The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 203

Chapter 203

[Host, he is still alive and breathing! You heartless host!]

[Alright, alright, it was my fault for running my mouth. I promise if I run into him again, I will definitely save him. Is that okay?]

[Now thats more like it!]

[Hey system, who is that man frozen in ice? Is he your relative? Or your lover?]

[Silly host, I dont know who he is either. My memory comes and goes. I can only slowly remember some things by following you.

Right now, all I know is that hes lying in the ice, telling me over and over again that hes cold and to please save him.

But I cant remember who he is or why he was sealed in ice. And I dont know where he is frozen either. All I know for certain is that you will definitely run into him, host.]

Listening to the sadness in the systems voice, Lin Zaozao sighed involuntarily.

Who said systems were just emotionless codes? From the way it was speaking, it clearly had abundant emotions.

[System, since youve helped me so much, when I run into that frozen man later, I will definitely do my best to save him.

So System, can you tell me how I can save Fan Tian, Ruo Qiu and the Divine Doctor Clan? And what about Xiao Taohua still lying motionless on the ground?

Ive already fed Ruo Qiu so much marrow cleansing liquid that shes gotten a lot fatter, but it hasnt done anything! Shes still unconscious!]

[Host, Xiao Taohua is immune to all poisons. Hell wake up on his own later and be just fine.

As for Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu and the Divine Doctor Clan, please drip some of your blood into their mouths, host. Just one drop and youll be able to save each of them.]

[My blood can save people now? Since when has my blood type become some kind of all-purpose antidote blood, System?]

[Host, after drinking so much marrow cleansing liquid and beauty fluid, your body has been completely transformed.

Your blood can now cure any poison. But host, youd best keep this ability secret and not tell anyone about it.]

[Got it, I understand. I dont want to become some kind of walking antidote blood bank either! Hey System, can I mix my blood into water and have them drink it?

To be honest, there are quite a lot of unconscious people here. Having to drip blood for each person would hurt too much!]

[Of course you can do that, silly host! Youve finally gotten a little smarter!]

After finishing her conversation with the system, Lin Zaozao looked over at the four fat swans still dancing the dying swan, as well as Matchless and Invincible occasionally kicking at them.

She really hadnt expected Matchless and Invincible to have such a bullying side to them!

But she liked seeing it.

Why should they be polite to assassins targeting her?

The only reason she hadnt slaughtered them already was because she wanted to know who their master was first!

After she revived her little husbands and the Divine Doctor Clan, she would toss these unlucky dancers out onto the streets for everyone to watch the unauthorized parody of the Fat Swan Dance from her era!

Lin Zaozao found a washbasin in the room. She scooped up a basin of water, then pulled out a hairpin from her hair.

Positioning the sharp hairpin against her finger, she gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and jabbed down.

Ow! Damn, that hurts!

Seeing the bead of blood emerging from her finger, the pain brought tears to Lin Zaozaos eyes instantly.

Just poking a tiny hole in her finger with a hairpin already hurt this badly. Those people on TV who calmly bit open their own fingers and wrote in blood must have been in so much pain!

They were true heroes!

Compared to those professional masochistic female leads, she clearly wasnt hardcore enough!

Because rather than harming herself, harming others was so much better!

Oww, it really hurts.

So as not to waste the blood on her finger, Lin Zaozao quickly rinsed it in the basin. Worried there might not be enough, she steeled herself and poked at the wound again.

F*ck, that kills! Im a full-on masochist female lead right now! This is too damaging to my body.

Gritting her teeth in pain, Lin Zaozao squeezed more fresh blood from her finger into the basin.

Staring at the still clear water, she was about to stab her finger again when the systems voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

[Host, do you have sh*t for brains? Didnt I tell you just one drop of blood is enough?

You idiot, youve nearly turned your finger into a honeycomb with all that poking! Hurry and bandage your finger then go save your little husbands!]

[Huh? System, was that concern I detected just now? Has the sun started rising from the west today? Ow ow ow, my finger hurts so bad!]Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

[Concern my a*s! Even with pain like that, you still kept stabbing holes in your finger. There must be potholes in your brain!

Also, I was afraid you would die and then thered be no one left to save that frozen man.]

[Tsk, just directly say you care about me! You tsundere system!]

After snapping back at the system, Lin Zaozao wrapped her injured finger loosely with a silk handkerchief.

It was the same handkerchief Ruo Qiu had tied around her waist earlier! Normally she would never have something so troublesome on her.

She usually just used her sleeve to wipe things.

Right after Lin Zaozao carried out the basin of water mixed with her blood, she saw over twenty men wearing gold masks standing outside her door.

They were the priests from Elder Brother Han Yes ritual hall!

All of them were secret priests!

Aside from seeing them once on the first day she arrived in Han Country, they had been staying inside the ritual hall without emerging.

Or rather, even if they stood in front of her right now wearing their masks, she still wouldnt recognize them.

Since they always wore masks in their priest disguises after all!

Seeing them suddenly appear en masse now, Lin Zaozao was stunned speechless for a moment.

Esteemed priests, what brings you here?

Facing Lin Zaozaos inquiry, the priests remained silent. They only knelt on the ground together, bowing to her respectfully.

Holding the washbasin while dressed in white, Lin Zaozao watched the priests kneel wordlessly before her.

The scene triggered a strange sense of familiarity in her mind.

It was as if a long, long time ago, she had also worn white while coldly accepting others bows.

Elder Brother Han Ye and Han XiBei had stood beside her then. There were also some other people by their side.

Yet right when Lin Zaozao tried to make out those peoples faces, the images disappeared from her mind again.

She must have been rattled by those four fat swans just now, messing up her brain!

Day after day shed been randomly imagining strange things!

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Lin Zaozao looked at the kneeling priests and said,

I dont know any of your names either. Just stand up and tell me directly what youre here for. No need to keep kneeling, itll dirty your clean clothes.

Right after Lin Zaozao finished speaking, the dozen-plus priests silently stood up in unison. Then they took the washbasin from her hands and started feeding its water to the unconscious Divine Doctor Clan members.

Did these priests know the water in the basin could solve their comas?

[System, how do these priests know the water in the basin is the antidote?]

She waited a long time but no one answered.

[System, you there? The priests seem to know the secret of my blood. Are you there? Can you explain why?]


[System? Say something, wont you!]

Only endless silence answered Lin Zaozao.

Waiting for the system's response, Lin Zaozao turned early to look at the Divine Doctor Clan members who were lying on the ground, poisoned by Gu.

Looking at the sacrificial clothes worn by the priests, and the golden masks on them, a sense of familiarity lingered in her heart.

In an instant, there were countless doubts rising in her heart.

Because of the tense relations between Canglan Fengshuo and Han Country, Han Ye had arranged many secret guards around her.

Not to mention going out of the palace, even when she went to the toilet, Han Ye would arrange disguised female guards to stand guard outside.

Yet today, he took the initiative to ask her to go out of the palace to visit Ji Fantian's medical hall.

Furthermore, connecting Ruo Qiu and Ji Fantian's surprised reactions when she suddenly went out of the palace, she could feel that Han Ye had already expected that she would encounter assassins today.

As for why she did not suspect Han Ye wanted to harm her?

Hmph! Lin Zaozao was not a big fool.

In order to save her, Han Ye was willing to use his life to exchange for hers. If she suspected Han Ye again, Lin Zaozao would be an ungrateful wretch.

Thinking that Little Xibei and Han Ye were both priests and Little Xibei could divine, Han Ye must also be able to.

Could it be? Han Ye had divined something, but he was unable to intervene, so he could only use the best way for her to resolve it?

Just as Lin Zaozao was puzzled, a person walked in quickly from the front of the medicine shop.

Lin Zaozao looked up and it turned out to be Han Ye.

When Han Ye walked into the backyard and saw Lin Zaozao dressed in white, his expression froze in shock.

Seeing Han Yes dazed look at her, Lin Zaozao felt there were too many emotions in his eyes that she did not understand.

The most prominent one was a kind of innate sadness.

Brother Han Ye!

Lin Zaozao walked forward a few steps and murmured softly.

Zhu Zhu, my Zhu Zhu.

Han Ye walked woodenly to stand in front of Lin Zaozao, looking at her white clothes, his eyes were full of endless sadness.

Brother Han Ye...

Seeing the sadness in Han Ye's eyes, Lin Zaozao didn't know for a moment what he was recalling, his past life or the present one.

Zhu Zhu, let's go. Brother Han Ye will take you to change your clothes. We don't want to wear these disgusting white clothes ever again, we won't even touch them for the rest of our lives.

Speaking, Han Ye pulled Lin Zaozaos hand and walked towards the room. When they entered, a priest was holding a set of colorful clothes and handed it to Han Ye.

Chapter end

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