Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 101: Snape’s Jealousy

Chapter 101: Snape’s Jealousy

The black lines on the Marauders map together formed every detail of the Hogwarts castle and grounds. Tiny ink dots were moving around it, each labeled with a name in minuscule writing.

Evan leaned forward, holding his wand firmly in his right hand.

He gathered all the magical power in his body because of the immense tension; he could almost hear the sound of his own heartbeat. He was waiting for the name of Peter to appear.

And then, BANG!

The rat suddenly ran out of Rons pocket. It jumped to the table knocking Rons plate and milk cup over. A lot of milk was spilt and went in the maps direction. Harry hurriedly took the map.

Ron hurriedly stood up and wiped the table, but more plates were knocked to the ground.

Minced meat, butter, bread, dishes, and milk were splattered everywhere, and Evan, Harry, and Hermione hurried to their feet.

While the panic, Scabbers quickly jumped on the floor and ran outside the Common Room.

Oh, Scabbers! Ron took to steps towards his direction.

Evans eyes were locked on him tightly and his hand firmly held his wand. He was ready to petrify him, but this was useless. When he took his wand from underneath his cloak, his arm was stumbled upon by Ron accidently.

Ron wanted to go after Scabbers, but he was tripped over by the chair, and he brought Evan down along with him.

By the time Evan raised his head again, Scabbers had already disappeared.

Damn it! Evan waved his fist and put his want back on his belt.

He knew that he had missed a great opportunity to catch Peter. Fortunately, he didnt cast his spell and his hand motion when lifting his wand was very subtle, it shouldnt have been detected. Peter who was focused on running shouldnt have been able to realize what he was doing. If had had noticed it Evan should be in a pinch.

But since Peter shouldnt be alarmed about him, Evan shouldnt be worried.

After all, as long as he has the Marauders Map, he doesnt have to get in touch with Sirius black. Catching Peter Pettigrew was just a matter of time. He could run, but he couldnt hide.

Evan, Ron, what are you doing? said Hermione anxiously. She stepped forward and lifted Evan. Her face was very heavy. She obviously remembered what had happened in the common room a month ago. She became afraid that Evan and Ron would fight again.

Im okay. I accidentally got knocked over by a chair! Ron hurried up and patted the dust on his clothes, saying:Im going to look for Scabbers. I dont know what happened, he just suddenly went out.

Dont worry, Ron, I think Harry didnt finish his words, when he suddenly froze and stopped talking , and his eyes stared across Evans shoulders.

It was Snape. Harry quickly stepped behind Evans who heard him whisper The game is over!

Potter, what are you doing? Snape walked over with a sullen face. His eyes wondered between the four of them turns and were finally locked in on Harry.

Nothing. Rons mouse accidentally knocked over his milk glass. Were cleaning it up, Harry said anxiously.

Is it?! Snapes voice was full of suspicions. Arent you just conspiring on how to violate school rules?

No. The four of them shook their heads in a hurry.

Dont think I dont know whats going on inside your blind and arrogant Gryffindor heads. The Philosophers Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, and the Basilisk. What are you going to do this year? catch Sirius Black on your own? Snapes mouth had a familiar sinister sneer. Thats it isnt it? Everyone in the Ministry of Magic has been trying hard to make sure that the famous Harry Potter is not attacked by Sirius Black. But the famous Harry Potter himself just keeps on breaking the law, making all these ordinary people worry about his safety. He doesnt care about them. He doesnt consider the consequences at all. He is definitely going to catch Black alone.

I dont understand what youre talking about! Harrys face looked oblivious. Why did they all think that? Whether is was Mr. Weasley, Malfoy or Snape, they all thought he would go looking for Sirius Black. Why did they think that he wanted that? There must be something that he does not know.

You dont understand?! Snape murmured, dismissively. Potter, what did you hide under your cloak just now?

Nothing. Harry tried to hide his emotions.

You are lying. I see clearly what you put in there.

Snapes eyes wondered again between them, finally staring back at Harrys eyes.

Like when coming into contact with a Hippogriff, Harry tried not to blink.

Snape originally intended to use his momentum to oppress Harry into telling the truth, but when he saw Harrys emerald green eyes, he fell into memory.

The atmosphere was a bit bizarre. The two just stared at each other and nobody spoke.

Seeing how they were like, Evan was speechless. It is said that Harrys eyes are very similar to his mothers. Was Snape just remembering Lily?!

Professor, we Hermione tried to explain.

Quiet, Granger! Snape regained his composure, and his eyes turned back to Harrys face, his expression turned into disgust. Why are you being so much like your father, Potter!

What?! The group looked at Snape with surprise.

James Potter, he was also extremely arrogant, and his little talent on the Quidditch field also made him think that he was better than other. He and his friends and admirers were just strutting around the castle all day. Snapes eyes glew Both of you are just terrible.

My dad wasnt a strut! Harry said without thinking, it was too late to shut up. He isnt one, and neither am I.

Your father also didnt obey the rules Snape continued. He leaned forward, and his thin face was full of malice. He thought that rules are for lesser people to obey, not for the Quidditch champion. The cup person made it, he was so full of him

Shut up! Harry shouted suddenly. He had never been so angry.

What do you want to say to me, Potter? Snapes black eyes flashed dangerously.

I told you to shut up and say nothing about my dad! Harry shouted. Dont think I dont know anything. Dumbledore told me the truth. My dad saved your life. If it werent for him, you wouldnt be able to be standing here!

Hearing Harry, Snapes yellow skin took the color of bad milk.

I cant deny that he saved me, but did the Headmaster told you why your dad saved my life?! he whispered, Or did he think that the details were too harsh for the precious ears of Potter to hear?

Harry bit his lip and the others in the Grand Hall looked at both of them in panic.

I dont want you to keep carring a wrong image about your dad, Potter. Snape twisted his terrible smile. Dumbledore must not have told you all the details. Let me complete the story. Your Saint of a father and his friends had pulled a very funny prank on me. If your father did not flinch at the last moment, I wouldve died. Nothing he did could be labeled as brave! He saved me to save himself. If their prank was completed, Hogwarts wouldve expelled him with his stupid friends.

Snapes untidy teeth were exposed, his eyes quickly glanced at the teachers seat, and Professor Lupin was sitting there.

Harry gasped and the situation seemed to return to where it started. The two men looked at each other with their eyes open. No one was willing to show weakness.

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Professor, Im sorry to interrupt your wonderful memory. Evans voice came at the right time. But I think that at this moment and on this occasion, it seems somewhat inappropriate to recall these things. Dont you think?

Snape raised his head as he heard Evans words.

He seemed to realize what he had just said, and when he saw almost all the students are watching them, his face became more and more gloomy.

Chapter end

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