Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 31: Uchiha Fuu

Chapter 31: Uchiha Fuu

In a remote and empty land somewhere, five disciples of the Uchiha family were looking around impatiently.

Today was the appointed day with those idiots from the other big families. However, there were only a few minutes left until the appointed time, but they still hadn't seen those idiots. It was inevitable that they would feel a little apprehensive.

"Why haven't those idiots come yet? Are they afraid?"

The leading youth who spoke first was called Uchiha Fuu. He was five years old this year, and the other four were one year younger than him.

Speaking of which, the reason why they formed a grudge with Hyuga Tokugawa and the others was also very strange. At first, it was only because they disliked each other. At this time, everyone could still be at peace. At most, they could say a few words behind their backs.

However, as these words somehow reached the other party's ears, the two of them also changed from dislike to quarrel, then to friction, and there was always someone who took the lead to throw that punch...

In short, it evolved into what it is today step by step.

It couldn't be helped. Ever since Senju Tobirama took the position, almost everyone could feel the complicated attitude of the second-generation Hokage towards the Uchiha clan.

Although the Uchiha clan was one of the two main contributors that Konoha had established, almost everyone supported Senju Hashirama to become the first generation Hokage and opposed Uchiha Madara taking the position. They could already predict the awkward position of the Uchiha clan in the future.

Even at that time, most of the people of the Uchiha clan had made the 'smart' choice and stood on the side of the village, which made Uchiha Madara 'disheartened'. He left Konoha without any reluctance and made his position clear.

However, as Uchiha Madara returned again and challenged Senju Hashirama to 'die', forcing the seriously ill Senju Hashirama to surrender, the Uchiha clan once again fell into an extremely awkward situation.

After all, even if Uchiha Madara left the clan and Konoha, the fact that Uchiha Madara was the former clan leader of Uchiha's clan could not be justified.

In addition, Senju Tobirama, who was the successor of Hokage, seemed to have some precautions and distrust towards their clan from the beginning, which led to the situation of Uchiha's clan becoming more and more difficult.

In this spontaneous political team, almost all the clans chose to isolate them at the same time.

If not for Tobirama suddenly promoting Uchiha as his confidant and becoming his bodyguard, perhaps the several big clans would have isolated Uchiha all the way to the end.

Because they weren't sure what the purpose of Lord Hokage's actions was, whether he was releasing goodwill towards the Uchiha Clan or trying to numb the other party, he actually had other thoughts in his mind.

Thus, these clans decisively chose the safest attitude and didn't take the initiative to target the Uchiha Clan, but they also didn't have a close personal relationship with this clan.

As long as everyone was still amiable on the surface, then no matter what the final result was, it wouldn't implicate them.

If the Uchiha Clan really did have a day to turn things around, then it wouldn't be too late to take the initiative to repair their relationship.

It was just that the world of adults was too complicated, and children would only look at things one-sidedly, so it was not surprising that they would dislike each other.

However, it was very clear that the adults did not care about this kind of childish banter. They were even happy to see such a situation.

As long as they were not ruthless and formed an unresolvable hatred, no one could say in the end whether they would become opponents to compete with each other or develop feelings, acknowledge each other, and become friends.

Just like this, the situation of Uchiha's clan was greatly improved because of Tobirama's small action.

If this state could be maintained for a long time, perhaps in a few years, the Uchiha clan would truly be able to completely integrate into Konoha, no longer being ostracized by any prejudices.


"Big Brother Fuu, I think those idiots won't dare to come. Are we still waiting?"

Uchiha Fuu hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, "Let's wait a bit longer. If they still don't come after the agreed time, then they will lose without fighting. I want to see what they can say next time we meet!"

Uchiha Fuu also thought that if they left now, what if they were beaten by those idiots and wronged them?

Moreover, although he had always called those guys idiots, after fighting so many times, both sides knew each other well.

Although those guys were stupid, they were not afraid to come. Otherwise, they would not have been able to fight back at first, nor would they have developed into such an unsalvageable situation.

Another reason was that the other party had taken the initiative to make an appointment in this group fight, all for the sake of getting back at the last time.

Unless they really encountered something that they could not resist, even if their arms were broken.

Just like that, a few minutes passed, and it was already the agreed time.

Uchiha Breeze was still wondering if he should continue waiting when he suddenly heard someone beside him shout, "Look, those idiots are here!" Explore new ovels on nvelbi(.)com

"And they seem to have brought helpers!"

Uchiha Breeze immediately looked over. Hyuga Tokugawa, Inuzuka Kou, Nara Shikakichi, AburameShima, Akamichi ... He immediately recognized these 'old acquaintances'.

But what made him frown was the other two unfamiliar faces.

After all, at this time, the big families were not keen on sending their children to the Ninja School. Kekkei Genkai and the secret arts of each family were the foundation for their safety. This kind of thing was something that Sensei could not teach this kind of thing at the Ninja School.

Even Uchiha Fuu laughed when he learned that Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were sent to the Ninja School. The core disciples should be properly nurtured by the family, not go to the Ninja School!

To put it bluntly, many people believed that the Ninja School was actually given a chance for the civilian children to stand out.

In fact, the appearance of the Ninja School had indeed nurtured many outstanding talents for Konoha.

However, it was still completely inferior to the prosperity of the great clans, and it could not shake their position.

If he wanted to change his mind, perhaps he would have to wait until Orochimaru, and the others were famous for Ninja World.

"Hyuga Tokugawa, I thought you wouldn't dare to come. What, are these two brats the helpers you found?"

As soon as they met, Uchiha Fuu raised his head and activated the Great Taunt.

The four clansmen behind him also had proud looks on their faces. After all, they were the ones who had won the last time. Even in terms of overall battle achievements, they had the lead. Naturally, they had the right to be proud in front of Hyuga Tokugawa and the others.

Originally, on the way here, Haru was thinking about whether they could turn their hostility into friendship. After all, he was a troublesome person. As long as he thought about how this matter would never end, he would feel a headache.


*Author's Note:

Uchiha Fuu is a cameo character in my friend's novel. Please accept it yourself!

Chapter end

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