The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 341

Chapter 341

While Qian Duoduo and Mi Duoduo, who had been staying by Lin Zaozao's side all along, hurriedly ran over to Lin Zaozao, anxiously licking her face, hoping to wake her up.


Gu Shan, hidden in the shadows, looked at Lin Zaozao who had fainted on the ground, his face full of anxiety.

In desperation, he reached out to touch Lin Zaozao. But when his hand just touched Lin Zaozao's shoulder, the unconscious Lin Zaozao let out a muffled groan uncontrollably.

He was a nightmare, while Zaozao was the heir of the destiny of this world. The two of them were destined opposites, completely unable to touch each other casually.

With no other choice, Gu Shan could only ask Qian Duoduo and Mi Duoduo to watch over Lin Zaozao, while he rushed out of the Sacrificial Hall to find Han Ye, who hadn't gone far away.

Upon receiving the news, Han Ye, Han Xibei, Ruo Qiu, Xi Luo, Ji Fantian, and Chun Jun hurried to Lin Zaozao's palace.

After Ji Fantian and Chun Jun examined her pulse, they found no physical problems with Lin Zaozao.

Yet the reality was that her body was deteriorating day by day.

If this continued, she would be beyond cure.

"Your Highness Han Ye, if Zaozao hadn't saved me, her body wouldn't have deteriorated to this state.

Let me search for some precious herbs to nourish Zaozao. I don't believe I can't save Zaozao."

"Ruo Qiu, don't bother. Over the years, how many precious herbs have you found, but to what use?"

Chun Jun pulled Ruo Qiu, who was about to leave, and said irritably.

He and Ji Fantian were both skilled in medicine and poison, yet they had only made Lin Zaozao's condition worse after treating her for so many years.

Until now, they had almost drained her life force.

"I have searched through many medical books, but why can't I find Zaozao's illness? I've been so carefully nurturing her body, but why is she getting worse and worse?"

Ji Fantian knelt beside Lin Zaozao's bed, looking at her pale face, and murmured softly.

"Han Ye, could it be that Sister's condition is due to the sacrificial rumors in the Kingdom of Han?

As she grows older, the sacrifice in the Kingdom of Han automatically extracts her health and destroys her body?"

Xi Luo's words made Han Ye and Han Xibei stunned.

That's right! Senior Priest Mingyue had told them before his death that the mission of the female priestesses throughout the generations was to sacrifice themselves for the Kingdom of Han.

But over the years, they had never let Lin Zaozao make any sacrifices!

Han Ye and Han Xibei looked at Lin Zaozao's pale face, but they were helpless.

"I've fed Zaozao ginseng pills to temporarily stabilize her condition. Everyone, don't stay here anymore, go out!"

Ji Fantian put Lin Zaozao's hand under the blanket and could only walk out helplessly.

He and Chun Jun had been treating Lin Zaozao for so many years, but her illness had only worsened.

Sometimes, they really doubted their medical skills.

As Lin Zaozao's body grew weaker, the royal palace of the Kingdom of Han became more and more lively.

And that liveliness was brought by Princess Ye Hui of the Canglan Country and Princess Qian Xue of the Fengshuo Country.

They believed that their marriages to Han Ye and Han Xibei were all but certain.

So they flaunted their authority as the leading ladies, commanding everyone in the palace.

Until one day, they personally went to Lin Zaozao's Sacrificial Hall.

Lin Zaozao looked at the two bold and glamorous girls before her, and learned from their mouths that they were Princess Ye Hui of the Canglan Country and Princess Qian Xue of the Fengshuo Country.

True to being princesses, the arrogant and unrestrained aura they exuded was something Lin Zaozao, frail and weak in body, particularly envied.

How long ago was it when Lin Zaozao was also such a carefree person, enjoying causing mischief everywhere?

But now...

Heh heh!

"So you're the great Priestess Mingzhu of the Kingdom of Han?"

Qian Hui looked at the dignified Lin Zaozao sitting in the chair, her tone laced with inexplicable envy and more arrogance.

"I am Mingzhu," Lin Zaozao replied calmly.

"So you, Han Ye, and Han Xibei are childhood friends?"

Princess Qian Xue scrutinized Lin Zaozao from top to bottom, as if appraising an object.

Although dignified in demeanor, Lin Zaozao was extremely thin, without an ounce of flesh. Her sickly appearance made her as insignificant as the system had described.

"You could say that!"

"Either it is or it isn't. What are you pretending for?"

That Princess Qian Hui looked at Lin Zaozao disdainfully.

Did this so-called Heir of Destiny think she was something extraordinary in this world? But the result was the expressionless, wooden face before her.

"Your Highnesses, regardless of my relationship with Brother Han Ye and Brother Han Xibei, it has nothing to do with you two.

Your Highnesses, if you have no other business, please leave!"

Lin Zaozao frowned and directly ordered them to leave.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's cold expression, Princess Qian Hui walked up to her and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Priestess Mingzhu, hasn't the system on your body told you to help us win the hearts of Han Ye, Han Xibei, and others?

Oh! I almost forgot. Not just Han Ye and Han Xibei, but also Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu, Chun Jun, and your brother Xi Luo.

Of course, we can't leave out your bodyguard, Gu Shan. After all, he's also the heir of the destiny of this world, isn't he!

Such a handsome man, how could you let him go to waste?"

Ye Hui's words made Lin Zaozao's expression freeze. She looked up at Ye Hui's smug face in shock.

"You, you're also a transmigrator."

"Yes! And not just me, Qian Xue is also a transmigrator.

The systems on our bodies said that as long as we obtain those men around you, we'll not only have power and wealth, but also eternal youth and immortality in this world.

With those, what kind of man can't we have?

When Han Ye, Han Xibei, and the others grow old, we'll be able to devour their destinies as well.

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"Eternal life? I see you're deluding yourself. They say a king for a thousand years, a turtle for ten thousand years. If you two want eternal life, you might as well become eunuchs.

I don't need a system, I'll naturally let you two live forever. Still want to absorb the aura from Brother Han Ye and the others? I think you're just asking to eat **!"

Lin Zaozao's loud, mocking voice didn't make Ye Hui and Qian Xue angry. Instead, the two girls sneered rudely.

"Mingzhu, as fellow dimensional travelers, we'll tell you now. The system has informed us that if you dare not cooperate with us, it will punish you.

Don't believe me? Try it and see!"

As Lin Zaozao looked at the two girls with suspicion, that demon-like system appeared in her mind again.

[Host, the two people before you are the first and second female leads of this world.

Please cooperate with them and help them quickly get together with their destined male leads.]

[Who are their destined male leads?]

[Princess Ye Hui's destined male lead is Han Ye, Princess Qian Xue's destined male lead is Han Xibei.

After they marry Han Ye and Han Xibei, they will gradually be together with Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian, Chun Jun and others, becoming the children of fate in this world and reaching the pinnacle of their lives.]

[Go to hell with your so-called pinnacle of life! You're just a freaking lunatic.

A lunatic who brought along two pieces of trash with holes in their brains. Wanting eternal life is simply a pipe dream!]

Lin Zaozao looked at the smug girls before her, but in her mind she rudely cursed at the dog system.

[Host, for insulting this system, this system will now give you a humane punishment.]

[Good! Just kill me! I don't want to live anymore. Dying would be a relief.

Even if I can't go home after death, at least I won't have to put up with your bull** anymore!]


[What's the matter? Not talking now? Weren't you going to kill me? Go ahead and do it!]

[Host, since you're not afraid of death now, does that mean you're not afraid of others' life and death either? As a small punishment for the host, this system will now use your pets Qian Duoduo and Mi Duoduo to teach you a small lesson!]

Chapter end

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