Martial God Asura – Chapter 102 Helpers for All

Chapter 102 Helpers for All

MGA: Chapter 102 Helpers for All

Who are you? Facing the male in front of him, Chu Feng was very careful and on guard.

No need to be so nervous. As for my identity, you should even call me senior. As for my name, Leng Wuzui. Leng Wuzui lightly smiled and said.

Youre Leng Wuzui? I dont think that we have anything between us. You want to help that Gong Luyun? Obviously, Chu Feng heard of the famous Leng Wuzui. Within the core disciples, he was the only person other than him who had Spirit power.

Ahh? You are indeed worthy of having Spirit power. Already saw through the reason why I was looking for you huh?

However, I am not helping Gong Luyun. He is not qualified to let me do things for him. I am only sweeping away obstructions for myself. Leng Wuzui chuckled as he slowly went near Chu Feng.

How do you know I have Spirit power? Sweeping away obstructions? We havent even met before so how did I even become an obstruction? As Chu Feng delayed, he backed away and spread out his Spirit power to the extreme. He was still finding a chance to escape.

You dont need to know about that. Also, I would advise you to give up the thought of escaping. You cannot escape in front of me. Leng Wuzui was filled with confidence.

That may not be so.

Seeing that his thoughts were seen through, Chu Feng did not try to delay anymore and at the same time that he operated the Mysterious Technique, he also used the Imperial Sky Technique. Spiritual energy passed under his foot and strong wind rose from under his feet.

With a whoosh, Chu Feng flew past like the wind and escaped towards the depths of the forest.

You have quite some methods, but sadly, your cultivation is too low. Leng Wuzui coldly smiled, stepped forward and he also became like the wind while chasing after Chu Feng.

He had that kind of speed not because of some special bodily martial skill. He was relying purely on his own cultivation. The 2nd genius in the Azure Dragon School who was only 19 years old had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm. With one more step, he could enter the Profound realm and be equal to Gong Luyun.

This guy is unexpectedly strong. Chu Feng already used the Imperial Sky Technique to the extreme yet he could not get rid of Leng Wuzui. In addition, he was even quickly getting closer. The pressure of the Origin realms 9th level started to suppress his speed.

Give it up. With your current cultivation, no matter how much better your talent is, you will not be able to escape from my hands.

Leng Wuzui pointed at Chu Feng with his finger and a ray of light exploded out. The power was strong and with a blink, it bore holes through several huge trees and it locked onto Chu Fengs position.

Want to kill me? It wont be that easy. Chu Feng grinded his teeth and his steps changed. The white-coloured wind instantly dissipated and replacing it was lightning.

The lightning was clearly different than Chu Fengs Three Thunder Styles. It was a dark-blue colour and his speed became extremely fast. It was like several small lightning snakes surrounding Chu Fengs feet and it separated the sole of his feet from the ground.

*whoosh* Suddenly, the tip of Chu Fengs feet touched the ground and with a blink, he appeared a dozen or so meters away. Every step was like that and his speed was unbelievably quick. Not only did he succeed in dodging Leng Wuzuis attack, he started to use that terrifying speed to quickly escape far and he left Leng Wuzui behind.

What a mysterious technique. That is absolutely not a martial skill from my Azure Dragon School. Where did this boy get it from? Leng Wuzuis gaze flashed and he expressed unexpectedness.

Following that, his steps changed as he performed abstruse footsteps. With that, his speed instantly increased by several times and he was catching up to Chu Feng again. However, this time, his chasing speed got even quicker.

Damn it. I still cant get rid of him huh?

Chu Feng was a bit bitter. He clearly succeeded in using the middle stage of the Imperial Sky Technique, however, facing Leng Wuzui who was at the 9th level of the Origin realm, he was still obviously helpless. After all, the distance between the realms was too large. Even if Leng Wuzui used the most basic bodily martial skill, he could still catch up to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, dont think of escaping today. Leng Wuzui pointed with his finger and several radiant lights shot out. They swept past Chu Feng like rain and they were almost undodgeable.

It was a rank 5 skill. Especially under Leng Wuzuis use, that power was not something Chu Feng could defend against. If he got hit, he would certainly get made into a human sieve.

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This aura? But just at that time, Chu Feng rejoiced. He felt a familiar aura coming near him.

*whoosh* Indeed, just as Chu Feng felt that aura, a white figure appeared behind Chu Feng like a ghost. It was Su Rou.

*bang bang bang* Su Rou waved her sleeve and a strand of Profound power condensed out. It formed into a mirror in front of her, and when Leng Wuzuis attack struck the mirror, they forcefully bounced back. The speed of the attacks even doubled in an instant.

Seeing that, Leng Wuzui did not panic and he stepped away. As his body moved, all the reflected attacks were dodged.

Elder Su Rou.

At that moment, Chu Feng was joyful. He had seen Su Rous strength before and it was extremely strong. When he felt the aura she emitted just now, Su Rou was not in the Origin realm. She already entered the Profound realm.

Although he did not know why Su Rou appeared at this place, Chu Feng knew that the crisis in front of him would most likely be dissolved.

Although I knew that people would harm Chu Feng, I never would have thought that it would be you. I thought you didnt get along with Gong Luyun? Why are you helping him? Su Rou charmingly smiled and it was as if she was not facing an enemy.

Ho...Interesting. Why do you two think that I must be helping Gong Luyun if I attack Chu Feng? Cant it be for of personal grudges?

However senior Su Rou, I quite admire your methods. Gao Le and the Zhao Shi brothers, no matter what you say, were the core disciples of the Azure Dragon School. It could even be said that you knew Gao Le. How did you have the heart to kill him? Leng Wuzui smiled and asked.

I killed Gao Le? I dont understand what you mean! Hearing those words, Su Rous expression changed and confusion was all over her face.

Oh? Your acting is quite nice and you are quite vicious. It seems that you cannot be left alone. The corner of Leng Wuzuis mouth rose into a dark and cold smile.

Quite a tone you have there. You dare to speak to me like that with your mere 9th level of the Origin realm?

Although I dont know why you need to attack Chu Feng, being disciples from the same school, you dare to do these kinds of things to juniors. As an elder of the Azure Dragon School, I must give you a lesson. Su Rous face turned cold and as she spoke, she was going to attack as well.

But just at that time, a boundless pressure engulfed the mountain forest. At the same time, an aged voice rang out,

If you want to give Zuier a lesson, you need to pass through me first!

Chapter end

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