Martial God Asura – Chapter 36 I Will Accept the Challenge

Chapter 36 I Will Accept the Challenge

MGA: Chapter 36 I Will Accept the Challenge

Hongfei. Are you confident? Chu Yuanba looked at the Chu Hongfei who was next to him.

Grandfather, I can settle people like this in 10 moves. Chu Hongfei said as he was full of confidence.

Very good. Go, let this Xu family know the strength of our Chu familys young generation. Chu Yuanba smiled with satisfaction.

Yes sir. Chu Hongfei ran as if he was flying then suddenly leaped. After a beautiful flip in the air he landed on the stage.

Trash Xu family, lets see if you can take 10 of my moves. Chu Hongfei immediately attacked and displayed a set of beautiful boxing techniques as he madly charged at Xu Tianyi.

However, Xu Tianyi did not even dodge. Contempt was filled in his eyes, and only until Chu Hongfei got close, he stepped forward, raised his hand and slapped.


With that slap, one could see a graceful flower of blood in the horizon. The Chu Hongfei that was strong as tiger before instantly became like a kite with its string broken. He flew back through the air and fiercely landed on the ground.

One move. He only used one move!

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The #1 person in the Chu familys young generation, the Chu Hongfei who was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, was not even able to take one move from the Xu familys young man. That loss was really tragic.

Impressive. That young man called Xu Tianyi is at the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

Reaching that stage at this age. Wouldnt he break all common sense in the future? He is the true genius!

At that instant, everything was in disorder. All sorts of yelling continued without stop as they were shocked by Xu Tianyis power. To be able to defeat Chu Hongfei in one slap revealed his bare strength.

Xu Qiangs son has such talent?

Chu Yuanbas face was pale and the corners of his mouth was twitching. Not only did Chu Hongfei lose, he lost so thoroughly. With that, everyone knew the Chu family generation was unable to beat the Xu family young generation. They couldnt even take one attack.

That made Chu Yuanba feel that his face was non-existent. He lost all his face, but what could he have done? He couldnt blame his grandsons lack of talent right? After all, his Chu family did not have any precedent people that were so overpowered.

Hahaha, the Chu family young generation is only so-so.

Xu Qiang brought his arrogant laugh and the Xu family group towards Xu Tainyis stage.

Is there anyone in the Chu family that dares to battle with me? Xu Tianyi did not let anyone go. He cast his gaze of disdain towards the young generation of the Chu family.

At that instant, although everyone from the Chu family was extremely angry, no one dared to take up the challenge because they knew that they werent able to beat Xu Tianyi. If they still went up despite of that, it would just mean that they were disgracing themselves and people would have a lower opinion on them.

Just leave it Tianyi. No one in the Chu familys young generation can beat you. Just let them go. Xu Qiang laughed and said, and it was extremely mocking.

Hmph Seeing that they had their way, Xu Tianyi coldly snorted and prepared to leave with Xu Qiang.

I will accept the challenge.

But just at that time, a thunder-like yell suddenly rang out. At the same time, a body leaped into the air and firmly landed on the stage with a beautiful curve.

Chu Feng! Seeing the body on the stage, everyone was shocked.

Fenger come back. Chu Yuan quickly yelled out because he was afraid that Chu Feng would be in the same situation as Chu Hongfei.

Really embarrassing. Chu Yuanbas face turned green. He felt that Chu Fengs actions would only lose more face for the Chu family.

Boy, you think you can win? Xu Tianyi disdainfully looked at Chu Feng and didnt even put him in his eyes.

Youll know when you try. Chu Feng calmly smiled and said.

Very well. Xu Tianyi leaped forward and instantly a blast of wind was stirred. In a blink, he arrived in front of Chu Feng. He still used that slap and he still aimed at that spot. He wanted Chu Feng to lose as miserable as Chu Hongfei.

In that instant, some Chu family members turned their head and couldnt bare looking. They didnt feel sorry for Chu Feng, but they didnt want to see Chu Feng who was going to lose even more of the Chu familys face.

*whoosh* But just as people thought that Chu Feng would certainly lose, his body leaned slightly to the side and he easily dodged Xu Tianyis attack. After that, Chu Feng aimed to do a backhand slap at Xu Tianyis face.

This... Chu Fengs speed was simply too fast, and the Xu Yianyi who was underestimating him was instantly shocked. He immediately took his other hand and wanted to forcefully block Chu Fengs slap.

But just as Xu Tianyis hand was going to touch Chu Fengs hand, Chu Fengs hand fluctuated and eventually disappeared.

Damn it, this is a profound martial skill. Xu Tianyi was able to react to that with his experience. But it was too late because Chu Fengs illusionary palm already firmly hit Xu Tianyis chest.


*ta ta ta*

The palm landed and Xu Tianyi got pushed back a few steps. The strong power almost made him fall off the stage.

Look, Chu Feng actually landed a hit on Xu Tianyi.

What a strong technique. He was able to get a small advantage from a person at the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

Cries of surprise sprung up everywhere and everyone felt that it was unimaginable. Even the Chu family members that hated Chu Feng couldnt help but widen their eyes with traces of shock surging onto their faces.

The slap that defeated Chu Hongfei in one strike. Not only did Chu Feng dodge it, he even landed a hit on Xu Tianyi. What did that mean? At least, it meant that Chu Fengs power was a lot stronger than Chu Hongfeis.

Not to mention others, but even the Chu Yuanba who felt angry before paid more attention and astonishment was filled in his gaze.

A bit skillful, but I wont go easy on you this time.

*bang* Xu Tianyi suddenly stepped forward and even the stage trembled a bit by his step. With a strong force he arrived in front of Chu Feng once again.

Both arms were spread. The shadows of the fists filled the air bringing strong wind with them. They were like a rainstorm that went along with the wind.

Rank 3 martial skill.

The crowd was shocked. They could tell that Xu Tianyi was using a rank 3 martial skill in which he mastered. Chu Feng could not possibly defend against that sort of martial skill in addition to that strength.

It came just at the right time.

But people never would have thought that Chu Feng wouldnt retreat from Xu Tianyis fierce attacks. With the movement of both his arms, countless of palms gradually came.

Every shadow of the palm was incomparably real. Focusing to look, it was as if Chu Fengs body grew countless amounts of arms. The aura that it was emitted was even stronger than Xu Tianyis.

*bang bang bang* The countless fists went against the countless palms. No one had the advantage at that time as they battled.


In that instant, the crowd started boiling again. It wouldnt be much if Chu Feng only used a rank 3 skill.

But he used the rank 3 martial skill to a level which made him equal to Xu Tianyi. It had to be known that he was only at the 6th level while his opponent was at the 7th level.

This... Chu Feng is actually using this skill. After observing for a while, Chu Wei suddenly understood and the shock on his face became denser.

Weier, what skill is Chu Feng using? Suddenly, the voice of an old man rang next to him. Raising his head to look, it was Chu Yuanba.

Shock was hung on Chu Yuanbas face as well, but within the gaze in which he was looking at Chu Feng, it was filled with the longing of an answer.

Chapter end

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