The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 205

Chapter 205

She changed out of her colorful attire, donning a white gown instead, sitting solemnly like a soulless doll in the sacrificial hall.

Day after day, year after year.

The white attire, though ethereal, lacked any hint of warmth in Zaozao's eyes.

Yes! In her past life, she claimed her most detested color was white.

Perhaps it was due to what she never obtained in her past life!

In this life, Zaozao fancied all sorts of exaggerated and vibrant colors. Even her personality had no resemblance to her past self.

Compared to the tranquility of her previous life, he always preferred the present Zaozao.

She was so lively, so vibrant...

"Han Xibei, it's been so long since Han Ye left. Have you tried divining his whereabouts?

With his strong divination abilities, Zaozao would surely be safer with him around." Han Ye asked coldly.

"I've tried, but the hexagrams are chaotic, impossible to interpret. Or perhaps, he's deliberately avoiding us, not giving us a chance to find him," Han Xibei replied irritably.

"Han Xibei, in our past life, the four of us were always together. In this life, from the moment we were born, we've been guarding Zaozao together.

Do you think he loves Zaozao any less than any of us? Do you think he could bear to be away from her?" Han Ye's words caused a slight freeze in Han Xibei's expression. He lowered his head, gazing at the sleeping Lin Zaozao.

Could it be?

"Brother, is this true? He, he's with Zaozao..."

"I'm not certain. But just now, I could distinctly feel his presence. If it weren't for him, Zaozao would have surely fallen into her past nightmares just now.

Given the time, if Zaozao fell into her past nightmares, even if she didn't die, she would surely go insane," Han Ye sighed.

"He's gone to such lengths for Zaozao! But brother, if he chooses that path, can he come back alive?"

"I don't know. To walk that path, one must abandon all worldly desires. We couldn't bear to forget Zaozao, so we firmly rejected that path back then.

But as for his choice, we can't say. After all, when he left years ago, he was so resolute," Han Ye's words momentarily threw Han Xibei into disarray.

He had always assumed that in this life, the man hadn't regained his memories, so he hadn't come looking for Zaozao until now.

But he hadn't expected that from the very beginning, he had been by Zaozao's side. The realization made Han Xibei's eyes well up with tears.

"Brother, if Zaozao were to regain her memories and know what he's done for her, do you think she could still find happiness?"

"Han Xibei, you really underestimate him. His schemes are no less than ours.

His style is to always leave himself an out. Otherwise, in our past life, how could he have overcome all obstacles to stay by Zaozao's side?

Han Xibei, do you think he loves Zhu Zhu so much that he would be willing to sacrifice himself for someone else?"


Upon hearing Han Ye's words, Han Xibei couldn't help but laugh lightly.

Indeed! That madman least likes to engage in losing transactions.

How could he sacrifice himself for someone else's benefit!

Moreover, his attachment to Zaozao had reached an obsessive level.

If what his brother said was true, then he should be the ultimate winner in the end!

However, could he really be ruthless to himself?

He forcibly separated his soul from his body, a pain that no one in this world could endure.

"Han Xibei, the relationship between Han Country and Canglan Country and Fengshuo Country is currently in a deadlock. Why did you come back to Canglan instead of planning for Zhu Zhu in Han Country?" Han Ye asked in a cold voice.

"Brother, I originally wanted to come back secretly to see Zhu Zhu. But unexpectedly, as soon as I sneaked into Zhu Zhu's sleeping palace, I felt the seal placed on Zaozao's body was loosening.

Brother, we need to expedite our actions and reclaim Canglan and Fengshuo. If we delay any longer, the empresses of Canglan and Fengshuo, due to Zaozao's return to Han Country, might really go insane.

Once they go mad, it will undoubtedly lead to more bloodshed. And the sins caused by those killings will be attributed to Zaozao."

"Don't rush now; I have a plan. Han Xibei, you must secretly return to Canglan now. In another month, Zhu Zhu will go to Canglan.

When Zhu Zhu arrives in Canglan, there will surely be a commotion due to Night Yi. Remember, unless absolutely necessary, do not easily get involved in the cause-and-effect relationship between Zhu Zhu and the empresses of Canglan and Fengshuo.

When facing Canglan and Fengshuo empresses with Zhu Zhu, we can only be observers and not participants."

"Brother, I understand. I'll leave now."

Han Xibei hugged Lin Zaozao again, kissed her forehead, and placed her on the bed.Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

"Brother, will you follow Zaozao to Canglan?"

Han Xibei asked in a gentle tone.

"Do you think I can easily leave the Sacrificial Hall before Zaozao kills those two madwomen from Canglan and Fengshuo?

If I leave the Sacrificial Hall, who will guard it for me? Is it you?"

Han Ye disdainfully said.

"Well then, brother, I'll go first. When Zaozao wakes up, don't tell her I came back."

"You don't need to instruct me; I won't tell Zhu Zhu you came back. Your presence or absence makes no difference."

Han Ye guarded Lin Zaozao, saying without lifting his head.

Watching Han Ye's indifferent and disdainful look, Han Xibei really wanted to go up, grab his collar, and ask if he was still his brother, how could he say such things.

But when Han Ye's impatient gaze swept towards him, the flame in Han Xibei's heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Forget it, he couldn't beat his brother, and couldn't escape either?

This national teacher of his was really a miserable laborer!

Day by day, working like a donkey, without even a moment of rest.

But every time, he would be looked down upon by his older brother. In this life and the previous one, his brother had never found him pleasing.

Humph! Whether he is pleased or not, does he really think that his opinion matters so much?

As Han Xibei, with a disgruntled expression, just stepped out of Lin Zaozao's palace in the chilly northwest, he was blocked by a massive sword.

"National Teacher!"

"Dashan, didn't you go out? Why are you standing here?"

Han Xibei looked puzzled as Dashan, with a sword towering over his neck, questioned him.

When Han Xibei saw the scrutinizing gaze from Dashan, he instinctively moved his neck backward.

Speaking of which, in this life, he, as the National Teacher, could be considered Dashan's half-master! However, Dashan, in front of his brother and Uncle Zhang, behaved like a docile cat. But when he was with Han Xibei, he always found trouble under the pretext of sparring.

Could it be that Dashan thought he was too easygoing, so he didn't take him seriously?

As Han Xibei tried to coldly reprimand Dashan, he was almost knocked out of breath by Dashan's sword slamming into his chest. His attempt to appear dignified vanished!

"Dashan, are you seeking death? Your heavy sword could have displaced my internal organs with just one hit."

"Humph! A troublemaker like you, if a gentle tap can kill you, I might as well give you a few more, so you won't have the energy to frolic around in front of me!"

Facing Dashan's provocative gaze, Han Xibei helplessly covered his chest and asked, "Dashan, can you just tell me directly why you're blocking me? What do you want me to do for you?"

Upon hearing Han Xibei's inquiry, Dashan immediately sheathed his giant sword, put on a fawning expression, and said cordially, "National Teacher, sir!"

"Dashan, just tell me what's going on. Seeing you like this gives me the chills."

Han Xibei took a step back, watching Dashan warily.

"National Teacher, it's like this. I heard that you obtained an extraordinary meteorite iron in Canglan Country. Could you give me a bit of it?"

"Dashan, how did you know I just got a meteorite iron? Besides, that piece is not big enough even for a dagger, what do you want it for?"

"Well, the young master doesn't have a defensive weapon. So, I was thinking... um..."

"Enough, don't say it. Fine, I'll send someone to deliver the meteorite iron to you in five days. Remember, make the defensive weapon well, preferably one that cuts without drawing blood. So it won't splatter and dirty my eyes prematurely."

"No problem, National Teacher. Even if you don't believe in Dashan's character, you should believe in my forging skills!"

Faced with Dashan's fawning smile, Han Xibei couldn't help but feel a bit helpless. With Dashan's massive stature, the fawning expression on his face just seemed awkward.

Wei sighed softly as Han Xibei prepared to pat Dashan's arm before leaving. However, to his surprise, Dashan easily dodged his touch as he attempted to pat his arm.

It was clear from Dashan's cold demeanor that he was disdainful.

"Master Guoshi, you go ahead with your business. I've prepared some food for Miss Lin, and it's almost ready. I'll be busy with that first."

Han Xibei held up his empty hand, watching Dashan's departing figure, and couldn't help but chuckle.

Poor Dashan, Wei thought. Clearly, Dashan disliked him, yet he had spent half the day bantering with him over that meteorite.

Turning back to glance at Lin Zaozao's sleeping quarters, Wei felt a pang of disappointment for reasons he couldn't quite explain. Oh well, perhaps it wasn't time for their fates to intertwine yet. He would just have to wait a little longer!

It was a pity, though. Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian, and Xiao Taohua would likely win Lin Zaozao's favor before him.

If it weren't for the issue with the seal, he would probably be holding the girl in his arms right now, lost in their own world!

When Lin Zaozao opened her eyes again, she found herself lying in Han Ye's embrace.

Looking at his sleeping face so close to hers, Lin Zaozao first stared in bewilderment, then directly cupped Han Ye's face and showered him with kisses.

Goodness gracious! Who could resist waking up to such a handsome face right in front of them!

"Zhu Zhu, you're awake. Are you feeling alright? Still have a headache?"

Facing Han Ye's inquiry, Lin Zaozao shook her head, indicating she was fine.

"Han Ye gege, how did I come back? Wasn't I changing clothes in the backyard of the pharmacy? How did I suddenly end up here?"

"Zhu Zhu, you've been overworking yourself lately, so you fainted while changing clothes in the room."

Han Ye gently stroked Lin Zaozao's face and said tenderly.

"Is that so? I didn't feel that tired. How did I faint? When did my body become so fragile?"

Lin Zaozao muttered softly, a mischievous glint appearing in her eyes.

"Han Ye~" she teased.

Chapter end

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