Chen.

Turning around, Wen Ya said coldly, Long Chen, wait here at Yan Luo Town. Once Huang Feiyang and I return, we shall return to Yuan Ling City together!

Long Chen nodded promptly.

Wen Ya observed this youth for a while, noticing his indifference towards the situation as if Huang Feiyangs life and death didnt matter to him. However, that was to be expected, so he could not find fault with him.

Without further ado, Wen Ya left the crowd behind and ventured deeper into Easter Yan Mountain!

Meanwhile, everyone including Yan Beitian was looking at Long Chen. Seeing that Long Chen had a relaxed and gentle expression, Yan Beitian asked cautiously as they were returning to Yan Luo Town, My Lord, may I know whats going on with those other two Lords?

Long Chen continued with his previous lie and answered, Senior Brother Wen Ya rescued the women, while Senior Brother Huang and I battled the two Human Dan Realm Proctors. They realised they were not a match for us and fled. Senior Brother Huang chased after them and still has yet to return. Seeing that waiting here is not going to help, Senior Brother Wen Ya must have returned to look for him!

Yan Beitian and the rest finally understood why they had not seen Huang Feiyang.

The entire group headed down the mountains. The young women found their families and didnt linger around Long Chen. Long Chen walked alone in front, relieved that he had gotten rid of Huang Feiyang.DiisCoover pdated novels on n(o)v./e/lbin(.)co

Next, I can focus my attention on dealing with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Im just unsure if my lie will hold when I get back to the Ling Wu Family.

Thinking about Liu Lan, the beautiful but crazy woman, Long Chen did not have the confidence that he could fool her.

Amongst the crowd of people, Yan Beitian was quietly observing this youth. Within his eyes contained a trace of amazement and seriousness.

Before, at the Town Masters residence, Yang Beitian had been able to sense Huang Feiyang killing intent towards Long Chen. He had surmised that after arriving at the East Yan Mountains, Huang Feiyang would try to kill Long Chen.

But the situation right now was that Long Chen had returned without a scratch, while Huang Feiyang was missing.

Thinking back to what Long Chen had said, Wen Ya was completely oblivious to what had transpired between Long Chen and Huang Feiyang. That meant that Long Chen was able to fabricate the truth as he liked.

Even though Yan Beitian looked simple and honest, but he had lived for a long time and had much of experience. He could be said to be a crafty, wily old fox. Wen Ya might not be able to see through lies, but that didnt mean he was unable to.

This youth is indeed beyond my expectations. Im afraid that Huang Feiyang might already be dead.

While he had these thoughts, Yan Beitian wasnt stupid enough to voice it. He clearly knew who he should be wary of, which was why had not done anything to Long Chen.

Daddy, why do you keep staring at that guy?

Beside Yan Beitian, a beautiful girl around 14 years age, asked curiously.

Yan Beitian looked over at his daugher, who he had recently been reunited with, with a sorrowful look on his face. Suddenly inspired, he exclaimed, Waner, that guy is an unrivaled genius. Do you believe Dad?

[TL note: er is a term of endearment added to a persons name to express fondness or adoration.]

This young girl called Waner looked at Long Chen with doubt and said, I think that the other Senior should be stronger. Hes the one who rescued us! Look, hes so handsome, while this one is just so-so. Seeing him being so agreeable with his Senior Brother, I dont believe he could be that strong

Yan Beitian burst out laughing.

This little guy is extremely talented. His personality is ruthless and knows when to conceal his strength. His future could only be described as unmeasurable

Of course, Yan Beitian could only utter these words in his heart. Originally, he too had been fooled by Long Chens act, but after figuring out the real Long Chen, he started to feel a slight fear in his heart.

They soon arrived back at the Town Master Residence. Since Wen Ya hadnt returned, Yan Beitian had no reason to proceed with the feast. After receiving Long Chen with a grand ceremony, Long Chen found some excuse to return.

Huang Feiyang and the others bodies were still inside his Cosmos Pouch. If he did not take care of this immediately, it would forever be a weight bearing upon his mind.

Long Chen swiftly exited Yan Luo Town and he found a desolate place to burn Huang Feiyang and the others bodies to ashes. He got rid of all evidence.

Huang Feiyangs Cosmos Pouch was destroyed by my [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] but the items belonging to the two Great Proctors were left intact. How convenient for me.

After Long Chen bought the Spirit Recovery Fruit, he was left with only one piece of Deity Jade. What he needed the most right now was Deity Jades.

Rummaging through the two Great Proctors Cosmos Pouches, Long Chen acquired 135 pieces of Deity Jade. This was the largest sum he had ever been in possession of.

As for the items inside the Cosmos Pouch, such at Huang Grade medicine, skills, and some other junk, Long Chen had no use for them and emptied the pouches.

They werent worth a lot of money to a Deity Dan Realm cultivator, but Long Chen had other uses for them.

I think that little lass, Ling Qing, will like this. Girls always carry a lot of things around and it would be simply too inconvenient to be without this.

After returning to Town Master Residence, Long Chen began started to cultivate, and only until it was deep into the night that Wen Ya appeared before Long Chen, his expression filled with anxiety and confusion. He looked coldly at Long Chen and asked, Long Chen, can you guarantee that what you said before was true?

Long Chens gaze turn cold as he answered, What do you mean by this? Are you suspecting that I lied to you? How funny. Do you think I have the ability to kill Huang Feiyang and the two Great Proctors? You seem to think a little too highly of me.

Wen Ya knew that this was impossible, but Huang Feiyang had vanished without a trace. He had combed through the Eastern Yan mountains thoroughly but there were no traces of them. How was that possible?

Could it be that he was killed by the Crimson Blood Sacred sect and they burnt the bodies to cover their tracks?

Wen Ya was on the right tracks about how the bodies had been burnt, but he had not pinpointed the right culprit.

He was clear about Long Chens strength. He was merely at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It was impossible for him to be able to kill 3 people of the Human Dan Realm.

It doesnt matter if you speak the truth. Once we return to the Ling Wu Family everything will be clear. There isnt anyone who could pull a fast one in front of Enforcer Liu. If you tricked me, youd better prepare for punishments! If Huang Feiyang does not return in three days, we shall leave for the Ling Wu Family!

After saying these, Wen Ya left.

The words he spoke had spooked Long Chen. Long Chen knew he was no match for Liu Lan and didnt know how to deal with her.

Whats so scary about that stupid woman? Just give me two more Spirit Recovery Fruits and Ill be able to unleash all my powers and finish her off. Hmph!!

Liu Lan had flirted with Long Chen in the past, which had resulted in Ling Xi detesting her.

The Deity Jades we have right now is only enough to buy a single Spirit Recovery Fruit

Three days passed quickly. On this day, Long Chen and Wen Ya were seen off by the people of Yan Luo Town. They left Yan Luo County and headed back for the Ling Wu Family.

Long Chen still had no idea of the dangers lying in wait for him.

Chapter end

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