Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 70: The Strongest Connection On Konoha

Chapter 70: The Strongest Connection On Konoha

"Boss, you really awakened Sharingan?" Hyuga Tokugawa, who had not recovered yet, could not wait to ask as soon as he saw Haru.

Haru nodded helplessly. It was only after he opened Sharingan that he realized that the 'Mom' he had never seen before was very likely to be a member of Uchiha's family.

It was just that no matter how he asked Tobirama, Tobirama's face was like the bottom of a pot, unwilling to talk more as if his appearance was just an unexpected product

It was only when he was anxious that he spat out two words angrily, "Dead!"

Alright, regarding Tobirama's love debt and the sad past that he was unwilling to mention, Haru still decided not to investigate further.

However, he could not understand why with Tobirama's character, he would find a woman like Uchiha as his wife.

Could it be that Uzumaki Clan's woman was really that terrifying?

Now, he seriously suspected that Tobirama had been beaten up by Madara back then.

As for when exactly did this pair of Sharingan awaken?

Haru suspected that it was during Hashirama's funeral at that time. Because the two unconscious situations were very similar, it was just that he had not thought of it in this way, nor did he take the initiative to guide this power, so he was ignored.

It wasn't until he was hit by Uchiha Ryou's illusion technique that he desperately wanted to undo it that he once again activated Sharingan. Then, he used the power of these eyes to easily break free from the illusion technique.

Therefore, when Uchiha Ryou asked him how to undo the illusion technique, he answered that it was because of these eyes.

To be honest, at that time, when Uchiha Ryou was greatly stimulated and shouted 'How could it be Sharingan', he was still a little confused, but he did not show it.

But if you asked him about the fluctuations in his heart at that time, it would probably be like this...

The first reaction,

"Ah, so it's Sharingan. I was wondering..."

The second reaction,

"What? How did I activate Sharingan?"

The third reaction,

"Sharingan! Awesome!"

After he woke up from his coma and confirmed the truth from Tobirama's mouth, he cooperated with this guy to do some related experiments. It was the first time he knew that the blood flowing in his body was the blood of Senju and Uchiha.

Don't mention how wonderful his expression was at that time!

As long as he thought of the evaluation he had made towards Uchiha's clan, as well as his usual behavior of eating, sleeping, and beating up Uchiha


What was with this mess, bullying his own family every day, what a sin!

It was estimated that during this period of time, this bastard Tobirama had probably been secretly laughing in his heart.

Even his own child was cheated!

"What's wrong? Do you regret recognizing me as your boss?" Haru asked as he patted Hyuga Tokugawa on the shoulder.

"How is that possible? I just can't get used to it for a while." Hyuga Tokugawa hurriedly shook his head.

When he learned that Haru's boss had directly beaten Uchiha Ryou, in order to avenge them, he was already dead set on him.

Although Boss Haru was a bit... a bit of a jerk. He always encouraged them to do things that they usually did not dare to imagine. Every time they fought, he would hide at the back and wait to pick the peaches. He was also very cheeky and liked to say strange things that people did not understand.

However, Boss Haru was a good boss!

Then, just as Haru was about to bring Hyuga Tokugawa to the other guys' homes to 'pay a visit', Hyuga Tokugawa was so scared that his face turned pale. He saw another old acquaintance.

"What are you doing here? It seems that the lesson I taught you last time was not enough. Tell me, how many helpers did you find this time?"

"Hehe, why do I remember that the guy who was miserably stepped on last time was someone else?"

"You want to fight, right?" Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

"If you want to fight, then fight,"

Come on!

Hyuga Tokugawa and Uchiha Fuu were natural enemies. They forgot about their business the moment they met and directly started to fight.

Haru had a headache about this. If it were for in the past, he would definitely support his little brother and provoke the other party.

However, the last time Uchiha Fuu reported in advance and stepped forward later made him look at him in a new light. He really couldn't hate this arrogant and proud guy who refused to admit defeat.

In addition, his 'Mom' whom he had never seen before was very likely to be a member of Uchiha's clan. As the saying goes, if you don't look at the monk, you look at the Buddha. Even if it were for the sake of 'Mom', he would be too embarrassed to bully 'honest people' anymore.

Therefore, he pulled back Hyuga Tokugawa, who was spitting saliva at each other, with his neck stiffened and his face almost touching the other person's face.

"Alright, stop arguing. The last time was an accident. He even got beaten up in order to help you."

"Who needs his help!"

"Who helped him!"

As soon as Haru finished speaking, the two of them shouted at the same time, their expressions very excited, as if this was a very shameful thing for both of them.

"I didn't expect the two of you to have a similar heart..."

"Who has a similar heart as him!" X2 in unison!

"Bastard, don't learn from me!" X3 in unison!

The two of them glared at each other and gnashed their teeth as if they had some deep hatred, but in fact, if they told the truth, they would laugh their teeth off and find it hard to say.

"Alright, what are you two talking about? Let's get down to business."

Humph! X2!

The two of them turned their heads away at the same time, no longer looking at each other.

Then, they heard Uchiha Fuu calm down a little and say hesitantly, "Our clan head wants to invite you to his house as a guest."

Haru was not surprised by this. On the contrary, it was strange that Uchiha's clan did not think of ways to curry favor with him.

And Haru himself, to be honest, was quite envious of Uchiha's clan.

With the blood of Senju and Uchiha, no one should object to Konoha's strongest connections, right?

With the addition of Hyuga Tokugawa's little brothers, he could already do whatever he wanted with Konoha.

"Before I came, the Clan Leader had already told me that they would not appear again like last time. I hope that you won't be biased against our clan." Uchiha Fuu said.

"I won't be biased. After all, there is no lack of black sheep and morons everywhere. Go back to your Clan Leader. I will pay you a visit tomorrow."

Hearing Haru's words, Uchiha Fuu, who came on a mission, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Is there anything else?"

Seeing that Uchiha Fuu had not left and was standing there awkwardly, not knowing what to say, Haru asked directly.

Uchiha Fuu took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and said, "Boss Haru, I... I want to follow you too!"

Chapter end

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