The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 214

Chapter 214

The six children squatting in the bushes were about seven or eight years old.

The six children squatted in the bushes like puppets, with dull expressions on their faces.

Those children were dirty all over, with smudges all over their faces. They squatted in the bushes like six kittens, their bodies curled up tightly.

At this moment, the only thing Lin Zaozao could see clearly was those six pairs of golden blue heterochromia.

The moment her eyes met those six pairs of golden blue heterochromia, Lin Zaozao was suddenly reminded of when she first saw Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan.

When she first saw Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan, they were also covered in dirt, with thorns all over their bodies to protect themselves.

But the six children in front of her, their eyes were dull, with no trace of emotion in them.

When their gazes met hers, they just squatted on the ground motionless.

Were these six children really the "little poison humans" the System was talking about?

System, are you sure you didn't get it wrong! Are these six kids really "little poison humans"? Why do they look so blank and silly?

Most importantly, they are so young. Can six kids this little really kill everyone in an entire army camp?

That's right, host. These six children are "little poison humans". Your two younger brothers, Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan, also came out half-finished from Purgatory Valley.

Even with the poison in their bodies, they were assimilated by the Giant Wolf Pack and gained wolf poison. That's why they still had their own consciousness when they met you.

But the six children squatting in front of you now are successful experiments. They have no minds of their own anymore, they just follow orders like puppets to complete the tasks assigned by their masters.

Host, I have temporarily blocked their master's control over them.

But when the time comes, as soon as these six children hear the voice that can command them, they will go to the military camp and self-destruct.

System, how can I save them?

Host, transfer the poison in their bodies. This system will provide you with small medicinal pills as appropriate to treat them.

Hearing the sadness in the System's voice, Lin Zaozao asked puzzledly.

System, I want to save them now because when I saw their eyes, they reminded me of my two younger brothers Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan.

So why do you insist on saving them?

Host, I'm sorry, this system cannot tell you the reason for now. But host, I beg you, if you encounter such "little poison humans" again in the future, please be merciful and save them! They have suffered too much.

Don't worry, I won't let you pay any price to save them. Saving them will only benefit you, no harm at all.

Alright! Considering how long we've been together, I don't mind being a humanitarian for free.

But System, if I approach them directly, won't they reject me? After all, when I saved Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan, they bit me hard on the wrist.

Host, they have lost their own free will now. But you are the only person they won't reject or retaliate against, let alone harm.

So you can boldly approach and touch them, and transfer the disease from their bodies. After you help them, they will definitely help you in the future.

Fine! It sounds lucrative, so I'll help them out!

Lin Zaozao slowly squatted on the ground, vigilantly watching these six children curled up into a ball.

Or rather, just six children who hadn't grown up yet.

She heaved a long sigh, then tentatively took a step towards those six kids.

As Lin Zaozao approached, those six children still squatted there motionless, without even the slightest reaction.

Seeing no reaction from them, Lin Zaozao relaxed a little. As long as they didn't reject her approaching, she could transfer the poison from their bodies.

By the time Lin Zaozao slowly walked up to one of the children, her eyes couldn't help but widen in shock.

Just now, because it wasn't completely bright out yet, plus these six children were squatting, she didn't notice that the grass under their feet had withered and turned yellow.

Such powerful poison, could she get close?

Host, boldly approach them. I told you before, because you've been drinking marrow-washing liquid for a long time, your body now fears no toxins.

So the poison in these six children's bodies will not harm you at all.

Alright, I got it.

After psyching herself up, Lin Zaozao tentatively reached out a hand.

After all, when she was saving those two brats Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan, they had bitten her hard.

Although it wasn't a serious injury, it still hurt!

But when Lin Zaozao's hand touched the child's hand, the child just glanced blankly at her hand, then looked up with innocent golden-blue heterochromia eyes, gazing ignorantly at Lin Zaozao's face.

At this moment, the previously dull look in his eyes actually radiated a glimmer of hope. This change in the child made Lin Zaozao's mood inexplicably complicated.

After Lin Zaozao transferred some of the illness from the child's body, the random two-choice reward given to her by the system was a super detoxification pill and a revitalization pill.

System, I know what the super detoxification pill is for. But what does the revitalization pill do?

Host, the super detoxification pill can remove 99% of the poison in that child's body. When they interact with others, they won't hurt themselves or easily hurt others.

As for the revitalization pill, it can give these six children their own minds again and regain their sanity. However host, you can only choose one of the two pills.

However host, I still recommend you give them the super detoxification pill first to save their lives. As for their minds, let them recover slowly, there's no rush.

Okay, then I choose the super detoxification pill.

Lin Zaozao looked at the child still squatting motionless on the ground after getting the super detoxification pill from the system.

She first placed the little pill at the edge of his mouth to prompt him to open his mouth. But the child just stared blankly at her, not understanding to open his mouth at all.

After thinking about it, Lin Zaozao forcibly pried open his mouth with her hand and stuffed the little pill in.

One pill down the hatch, the child blinked at her, then immediately collapsed on the ground, fainted, his body emitting wisps of black smoke.

You shameless system, is this a detox pill or a deadly pill? Not only did he pass out after eating it, why is his whole body emitting black smoke?

Host, they've been soaking in toxins to grow up since they were young. Now that you've suddenly removed 99% of the toxins in their bodies, of course their bodies will show rejection reactions. After they wake up, they will be fine.

After hearing the System's words, Lin Zaozao glanced at the child lying on the ground before shifting her gaze to the other five children.

With the first child as a precedent, feeding the medicine to the remaining five went quite smoothly.

Because these five children were truly very cooperative with her.

The smooth process made Lin Zaozao feel that they were not what the System said, children without minds of their own.

When these six children had all passed out, Lin Zaozao belatedly noticed that both of her cuffs had turned pitch black from touching them.

No wonder the system called them little poisoners!

The poison was so potent that just a light touch corroded Lin Zaozao's clothes to this extent.

Yet the poison came from the bodies of these six children. How unbearable must their bodies feel!

To have such potent toxins in their bodies and still be alive, one can only imagine the hardship they have endured.

The toxins in these children's bodies are dangerously potent. Lin Zaozao is unafraid for herself, but if she were to bring them back with her and they came into contact with others, it could easily cost those people their lives.

[Host, not far from here is a stagnant pond. It would help if you carried these children there several times and washed them in it.

If you wash away the toxins they are emitting externally, they will no longer be able to inadvertently harm others with simple contact.]

[Alright, I'll go there now.]

Lin Zaozao immediately stood up, picked up one child with one hand, and headed towards the pond the System indicated.

She ran back and forth three times until she had carried all six children there. Seeing they were all young, Lin Zaozao had no qualms about stripping them.

Even if they were older, she would have had no hesitation.

She was saving lives now, a noble act! Besides, the six scrawny brats were as thin as rails, hardly a sight worth seeing!

When she had tossed all six naked runts into the small pond, the previously still water started boiling vigorously, like water coming to a rolling boil when dumplings are added. Before Lin Zaozao could even make a move, the once clear pond water had turned ink green in the blink of an eye.

As the water roiled, the pondside greenery visibly rapidly withered to yellow at a shocking pace.

Witnessing this, Lin Zaozao marveled again at the potency of the toxins in the children's bodies.

To have survived being infected with such deadly poisons, they truly enjoyed heavenly blessings!

When the boiling subsided, Lin Zaozao went to the water's edge, picked up one of the children leaning against the bank, and started scrubbing him clean.

When she had washed one child relatively clean, she carried him out and set him aside. After going through all six, Lin Zaozao felt sweat soaking her back.

Exhausted, she sprawled on the ground beside the six naked waifs.

After a short rest, she removed her cloak and covered them with it.

[Host, the toxin levels in this stagnant pond water are dangerously high. You need to neutralize the toxins.]

[Damn it, stupid System, why do you always make me do so much extra work! I'm exhausted to death, I'm not doing anything else. Find someone else.]

[My dear sweet host, I beg you! Take pity on this pitiful, helpless System and help me out, okay? Pretty please~~]

[Alright alright, shut it with the wheedling! I'll help, I'll help already! So how does one neutralize the toxins?]

[A level 5 Antidote Pill will do the trick!]

[Tsk, silly System, easy for you to say! Last time when I asked you for a level 5 Antidote Pill to cure the plague, you wanted 100jin of my precious fat in exchange.

Well, I'm not feeling that charitable this time for the sake of this filthy pond.

Besides, I don't even weigh 100jin right now. If I gave all that up, there'd be nothing left of me. I'd die die die!

So System, find another fatso to help you!]Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

Chapter end

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