Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 48 - An Unequaled Fight

Chapter 48 - An Unequaled Fight

Chapter 48 - An Unequaled Fight

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None of the students below the ring had refuted Qin Shuyus words. Instead, they felt her words made sense.

No matter what was said, Zhou Yuhu was ranked third in the universitys fighting tournament. He was also highly praised by several teachers who taught fighting. They predicted Zhou Yuhu would be able to create a reputation for himself in the upcoming citys fighting tournament, not to mention teaching the weak and scrawny Shi Feng a lesson. It was like using a butchers knife to kill a chicken.

Even though he remains unyielding right now, I guess Shi Feng will kneel and beg for mercy in a moment.

Does that even need to be mentioned? Why dont you look at who Zhou Yuhu is? My guess is Shi Feng will be lying on the floor within ten seconds.

The male students in the class started to laugh as they discussed Shi Fengs end.

What is wrong with you people? Is this how you treat a classmate of yours? Zhao Ruoxi asked, looking at her classmates with a furious expression.

The students all turned silent. However, their eyes revealed a hint of disdain when they looked at Zhao Ruoxi.

One of the gorgeously dressed girls in the class curled her lips in disdain, softly saying, You just have somewhat good looks. If it wasnt for Brother Long, who do you think would listen to your words?

The other girls promptly nodded their heads. They were not taking their class monitor seriously at all.

Although the female students spoke in soft tones, everyone present could hear them clearly. To the side, Ling Feilong felt invigorated as he enjoyed listening to their words.

Zhao Ruoxi turned her head away in a rage, no longer paying attention to these people.

Ling Feilong walked over to her and gently said, Ruoxi, I know that you have no choice in this matter as the class monitor. However, Shi Feng is the one finding trouble here, so you cant just blame everyone. Moreover, nobody believes Shi Feng can win with that small body of his. You are literally throwing your money into the ocean. In a moment, Ill talk it over with Brother Hu to not take your money and let Shi Feng pay for everything.

Indeed, I am helping Shi Feng because I am the class monitor. However, regarding the matter with the money, I have never thought of asking for it back from him. Zhao Ruoxi glanced at Ling Feilong, coldly saying, On the other hand, youre the one who has taken the recommendation that is rightfully Shi Fengs. Instead of helping Shi Feng now, youre here making cynical remarks. Arent you afraid of people criticizing you behind your back?

Also, how can this be considered trading pointers? One is ranked third in the school, while the other is a student who doesnt even know any fighting techniques. Do you not feel any shame when you speak of this?

Zhao Ruoxis every word caused Ling Feilong piercing pain. In addition, her elegant and refined complexion gave off an indescribable sense of strength that struck at Ling Feilongs heart. Ling Feilong was speechless as he turned pale from anger.

Just as Zhao Ruoxi had said, every class had a fixed number of spots for the recommendation. Only students with results amongst the top twenty in the class were qualified for this recommendation. However, Ling Feilong had managed to obtain the qualifications to participate in the citys fighting competition after much difficulty. If others were to know that he was a university student without a recommendation, it would be an absolute humiliation.

The school had previously considered such reputational problems, as well. Hence, they had made it so that the top five contestants of the fighting tournament would receive a recommendation, even if their studies were not good. However, Ling Feilong was only ninth-ranked, so naturally, he could not obtain it. Hence, he had suggested such a matter to the school. Seeing that Ling Feilongs results were in the top thirty of the class, not that far from the twentieth place, the school had decided to agree to his request. However, the condition was someone had to willingly give up their recommendation. As for how he would get someone to give up their spot, that all depended on Ling Feilong himself.

Shi Feng was just a weakling. Originally, Ling Feilong had intended to utilize the collective intentions of the class, in addition to his own strength, to easily oppress Shi Feng. Then, after giving Shi Feng some benefits, this matter would be considered over. However, Shi Fengs actions were completely different from what Ling Feilong had imagined they would be. Shi Feng had not taken him seriously in the slightest and had threatened him without hesitation. Now, he was even ridiculed by Zhao Ruoxi. Ling Feilongs heart was currently filled with an inextinguishable wrath.

Correct, this isnt an equal fight. However, can Shi Feng blame others for being weak himself? Who was the one who agreed to this competition? Surely you cant blame me for this.

Ling Feilong looked at Zhao Ruoxi with blood-red eyes. If Zhao Ruoxi did not have a beautiful appearance and attractive body, he would have long since sent a slap flying over. However, he endured it. Using force was definitely not a smart move. Moreover, Zhao Ruoxis family background was not simple at all. If he caused an incident now, his entire life would be over. Also, when Ling Feilong thought about how he could toy with Zhao Ruoxi in the future, the rage in his heart calmed down slightly.

Brat, after making me take such a loss, just you wait and see, Ling Feilong glared at Shi Feng, silently swearing.

Above, in the fighting ring, Shi Feng only smiled in disdain when he felt the hostility coming from Ling Feilong.

However, he had to agree to one of Ling Feilongs words.

This was indeed an uneven fight.

In Shi Fengs previous life, although his physique was not comparable to those first-rate fighters, he could still beat them into submission. The thing he relied on to win was the life or death battles in Gods Domain. What was a hundred-battle hero? After living through a hundred wars, it would be hard not to become an expert hero.

It was the same with many martial artists. Their training usually involved pushing themselves to the edge, using the feeling of having their lives hanging by a thread to train and improve themselves. However, such a method was too dangerous. The average person would definitely not do such a thing. It was extremely easy to go overboard and lose their lives.

After Shi Feng went through extremely realistic life or death battles, the increase to his battle experience and techniques rapidly grew. His skills in battle even exceeded the national fighting competitions standards by several levels.

In ten years time, any reputable melee player in Gods Domain could easily defeat the current fighting champion of Jin Hai City, not to mention Shi Feng, who was once the Captain of Shadow.

In Shi Fengs eyes, the universitys fighting tournament was just like children playing house. Moreover, regarding physique, his current body exceeded his body ten years later. Fighting would not be a problem, even if he had to face up to five or six Ling Feilongs.

Brat, you sure are carefree to be looking around. Watch how Ill fix you up! Zhou Yuhu said, rushing at Shi Feng. He immediately sent a slap towards Shi Fengs face, intending to humiliate him first.

Naturally, Shi Feng could easily see through such an action. However, Shi Feng stood unmoving even though he was facing off against someone much stronger than he was. Shi Feng sent out a casual punch towards Zhou Yuhus face, completely ignoring Zhou Yuhus slap.

Zhou Yuhu never imagined that Shi Fengs fist would have such precision, aiming directly at his face. Instinctively, Zhou Yuhu had used his hands to block off this fist.

Shi Fengs lips curled upwards when he saw Zhou Yuhus actions. With lightning speed, Shi Fengs hand chopped towards Zhou Yuhus neck. Zhou Yuhu failed to react in time as he received a chop to his neck. With the precision of a surgery blade, Shi Fengs hand hacked at a major artery in Zhou Yuhus neck.

Suddenly, Zhou Yuhu felt his vision blurring. There was a sense of suffocating as Zhou Yuhu felt all his strength leaving his body.

Shi Feng did not give Zhou Yuhu time to catch his breath. Immediately, he sent another punch flying towards the side of Zhou Yuhus abdomen. Zhou Yuhu wanted to block the attack, but his body refused to listen to his thoughts. He could only feel a stabbing pain in his intestines as a stream of yellowish liquid shot out from his mouth. Zhou Yuhus vision became a blur. He could not cry out, even if he wanted to.

Zhou Yuhus body instinctively wished to fall, but Shi Feng did not give him such a chance. Fist after fist landed on Zhou Yuhus abdomen, followed by a few more landing on his ribs. After receiving a series of consecutive punches, the acidic juices in Zhou Yuhus stomach had been completely drained out of his mouth. Then, his body fell to the ground like a dead dog.

The entire arena suddenly became silent.

Everything had happened all too quickly. It was so quick that not one person had even reacted.

Only after Zhou Yuhu was laying on the ground, did the judge of the match finally react. Immediately, he declared the end of the fight and Shi Feng, the winner of it. At the same time, he hurriedly ran over to Zhou Yuhus side to check on him.

The judge truly could not imagine it. Zhou Yuhu, the third-ranking student in the universitys fighting competition, was not even a match for such a weak-looking youth.

By no means was Zhou Yuhu too weak. Instead, the weak-looking youth was just too strong. After watching several of Zhou Yuhus matches, the judge knew that he was very strong. At the very least, it would not be easy for the judge to deal with him.

After looking at Zhou Yuhus injuries, the judge was dumbfounded. Shi Fengs techniques were just too horrifying. Every one of his moves was perfectly measured, breaking only two to three of Zhou Yuhus ribs but not heavily injuring him. Zhou Yuhu only needed more than a months time for his chest to heal up.

Chapter end

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