Martial God Asura – Chapter 130 - The Su Familys Secret

Chapter 130 - The Su Familys Secret

MGA: Chapter 130 - The Su Familys Secret

The injuries that Ding Chous has right now were not inflicted by Chu Feng. They were done by himself. Just at that time, Chen Wanxi slowly walked over.

What do you mean?The city lord of the Wind Cloud City was confused.

There are 7 layers to the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists. Every layer can stimulate hidden strength within ones body and gain power that exceeds the standard. A price also comes with power as every layer will do a certain amount of damage to the body.

According to legends, after cultivating to the 7th level, one could gain power that was dozens of times stronger than themself. However, when that power disappears, they will be paralyzed and lose all their cultivation.

The Murderous 7-Injuring Fists. When the fists are thrown out, they will certainly have the power to murder their enemies but it is also a true double-edged sword. The stronger power that they gained, the larger the price they had to pay.

Ding Chou cultivated to the 3rd layer. Although he did not reach the point in which he destroyed his cultivation, he will be injured greatly. He will require at least 2 months worth of rest before he can leave the bed. Seeing Ding Chou who was endlessly howling and enduring extreme pain, Chen Wanxi explained in detail.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng and the others couldnt help but cast their pitiful gazes towards Ding Chou. The principle of when things reach the extreme, they can only go in the opposite direction was currently proven by Ding Chou.

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However, at that moment, Chen Wanxi cast her meaningful gaze towards Chu Feng. To be able to force Ding Chou to that step, gain victory at the end, and also stand there along with those of the unrelated, Chu Feng left an extremely deep impression on her.

She did not know whether her Lingyun School had a genius like that. However, at least within the people she had seen, he was the one with the more terrifying innate aptitude. It was unimaginable how strong Chu Feng would be when he reached the same age as her.

After that, the curtains of the New Excellence Assembly fell and Chu Feng gave everyone a huge surprise. The battle between him and Ding Chou could be said to be the most exciting match from all the New Excellence Assemblies.

The impression Chu Feng left was unerasable. Everyone felt that they witnessed the emergence of a genius. A genius that appeared from the Azure Dragon School.

That genius that could change the destiny of the Azure Dragon School. He could also very possibly bring the formerly most glorious school in the Nine Provinces back on its magnificent road. Even if it wouldnt return to its flourishing past, it was likely that it could become a first-rate school.

Even the Golden-purple City received attention. Many people that looked down upon the Golden-purple City started to getting closer to Chen Hui. The reason for that was naturally also because of Chu Feng.

Since Chu Feng was the champion of the New Excellence Assembly this time, the Golden-purple City were exempt from this years taxes. That made Chen Hui very happy, but the thing he was most happy about was not that he was free from taxes, it was that a genius like Chu Feng appeared in the Golden-purple City. It made his face shine and he could finally raise his head in front of the many city lords.

The New Excellence Assembly ended there. The name Chu Feng was centered around everyone as they discussed. As for Chu Feng himself, he did not leave the Vermilion Bird City. He accepted the invitation of Su Hen and stayed for a few more days in the Vermilion Bird City.

Everyone could understand that. Chu Feng already showed his talent, and those who had a bit of intelligence would do their best to get closer to him. Not to mention Su Hen, even the city lords of other cities started to inquire news about the Chu family and wanted to hiddenly be in good terms with Chu Fengs family.

Chu Feng, you didnt listen to me again. Did you forget what I told you? Cultivating requires gradual progress. If you continue like this, it will cost greatly sooner or later.

In a certain garden in the Vermilion Bird City, Chu Feng and Su Mei walked shoulder-to-shoulder. Although she felt happy because of Chu Fengs victory, the little girl still worried about Chu Fengs rapidly increasing cultivation.

Heh, dont worry. Dont you understand what kind of person I, Chu Feng, am? Im not someone who is shortsighted. I know what to do about my cultivation and I wont harm myself.

Besides, if I cant defeat Gong Luyun in one year, even if he doesnt kill me, I wouldnt have any face to continue living. After all, the words that should have been said were said. Chu Feng chuckled.

You really are too rash.

Mentioning that issue, Su Meis little face was full of worry. Gong Luyun was the #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School, but in reality, even #1 disciples in some first-rate schools were not as strong as Gong Luyun.

Gong Luyun was a true genius. At the age of 20, he was already at the 1st level of the Profound realm and fairly equal to Su Rou. It would really be a fantasy story in order for Chu Feng to chase up to Gong Luyun in one short year.

Heh, dont worry. I know what Im doing. Believe me.

On the other hand, you sisters are born in such a wealthy and powerful family. Why did you choose to enter the Azure Dragon School? Chu Feng felt that Su Meis emotions were off so he quickly changed the topic.

Thats... Mentioning that matter, Su Meis sweet and beautiful little face changed and a complicated expression rose from her face.

Whatever. If its an inconvenience, just pretend that I never asked. Chu Feng tactfully smiled.

Its not. Seeing that, Su Mei instantly tensed up as though afraid Chu Feng would have any bad thoughts towards her. After carefully observing her surroundings, she tugged Chu Fengs arm and pulled him into a room.

After closing the doors to that room, Su Mei looked through the door cracks and watched for a while. Then, she said to Chu Feng, Use your Spirit power to feel if theres anyone nearby.

I did. Its extremely safe. Chu Feng also knew that the matter was not normal. However, the more he thought, the more curious he was because he felt that there was some secret hidden away.

Its not that I dont trust you, but this issue is extremely important. Originally, it should not be mentioned to any other person, however, since you asked, I... Su Mei was in a slightly difficult situation.

If its a secret, then its fine. Chu Feng smiled. He did not want to make things difficult for Su Mei.

At that instant, Su Mei gnashed her teeth before saying, Who do you think is the strongest person in the history of the Azure Province?

Of course, its the school founder of the Azure Dragon School, the Azure Dragon Founder. Wasnt he the strongest expert that year in the continent of the Nine Provinces and even the Jiang Dynasty was fearful towards him? Chu Feng replied.

Nope. Su Mei shook her head and said, The Azure Dragon Founder is indeed strong, but he is not the strongest person that appeared in the Azure Province.

Oh? Theres other people even stronger than that old man? Chu Feng got even more curious.

Mm. However, this is just a legend that has no verification. It was said that 10 thousand years ago, the continent of the Nine Provinces was still just a wilderness. The population that time was not even 1/100 of the population right now.

The Jiang Dynasty did not appear yet and the various schools were not created either. The word martial cultivation was very unfamiliar to people because people who had the cultivating methods would not pass their martial cultivating methods down to outsiders.

So, there were extremely few martial cultivators at that time. Only 9 powerful families knew the martial cultivating methods and those 9 families occupied the Nine Provinces. The family that occupied the Azure Province was called the Qing family.

[TN: Although Qing is Azure, but for naming sakes I will leave it as Qing.]

Chapter end

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