The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 204

Chapter 204

"Zhuzhu, shall we go change clothes, okay?"

Han Ye took Lin Zaozao's hand, his eyes full of pleading.

"Okay, Brother Han Ye. To be honest, I don't really like white clothes either. Wearing such white clothes, it's like the outfit of a professional mourner."

"Zhuzhu, don't talk nonsense."

Han Ye sternly rebuked.

Hearing Han Ye's sudden raised voice, Lin Zaozao's body shuddered violently. Seeing Lin Zaozao's surprised expression, Han Ye realized that he had been too excited just now.

This was Zhuzhu's second life, not her previous one.

The Zhuzhu from the previous life, dressed in white every day, sitting alone in that huge sacrificial hall, was like a soulless doll.

It would be better for her to die than to live like that.

But in her previous life, even death was not her choice to make.

Thinking of the previous life, Han Ye's eyes quickly turned bloodshot. To prevent Lin Zaozao from noticing his abnormality, he quickly lowered his head and said in a muffled voice.

"Zhuzhu, go change your clothes yourself, I'll be right back."

Han Ye had just finished speaking when he turned and darted away into the distance.

Watching Han Ye's departing figure, Lin Zaozao looked down again at the brightly colored dress in her hand.

The dress was very beautiful, the colors were also bright, they were indeed the colors she liked.

But when such bright colors were put together with the white dress she was wearing, it made Lin Zaozao feel terribly gaudy.

Outside the high walls was a colorful world, inside the high walls was a solemn white.


In an instant, countless images kept flashing through her mind.

White clothes, white curtains, white jade floors, white pillars, even the candles on the tables were white.

In the white hall, there was a young girl in white gauze clothes sitting in white gauze curtains, appearing clearly in Lin Zaozao's mind.

Just as Lin Zaozao was trying to see the face of that girl, her head suddenly throbbed violently. In an instant, it was as if countless needles were stabbing her brain, the pain made her almost unable to breathe.

White, white everywhere, like living in purgatory...

No feeling, no color, no sign of life.

Alive, struggle to stay alive.

Once she died, then everyone would have to die with her.

But who would have to die with her? Who?

Who exactly?

Who was it, outside the high walls, who had been silently protecting her all along?

It seemed like many people, but their faces were blurred.

She couldn't see them clearly!

Just as Lin Zaozao was holding her forehead, her psyche on the verge of collapse due to the white images in her mind, the voice of the system timely appeared in Lin Zaozao's mind.

[Host, get a grip quickly, don't think back to the past, hurry up...]

[System, it's all white, no other colors at all, so miserable, so cold...]

[Host, come back from the memories quickly. Host, get back to your senses quickly!

Damn it, what's going on? How did you suddenly recall the past? I sealed your memories, didn't I?

That bastard Han Ye, how did he bring you in front of the Dark Priest of the sacrificial hall?

Fuck! That dog Han Ye divined again. A half-baked diviner, divining ** everyday!

The seal has been loosened, he's going to get me killed!]

Listening to the irritable curses of the system in her mind, Lin Zaozao kept saying with her hand on her forehead:

"Too white, why is everything white? I don't like white, I hate white!

So cold, so quiet, why isn't there even a person here? It hurts so much! Save me, it hurts too much..."Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

At this point, Lin Zaozao's eyes were bloodshot, scanning the surroundings vacantly.

"Mistress, what's wrong with you?"

Matchless and Invincible noticed Lin Zaozao's abnormality and quickly surrounded her.

But when they got close to Lin Zaozao, they were both instantly repelled back a few steps by a surge of power emanating from her body.


Hearing Matchless and Invincible's anxious voices, Xiao Taohua, Ruo Qiu and Ji Fantian, dragging their heavy bodies, hurried over to Lin Zaozao.

"Zaozao, what's wrong with you?"

"What happened? What happened to Zaozao?"

"Ji Fantian, check on Zaozao quickly."

Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian and Xiao Taohua desperately tried to get close to Lin Zaozao. But they were blocked by a strange energy emanating from her body and couldn't approach her at all.

"White, white everywhere... no, there's red, it's blood, whose blood?

It hurts so much, I feel so cold, save me, someone save me, it really hurts so much!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's cries for help, Ruo Qiu's heart tightened. If he had known that a white garment would hurt Zaozao, he would never have let her wear this white dress no matter what.

Let her wear whatever she likes! If she likes colorful clothes then let her wear colorful ones!

"Where is the High Priest Han Ye! Go find him quickly! We simply can't get close to Zaozao."

Ruo Qiu anxiously yelled at the priests who wanted to pounce over.

[To ensure the host's safety, the system decides to forcibly erase the host's memories.

Three, two, one, erase the host's memories. Strengthen the seal.]

As soon as the system finished speaking, Lin Zaozao, who kept struggling, shuddered. Her eyes, which were bloodshot just now, slowly returned to black.

The next second, her eyes rolled back and she fainted directly.

When Lin Zaozao collapsed to the ground, Han Ye, who had rushed back, caught her in time.

"High Priest Han Ye, what happened to Zaozao just now? She kept crying for help, but we couldn't get close to her at all."

Ruo Qiu squeezed to Lin Zaozao's side, grabbed her hand and asked anxiously.

"Ruo Qiu, from today onwards, don't let Zhuzhu wear white anymore. Don't even let her touch it, never ever, understand?"

"Alright, I'll never let her wear white again. I won't even let her touch light colored clothes, let alone white ones."

"Also, don't look down on Zaozao's taste. If she likes to wear those colorful clothes, then cater to her preferences and prepare them for her in the future."

"Okay okay okay. As long as Zaozao likes it, no matter how flashy the clothes are I'll prepare them for her."

Ruo Qiu quickly agreed.

If he had known that a white garment would make Lin Zaozao so uncomfortable, how could he possibly let her wear it!

"Ji Fantian, Xiao Taohua, and Ruo Qiu, take care of things here after you return to the palace. I have orders for you."

"Yes, Prince Han Ye. But Zaozao..."

Facing the concerned gazes of Ruo Qiu and the other three, Han Ye heaved a long sigh and said,

"Zaozao will be fine. When Zaozao wakes up later, if she has forgotten about what happened just now, then don't mention a word of it to her."


Han Ye looked at the Divine Doctor Clan's people with a solemn expression and said,

"Gentlemen, it would be best to keep what happened just now permanently sealed inside your stomachs without mentioning a word.

If you dare tell others about what happened just now, don't blame me for being ruthless."

"Prince Han Ye, your subordinates dare not!"

The Divine Doctor Clan's men answered in chorus.

"That will do."

Han Ye held Lin Zaozao in his arms, looked up ahead and saw a four-person sedan descending from the sky.

He nodded to Ruo Qiu and the three others, directly carrying Lin Zaozao onto the sedan.

Matchless and Invincible swiftly chased after it after the sedan left. As for the four fat swans who were performing the Swan Dance, they were simply picked up and thrown onto the streets by four Dark Priests, leaving them to continue dancing. They would send someone to deal with them once they finished dancing.

As for how they would spend tonight after this, that remained a mystery.

Sitting in the palanquin on a cold night, Han Ye looked at the white clothes on Lin Zaozao's body. A flash of light glinted in his eyes, and with a sweep of his hand, the white clothes on Lin Zaozao's body instantly turned into shreds.

Looking at the shredded white clothes, Han Ye directly pulled over the colorful clothes placed to the side and slowly dressed them on Lin Zaozao.

Only after finishing dressing her did Han Ye heave a long sigh of relief.

His Zhuzhu, in this life, could only be colorful and sunny, not having half a moment of sorrow.

She could make trouble and laugh freely without restraining herself, going everywhere and causing all kinds of messes for him.

As long as she was willing, in this life, he was willing to follow behind her at all times to clean up the aftermath.

But Zhuzhu in this life, although she would be naughty and laugh, she never caused trouble.

She treated people and handled matters very sensibly.

She would say not to meddle too much in other people's business, but when someone needed help, she would instinctively go to assist others.

The things from her past life seemed to be engraved in her bones.

What Buddha could save all living beings?

But why couldn't the Buddha save himself!

From now on, those black and white clothes representing the priesthood could never be worn on Zhuzhu's body again.

If there was anything, he would carry it for Zaozao.

When Han Ye carried Lin Zaozao back to her bedchamber, Han Xibei was sitting on Lin Zaozao's bed at this time.

Seeing Lin Zaozao in Han Ye's arms, his brows were deeply furrowed.

"Brother, was the seal placed on Zaozao loosened? Didn't you say that before the time comes, try not to let Zaozao recall her previous life as much as possible?"

"Han Xibei, do you think we can control it? You and I know clearly in our hearts, who passed the power of sacrifice to us.

Us now, who has the ability to arbitrarily change the trajectory of fate. Once arbitrarily changed, the only one to be harmed would be Zaozao."

Hearing Han Ye's words, little Xibei's expression also involuntarily cooled down. He took Lin Zaozao from Han Ye's arms and looked at the colorful clothes she was wearing. He couldn't help sighing softly.

"Brother, Zaozao in this life, her aesthetic is really different from her in the previous life. The original her wore white clothes, gentle and tranquil. The present her likes bright colored clothes, with behavior and manners unrestrained and uninhibited."

"Han Xibei, did Zhuzhu in the previous life really like white clothes, really like being quiet, really like selflessly dedicating herself?

From young till grown up, her personality was so lively, do you think she really liked wearing white clothes all day, always staying in the empty Sacrificial Hall?"

Han Ye's icy voice brought Han Xibei back to his senses.

That's right! In the previous life, before she had truly lived in the Sacrificial Hall, she liked running everywhere with her younger brother, causing trouble everywhere.

But from when did she suddenly become quiet?

Chapter end

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