Mutated Tao – Chapter 39: Wild

Chapter 39: Wild

Staring at the pieces of silver in Bai Lingmiaos hands, Li Huowang immediately took out another piece of silver and gave it to her.

However, before he could even say anything, Bai Lingmiao hurriedly told him, The anklet has already been melted. I saw it with my own two eyes. There is no way to buy it back.

Seeing how shocked Li Huowang was, Bai Lingmiao chuckled as if she had finally won against him. She then placed all the silver in Li Huowangs hands.

Its fine. The anklet was just something my mom gave me as an accessory. It was not some family heirloom.

Seeing Bai Lingmiao insisting that it was alright, Li Huowang did not ask about it any more. He counted all the pieces of silver before keeping them safely. Once everything has died down, I will buy you an even bigger one.

Ok! Im looking forward to it! Bai Lingmiao smiled and nodded.

Just then, the door opened, and Puppy entered the room. He saw that the two of them were in a corner of the room and immediately turned around. Oops, sorry. Wrong room. I will head out now.

Bai Lingmiao blushed before pushing Puppy away and running off.

On the other hand, Puppy just chuckled as he walked into the room once again. Senior Li, even though Senior Bai is afflicted with albinism, that shouldnt be an issue when it comes to marrying her. Her heart and personality are much more important. Please dont leave her behind.

Li Huowang was too lazy to argue with him. Stop babbling. Wash up and go to sleep. We finally have the chance to sleep in a bed.

In his dream, Li Huowang was walking through a forest as he walked in the direction of a light. He used his sword to chop down the bushes and the trees in his way as he approached the light.

When he reached the source of the light, he realized that it was Bai Lingmiao, his mother, and Yang Na. All three of them were roasting sweet potatoes by a campfire.

Looking at the heartwarming scene, he sighed and approached them.

At that moment, however, the sky suddenly turned dark and Li Huowang saw a towering monstrosityit was Dan Yangzi with his three heads and feathered body!

Hahaha! My dear disciple! Not bad! You brought all of the guiding drug ingredients.

The monstrosity that was Dan Yangzi laughed and picked up a stone pillar even larger than his body. Then, he smashed the pillar down toward the campfire.

No wait!

At that moment, Li Huowang woke up, completely drenched in cold sweat. He gasped for air and calmed down, realizing that it had all been a nightmare.FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Senior Li, you woke up? I bought some dumplings for you. Eat them while they are still hot. Puppy, who had been looking at the streets while Li Huowang was sleeping, retracted his head from outside the window.

What is the time right now? Li Huowang asked as he clasped the side of his head to soothe his headache while looking at the dumplings on the table.

Its just past 9 AM. You could have slept for a while longer; after all, we are not starting our journey today so soon.

Li Huowang ate the dumplings one by one and even drank the soup placed in the porcelain bowl. He finished eating in no time. Who said that we dont have anything to do? Lets go and buy some of the supplies that we will need for our journey.

The scene he saw in his nightmare once again flashed through his head. Li Huowang told Puppy, I will take someone else with me to buy the supplies. Meanwhile, I need you to ask Lu Zhuangyuan and see when we will be starting our journey again. The sooner the better. If they cant travel again anytime soon, then we will have to leave without him.

Li Huowang had some silver leftover after he bought the donkey and the cart. Adding in the silver he got from Bai Lingmiao, there would be no issue purchasing some extra supplies. At the very least, they needed to buy some sheets and blankets. It was tough sleeping in the wilderness without them. More often than not, his back would be warm while the front of his body would be chilly as he slept by the campfire.

He also needed to buy a simple pot. Then, at the very least, they would be able to cook something rather than having to munch on dry rations.

Li Huowang bought many things, to the point that their cart had no space left. When he reconvened with Lu Zhuangyuan at the gate of the town, Li Huowang had even purchased another donkey cart.

Hoho? Young Taoist, you are quite talented. To think that your assets are growing so fast as you travel. Another year and a half, and you might just end up having an entire caravan. Lu Zhuangyuan didnt forget to praise Li Huowang as they traveled.

Old man, is the Western Capital City far from Jianye town? Li Huowang asked as they traveled on the wide dirt road.

The road was wide, and there were many other travelersit wasnt just Lu Zhuangyuan and Li Huowangs groups. There were many others who were carrying their belongings as they traveled. It seems that everyone was traveling toward the Western Capital City.

Its not too far. We should arrive there in another ten days or so. Lu Zhuangyuan smiled as he recalled something good that happened to him.

Li Huowang nodded. About the Monastery, other than everyone going there to pray, what else do you know about it?

Haiya Its a Monastery. They are all the same, with older monks leading the younger monks to be vegetarian and to chant sutras.

Li Huowang sighed. It seemed like he had no choice but to personally go and check the place; someone like Lu Zhuangyuan, who was busy trying to make ends meet and living as a commoner, would definitely not be an expert on such topics.

Young Taoist, look, there is a Monk just up ahead. Hes peeing underneath the tree. Why not ask him? Maybe hes a Monk from the Monastery.

Huh? Li Huowang turned to look toward the direction that Lu Zhuangyuan was pointing. Sure enough, there was a Monk.

When Li Huowang approached the Monk, the Monk also turned around to face him. The robe that the Monk was wearing was quite filthy.

When Li Huowang saw the Monks face, his brows furrowed uncontrollably; rather than a Monk, the other person looked more like a bald beggar. He looked absolutely filthy and ragged. His Monk robe was even riddled with holes.

Amitabha. Is there a reason you approached me? The filthy man opened his mouth, showing his yellow teeth. He was even missing one of his front teeth.

Are you a Monk? asked Li Huowang.

Yes, I am a Monk! The old Monk replied as he held the prayer beads around his neck that were made with fruit seeds.

May I ask which Monastery you are from? Li Huowang was quite suspicious about him.

Im not from any Monastery. Thats why Im traveling up north. I heard that there are many Monasteries there, and I want to become a Monk there. I heard that they even feed you for free!

When he heard such a response, Li Huowang nodded and went back to his group. He had a hunch.

But just when Li Huowang had decided not to bother the fake Monk any further, the Monk approached Li Huowang instead.

Are you looking for a Monastery as well? But arent you a Taoist? Taoists dont really believe in Buddha, do they?

Dont tell me hes trying to make me lower my guard?

Li Huowang instantly increased his alertness while smacking the rump of his donkeys; he had everyone walk faster and ignore the old Monk.

Unfortunately, Simpleton didnt know what was wrong and just continued talking to the old Monk.

You You didnt bring bring any food? You willwill starve!

Why would I? There are many mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables in the forest.

Ive Ive eaten wild fruits before too! And

Simpleton, dont talk to him. Li Huowang interrupted them.

Oh. Simpleton nodded in understanding.

Without anyone talking to him, the old Monk left. At the same time, Li Huowang sighed in relief and released his grip on the bronze bell hidden in his sleeves. He needed to be alert at all times in this weird worldregardless of whether the other person was truly an idiot or not.

After walking for two hours, it was finally mid-day. At this point, many people walked off the path and sat under the trees, munching on their ration. Li Huowang and his group did the same. Even though he was anxious to continue traveling, it was safer to travel in a large group.

He then passed out the freshly bought buns to everyone; they ate the buns with some pickled vegetables.

He had just drunk some water from the water gourd that Bai Lingmiao had passed on to him when he realized that someone was missing. Huh? Wheres Simpleton?

He went into the forest to pee. However, why is he still not back? Did he go for number two instead? Simpleton! What are you doing there?

When Puppy shouted into the forest, Simpletons large head popped out from behind a tree. He was munching on something.

What are you eating? Li Huowang asked, feeling confused.

Some Some free free rice in the forest! No No money needed! Simpleton just said that before once again hiding behind the tree.

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

The artist even draws supporting characters! Heres how the old monk look like. @

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