Martial God Asura – Chapter 52 Secret Spirit Technique

Chapter 52 Secret Spirit Technique

MGA: Chapter 52 Secret Spirit Technique

As he carried the broken books with the cloth, Chu Feng happily returned back to the tavern.

The current Su Mei was not angry and pouting anymore. Instead, there was a sweet smile hung on her face and she was also happy as well.

Oi, did you find a treasure within this pile of rotten books? After entering the room, Su Mei smiled and said.

So you were acting just now.

Seeing the weird Su Mei, Chu Feng figured out that she was intentionally acting like that. She obviously discovered Chu Fengs intentions.

If you said nothing and gave a Spiritual Bead to him, that old man would certainly raise the price. If I didnt try to oppose you, how would you get it so easily?

Thats right, what treasure did you get? Hurry up and show it to me. Su Mei was very impatient and took the books off from Chu Fengs shoulder.

After rummaging through the pile book, finally, he picked one out. The book was also covered with dust, but it was obviously different from the others.

Although the book was shabby, it was still undamaged. It gave an unadorned feeling just by looking at it. In Chu Fengs hands, he could feel that the books materials were special.

Chu Feng used his hand to wipe the book, and after the dust was cleared, a few words appeared. Secret Spirit Techniques!

Su Mei grabbed the Secret Spirit Techniques. After cleaning it with detail for a while, she said with a bit of shock, If this Secret Spirit Techniques is real, then youve earned quite a profit.

Although this Secret Spirit Techniques can only be used by people with the Spirit power, the market price is absolutely no lower than 1000 Spiritual Beads. Strange. Why would that old guy hide such a good thing under the books? Ah! I know. That old guy must not know how to read.

That expensive? Hearing Su Meis words, Chu Feng was shocked at first, but following that was huge happiness. It meant that this time, he picked up a huge deal.

But, lets take a core disciple in the Azure Dragon School that has the Spirit power as an example. Although he has the Spirit power, he does not have the cultivation methods. If you sold this Secret Spirit Techniques to him, he would give an even high price because this thing is a precious treasure that is in high demand yet is lacking in merchandise. Su Mei said as if she was proud of herself.

Haha, after I finish using this, wouldnt I earn a lot when I sell it out? Chu Feng was crazily happy. 1000 Spiritual Beads could probably break him straight into the Origin realm.

This secret book is just some controlling techniques for the Spirit power and not the cultivating methods for a World Spiritist.

If you can truly grasp the power of the Spirit Formation and became a World Spiritist, at that time, many schools will ask you to join them. The offerings that the schools will give you would be enough for you to become a real rich person.

Do you know how much our World Spiritist in the Azure Dragon School gets?

How much?

Every month, he gets one Profound Bead. One Profound Bead is equivalent to 1000 Origin Beads, and one Origin Bead is equivalent to 1000 Spiritual Beads. Which means, every month, he can get 1 million Spiritual Beads from the Azure Dragon School. Su Mei explained.

My Gods, 1 million Spiritual Beads every month? Thats unbelieveable. Chu Feng was endlessly stunned. Today, to him, one Spiritual Bead was already extremely precious. He didnt even dare to think of 1 million.

Even so, that World Spiritist only reluctantly accepted it. If it wasnt because he had his eyes on our treasures in our Azure Dragon School, he would not be a guest elder in the Azure Dragon School.

Treasures? What treasures? Chu Feng was filled with curiosity.

You know the Thousand Bone Graveyard in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain? People guessed that there are treasures in that Thousand Bone Graveyard. And that World Spiritist came here for those treasures. Su Mei continued to explain.

So its that place. Chu Feng was stunned once again. He never would have thought that there would be treasures in that dark and scary forest.

But after some careful thinking, he could understand that. After all, the Spirit power that he had today did not come with his birth. It was gained from the Thousand Bone Graveyard. So, he felt that perhaps the Thousand Bone Graveyard really did have treasures.

Whats wrong? Why do you have this expression?

Its nothing. Chu Feng hurriedly shook his head. He couldnt tell Su Mei that he was trapped in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, saw a glowing old man in there, and even got the Spirit power from that place right? That was too outrageous so Chu Feng couldnt easily tell other people.

Okay, I can see that you really want to try this Secret Spirit Techniques so I wont bother you anymore.

Su Mei returned the Secret Spirit Techniques to Chu Feng and also took out something from her waist purse to give to Chu Feng, Here, this is your reward for going out for a walk with me!

Looking at it, Chu Feng discovered that in Su Meis palm, there was a sack-like thing. But it was obvious not a normal sack because the materials were very special and it was filled with symbols on the surface.

After looking at that item, Chu Feng instantly took in a breath of cool air and exclaimed, A Cosmos Sack?

The Cosmos Sack. Although the size of the sack was not big, the heavens and the earth were contained within it. It could store all sorts of items without any extra weight. It was the magical equipment for storing items.

But the creation of the Cosmos Sack was extremely complicated so the price was extremely high. It was not something normal people could use.

Chu Yuanba wanted to buy one before, but at the end, because the price was too high, he gave up on it. So, to Chu Feng, this was an item of extravagance yet Su Mei was giving it to him.

What are you looking at? Go and cultivate. Su Mei put the Cosmos Sack in Chu Fengs hands and prepared to leave.

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Su Mei, why are you so good to me? Holding the Cosmos Sack in his hands, Chu Fengs gaze towards Su Mei was filled with appreciation.

No reason. Its just that every member of the Wings Alliance has one and only you dont. So, its to avoid you being in a poor state. In a few days when the tomb opens, you cant be carrying two huge bags like what you did at the Spiritual Medicine Hunt right? If it came to that, it would be strange if no one robbed you.

Su Mei smiled and didnt give Chu Feng an answer. But, just as she left the room, she looked back and said, If you dont understand why, then you can take it as me trying to rope you in.

After saying that, Su Mei left. Looking at the door that was slowly closing, Chu Feng felt a wave of warmth in his heart. Regardless of the reason, Su Mei really treated him well.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Chu Feng impatiently opened the Secret Spirit Techniques. Only then did he confirm that they really were techniques that helped the user to control the Spirit power.

It could let the Spirit power wander and observe objects in detail. As long as the Spirit power was strong enough, even if someone hid their aura, he could still look through their true strength.

The ones who used it well could disturb the awareness of an opponent with a formless Spirit power. It had unimaginable uses in battle.

In short, the Secret Spirit Techniques book was certainly a good thing. To Chu Feng, it would have great uses in the future.

Chapter end

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