The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 192

Chapter 192

"What! Why would she do that? A thousand children, aren't those lives? Although she is the Empress of Canglan, how could she be more evil than a demon!

The populations of Canglan and Fengshuo have been declining year after year, and the birth rate has been getting worse every year.

Now that it has come to this, how can they still go to harm those young children."

"I don't know either. Father, I tried to find many excuses for my Queen Mother to exonerate her from the sins she committed.

But Father, I can't find any excuses to exonerate my Queen Mother."

Ye Yi raised his head, stared blankly at Luo Xuan, his voice almost inaudible.

"Father, perhaps, my Queen Mother is just a born evil breed!"

"A born evil breed! That's right! She is just a born evil breed.

She has now become the Empress of Canglan, sitting at the top of tens of thousands of people, what else is she not satisfied with?"

Luo Xuan muttered unconsciously with lifeless eyes, but his eyes turned red involuntarily. Seeing Ye Yi's fragile state at this time, Luo Xuan forced himself to cheer up.

He couldn't fall down, he was Ye Yi's father, he must protect his only remaining child.

Forcing himself to be spirited, Luo Xuan carried the guard who had fallen on the ground and walked towards the guest room.ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

Ye Yi watched his father's lonely back, and suddenly a sense of powerlessness came over his heart.

He was a big man in vain, yet he couldn't even protect his father well, let alone protect his father's clan.

Now, he still has to drag down his wife.

Thinking of the way he jumped up and down to say goodbye to him in Shuizhuang Village,

Zaozao was so lively and bright at that time, and was full of countless hopes for his future.

No, nothing can happen to Zaozao.

His wife can only live in the sunshine, not rot with him in this bottomless quagmire.

If it really came to the day when he had to make a choice, then he would take his Queen Mother with him to hell!

On the road to the underworld, he would accompany her to fulfill his obligation of raising him.

As long as his Queen Mother died, the Empress of Fengshuo would not be feared. By then, no one would dare to hurt Zaozao again.

Thinking of this, Ye Yi's eyes were full of determination.

After arranging the four guards in the room, Ye Yi turned around and walked towards the back hall of the palace.

In the backyard of Feixu Hall, rows of coffins were placed densely, with many gems inlaid on the coffins. Those colorful gems formed a strange pattern on the coffins.

That is, the worship pattern.

So many coffins inlaid with gems placed together give people a weird and creepy feeling visually.

When people look at it for too long, it's as if they feel they are in hell.

Most importantly, the people lying in the coffins were not dead, but could no longer live.

They are like the living dead, lying quietly in the coffins without eating or drinking, motionless.

Ye Yi dragged his heavy steps and walked to the coffin in the center, the most luxurious one. He gently opened the lid of the coffin and looked inside.

Lying inside was a girl who looked only fifteen years old.

Although she looked only fifteen or sixteen years old, her peerless beauty could already be seen from her slightly immature face.

This is Canglan's Princess, his blood-related elder sister, Princess Ye Xi.

As the princess of a country, she should have had a brilliant and happy life. But she was poisoned by her own Queen Mother, freezing her life forever on her fifteenth birthday.

Ye Yi reached out and gently stroked Ye Xi's face. Except for being a little cold, the skin was no different from a living person's.

Looking at Princess Ye Xi who is in deep sleep now, it can't be said that she is dead.

It's just that his elder sister has become a living dead, never growing up, and never waking up again.

"Sister, I came to see you. You told me to protect my clan well, protect my father well, and protect little Nuo well.

But sister, after you were poisoned, all the other people in our Baichi clan were forced to drink poison by my Queen Mother.

Even Nuo and I couldn't escape.

But sister, Nuo is now with Zaozao. With Zaozao protecting him, Nuo will definitely live a long life.

Nuo is still alive, but I dare not tell my father. My father will definitely be noticed by my Queen Mother if there is the slightest abnormality in his expression.

I don't dare take the risk, sister.

I'm going to make my father sad.

Sister, in a while, I will take my mother with me to accompany you. You must have been lonely lying here for so long.

Sister, my Queen Mother wants to kill Zaozao. Zaozao is the only light in my life, I can't let anything happen to her.

I tried very hard to change my fate. But the result is that I am not ruthless enough, so I can't defeat my mother, I can't let go of our Baichi clan.

I'm so tired, sister! Why weren't we born in an ordinary family? Why do we have such a mother? Why, sister?

Why can't she love us well? Even if she doesn't love us, why does she want to hurt us? Aren't we her own children?"

The only response to Ye Yi was endless tranquility and loneliness.

Getting no response, Ye Yi wiped the tears from his face. He took another look at the girl lying in the coffin, then closed the lid again.

He walked to the corner of the palace, where a haggard figure was curled up.

And this figure was probably the only person in this deathly palace who could open his eyes.

It's just that living is painful for this person.

Ye Yi walked over to him and looked at the blood caused by the Stygian iron chain locked around his feet. Ye Yi took out the medicine from his arms and skillfully applied medicine to his wounds.

"Ye Yi, you shouldn't have come here. I will hurt you if I go mad."

The man lowered his head, his voice almost inaudible.

"Master, I'm sorry, it's my fault. If it wasn't for me, if it wasn't for the Baichi clan, you should still be a carefree sword immortal on Nine Sky Mountain instead of becoming what you are now."

"Ye Yi, you can't blame yourself for this. Who could have imagined that your mother, the Empress of Canglan, would be a devil to the bone! Ye Yi, if I really can't control myself, just kill me!

Living now is too painful for me. Unfortunately, I can never see him again..."

"Master, I'm sorry. I know you are in great pain while living, but I just can't do it!

Master, I beg you. Don't die, can you stay with me for a few more days, okay?

You haven't waited for your lover to come find you yet! He gave up so much for you, maybe he is already on his way to find you.

If he comes back and sees your stiff corpse, how heartbroken would he be!"

"Will he come back? When we parted so decisively back then, will he forgive me?"

"He will, master. He left his clan for you. He won't resent you over such a trivial matter."

"But Ye Yi, I can't wait any longer, I don't want to wait for him either. The palace is a man-eating monster. I can't pull him into the mouth of the monster.

Like me, what he always longs for is freedom. But now, I have lost my freedom. I can't make him lose his freedom too."

"No, master. I, I will find a way."

Ye Yi choked back his sobbing as he carefully applied medicine to him.

Hearing Ye Yi's choking back sobs, the man finally raised his head slowly.

He hadn't seen Ye Yi's face for a long time. The once sunny and cheerful child now had a careworn look on his face that had been tortured by life.

Seeing the tears on Ye Yi's face, the emaciated man wanted to raise his hand to wipe away his tears.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't lift it up.

His arms were already wasted.

The once sword immortal who stood on Nine Sky Mountain was now nothing more than a dying cripple.

A cripple who no longer has the necessity to live.

"Ye Yi, just kill me! Living like this now is too painful for me."

Facing Master's pleading voice, Ye Yi just shook his head helplessly. His once carefree Master didn't deserve this kind of ending. If he were to die, he should have died in that pure land on Nine Sky Mountain, not in this palace full of filth.

"Little Yi, you know clearly in your heart that we have no hope left. So, kill me!!!"

Facing Master's plea again and looking at the bloody red in the Sword Immortal's eyes, Ye Yi thought of how his dad would definitely not live after he died too.

If dad died, then who would be left to take care of his master?

Rather than letting Master live in pain, he might as well send Master away first!

So Ye Yi wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, closed his eyes, took out a knife from his waist, and stabbed it towards his master's heart.

But when the knife was about to pierce into the Sword Immortal's chest, Ye Yi's hand was blocked by someone.

Ye Yi opened his eyes to see his master's eyes bloodshot red. His crippled arm now erupted with endless strength, slapping towards Ye Yi's chest.

With one slap, Ye Yi's body was sent flying far away.

"You dare try to kill me? I am the Sword Immortal of Nine Sky Mountain, the head of the Nine Sky Sword Sect. Child, you dare kill me? I will take your life!"

Lying on the ground, Ye Yi looked at his now deranged master, spitting out blood, his eyes full of grief.

Just as Sword Immortal's palm was about to hit Ye Yi's chest, he was pulled back by the chains around his feet.

"Master, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's my fault, it's all my fault. You don't deserve this, you don't..."

Ye Yi propped himself up and knelt on the ground, continuously kowtowing to Sword Immortal.

But what use was his kowtowing? With Master in this state, what could he even do to redeem the situation?

Just as Ye Yi was helplessly kowtowing to the frenzied Sword Immortal, Little Xibei, dressed in white clothes, appeared like a ghost next to Sword Immortal.

His eyes were cold as he looked at Sword Immortal who had lunged towards him. His fan slapped mercilessly towards Sword Immortal's neck.

In the next moment, the still frenzied Sword Immortal collapsed limply to the ground like mud, unable to move.

"State Preceptor, my master..."

"Third Prince, I've only knocked him unconscious, he isn't dead yet!"

Little Xibei bent down and put his hand on Sword Immortal's wrist. After a while, he removed his fingers.

As he had expected, the main reason Sword Immortal had not fallen into endless slumber like a corpse in a coffin was because the inner power in his body was too deep, able to resist the poison in him.

Or rather, the curse!

Unfortunately, Sword Immortal's luck was too pure. It conflicted with the curse on his vitality, which led him to sometimes become maniacal.

"State Preceptor, don't you have the power to reach heaven? Can you please, for old times' sake, tell me when my tribulation will end?

I'm so tired. I really, can't go on..."

Chapter end

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