The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 210

Chapter 210

Han Ye, its possible that after October, we may all be with child?

Ji Fantian said with a light laugh.

A child? Is Zhu Zhu pregnant? Why are you two checking each others pulses? Han Ye asked puzzledly.

Han Ye, its not that shes already pregnant early on. But rather, its very likely, that after last night, we may end up pregnant.

Although the pulses arent very noticeable, but most likely, after what happened last night, we may end up pregnant.

Ji Fantians words made Han Yes eyes open wide in shock.

He looked at his own stomach, his eyes full of disbelief.

This world was different from his previous life. In his previous life, it was indeed possible for men to become pregnant and give birth.

But in this world that he was now living in, it required women to become pregnant and give birth. Since this was the case, how could he possibly become pregnant!

Could it be, because of Lin Zaozao...

That makes sense, with her capabilities, making men pregnant probably wouldnt be difficult for her.

Han Ye looked at Lin Zaozaos sleeping face, although there was slight shock on his face, at that moment, his heart was instead stirred up by waves as tall as ten thousand feet.

Ji doctor, you didnt get the pulse reading wrong?

The usually calm Han Ye incredulously asked at this time.

Checked it over and over, my pulse readings are not wrong. Its likely that after October, we may give birth to children.

Ji Fantian affirmatively said.

Fantian, were all men, how could we possibly give birth? In all my years, other than hearing that men who used fertility gu worms could get pregnant, but we didnt even use any fertility gu worms! Ruo Qiu asked in disbelief.

I also dont know. Clearly yesterday when I took all of your pulses, there were no anomalies.

But after what happened last night, anomalies appeared in our pulses.

Most importantly, without any warning, birth sacks that could nourish offspring appeared in all four of our bodies.

With the birth sacks, we can become pregnant and give birth, so whats strange about that?

Hearing Ji Fantians well-reasoned analysis, Ruo Qiu cast his gaze of shock towards Lin Zaozao.

What medicine did this little girl take last night? Otherwise, how could this little girl make them, four grown men, become capable of bearing children after just one night?

But when Han Ye and the others looked questioningly towards Lin Zaozao, when they saw her cute and lovable baby face, and recalled her fierce vigor last night.

They didnt know how to ask her at that moment.

Under the shocked gazes of Han Ye and the others, Lin Zaozao, who was having a nice dream, was woken up by the systems incessant urging.

Host, silly host, hurry and wake up! This system has a special reward to give you!

Special reward!

Upon hearing there was a special reward, Lin Zaozao instantly woke up. She bolted straight up in bed, staring straight ahead, impatiently asking in her mind.

What reward?

Its the reward that the host likes best, ten bottles of super fetal protection little pills!

Fetal protection pills? Am I pregnant?

Lin Zaozao touched her belly, asking in disbelief.

Just one night and she was already with child. That was way too quick.

Its not you, its the four handsome fellows sitting across from you. After you worked the fields so diligently last night, all four of your little husbands are now with child.

Host, quickly give these super fetal protection little pills that the system has gifted you to your little husbands. So their bodies will become healthier, and will be able to better bear children for you!

Hearing the systems wicked voice, Lin Zaozao blankly looked at the four beautiful husbands sitting on the edge of her bed, their expressions varied.

System, you didnt get it wrong! Han Ye and them are men! Since ancient times, Ive never heard of men who can give birth!

Also, do men have things like uteruses? How can you make them pregnant? If they get pregnant, how will they give birth?

Host, your little husbands can have children, you have the virility little pills that the system gave you to thank for that.

Just one little pill, which allowed you to work the fields vigorously all night, can result in a fourfold harvest.

As for the uterus and giving birth issues, let me tell you now. The virility little pill I gave you is actually a divine medicine from another dimension.

As long as the host eats it and has intercourse with a man, it can quickly make the man develop something like a uterus.

As for how to give birth? Sorry, this system has never given birth before, so Im not clear. In any case, wait until ten months later, the host can see it for herself!

How is it? Host, arent you so shocked by this sudden surprise that youve become a little mentally discombobulated?

Hearing the systems proud voice, Lin Zaozao raised her head, gazing blankly at Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua and Han Yes expressions.

Upon seeing their penetrating gazes, Lin Zaozao subconsciously laid back down in bed.

Play dead!

Crap, she was so talented, she could actually make men become pregnant! And in just one night, she made all four of her little husbands pregnant.

Her effectiveness, her ox-like production rate, was simply outstanding!

System, since I ate that virility little pill, will it also make Fang Yi, Gu Shan and them get pregnant in the future when I take them to bed?

It will! Of course it will! It definitely will!

But system, you said before that if you made men give birth youd be punished by the Heavenly Dao, so how is it okay now?

The virility little pill is also under the permission of the Heavenly Dao, it gave it to me, and then I passed it to you, so it doesnt count as doing wrong! Besides, I only had one virility little pill, not a whole bunch.

Just letting a few men give birth wont catch the attention of the Heavenly Dao. So host, for the enduring legacy of your Han kingdom in the future, you definitely have to keep working the fields night after night, and have all the sons and grandsons you could want!

Descendants as abundant as the rolling waves of the river, endless and boundless. Keep up the good work, let your husbands give birth litter after litter of children!

System, please stop talking. Quickly leave, I need to think about how exactly I should coax my little husbands.

Then host, keep up the good work playing turtle! Remember to let your husbands eat those fetal protection pills. If they finish them, remember to ask the system for more.

The system has an unlimited free supply of fetal protection pills here. Hahaha......in another few months, the system wants to see your husbands with big bellies!

La la la la la, la la la la...... Han Ye is going to have a baby! La la la la......

Scram, scram! Stop going la la la! Motherf**ker system, look at the mess youve created! Even if you wanted Han Ye and the others to have kids, shouldnt you at least immunize me against this kind of surprise first?

Now what, I dont even know how to explain this to Han Ye and the others.

What is there to explain! Since you already planted your seed in their bellies. Foolish host, Im leaving now! You field plowing battle idiot host!

Scram! You heartless system hound!!!


After the systems la la la voice faded away from Lin Zaozaos mind, Lin Zaozao slowly opened one eye, carefully observing the expressions of Xiao Taohua and the others.

Lin Zaozao, are you going to keep pretending to sleep?

Hearing Xiao Taohuas angry voice, Lin Zaozao immediately sat up from within her blankets, assuming an extremely proper kneeling position in the center of the bed.

Right now she looked exactly like a child who knew she was in trouble, obediently waiting for the adults to decide on her punishment.

Zaozao, we have become pregnant, did you know?

Xiao Taohua asked in a calm tone of voice.

Although Xiao Taohua's tone was very calm, Lin Zaozao could clearly hear the sound of him grinding his teeth.

Hearing the "gege" sound of him grinding his teeth, Lin Zaozao felt that even the cold sweat on top of her head could wash her face.

It's understandable too, for a grown man to suddenly have a child in his belly overnight, it's understandable for him to have some irritation.

"Lin Zaozao, tell me, did you know about this or not?" Xiao Taohua asked again.

"Xiao Taohua, I, I just found out about it too. But Xiao Taohua, this pregnancy and giving birth, whether it's you or me, isn't it all the same!

No matter who gives birth, the child will still be ours!

And with you giving birth personally, you certainly don't have to worry about the child belonging to someone else. A child born from your own belly, you can be most at ease about that.

Xiao Taohua, as for caring for the child, I, Lin Zaozao, swear that I will definitely be a capable and responsible mother in the future.

If you tell me to go east, my feet will absolutely not move one step west. If you tell me to eat salt, I absolutely won't drink a single grain of rice."

As she spoke, Lin Zaozao immediately knelt next to Xiao Taohua and diligently massaged his shoulders and pounded his back.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's fawning and obsequious manner at this time, Xiao Taohua's gloom that had yet to fully form instantly disappeared.

Oh well, giving birth is always a matter of life and death for women. Now that he could give birth on behalf of his wife, why should he be unhappy about it?

But this little girl in front of him was too rash in doing things, if he didn't teach her a good lesson, she might suffer losses in the future.

So Xiao Taohua quickly hid the smile in his eyes. He leaned on Lin Zaozao and pointed at his own waist,

"You tossed me around all night last night, my waist is so sore. Little one, massage big brother's waist properly."

"Sure, sure! No problem."

Following the direction Xiao Taohua was pointing, Lin Zaozao immediately stepped forward and diligently massaged Xiao Taohua's waist.

Before Lin Zaozao could finish massaging Xiao Taohua's waist, Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu and Han Ye exchanged glances, then a trace of schadenfreude appeared in their eyes at the same time.

"Zao Zao, my waist hurts too, massage me too!"

"Zhu Zhu, you injured my arm last night, come and press it for me."

"Zao Zao, my back feels a little uncomfortable, come and pound it for me."

Ruo Qiu, Han Ye and Ji Fantian spoke one after another.FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

"Oh oh oh! Coming, everyone, wait a moment, I'll be right there."

So Lin Zaozao immediately knelt in front of Han Ye and the others, and diligently served her four "frail and delicate" gentlemanly husbands like a hardworking little honeybee.

She deserved to feel tired now, for messing up their bellies last night!

After all, her little husbands would be suffering greatly over the next ten months.

Lin Zaozao truly never imagined that one day she would make all four of her little husbands pregnant at the same time overnight.

This feat could simply be described as unprecedented and unrepeatable.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's diligent, fawning manner, Han Ye and the others could no longer maintain their pretended stern expressions, and broke into smiles.

When massaging Han Ye's arm, Lin Zaozao noticed the smiles appearing on their faces, and she couldn't help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief.

Phew! It seemed she had passed this hurdle!

Seeing Lin Zaozao's attempt to secretly relax, Han Ye put his arm around her waist and asked doubtfully,

"Zhu Zhu, could you explain to us what happened last night? It's indeed a bit unbelievable that you got us all pregnant overnight."

"Brother Han Ye, last night I obtained an invigorating and nutritious pill, which was originally intended for my precious Fan Tian to take.

But unexpectedly, I ended up taking it myself. After eating that little pill, I suddenly felt a flame burst forth in my body.

So after tiring out Fan Tian to the point he passed out, I'm sure you all know what happened next."

Hearing Lin Zaozao speak in an increasingly low voice, Han Ye's eyes seemed to want to see through her body to gaze at someone else.

Unfortunately he couldn't make out anything.

Chapter end

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