The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 222

Chapter 222

Lin Zaozao listened to the smug voice of the system, feeling confused and puzzled in her heart.T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

[How can I strangle a ghost by myself? Isn't this a bit far-fetched?!]

[How is it far-fetched? You can even travel through worlds. Strangling a soul from another world now, how can that be far-fetched.]

The system said indifferently.

[System, you just said she stayed in this world to take revenge on me, but system, I haven't even seen her before, so how can there be any enmity between us that would make her want to take revenge on me to this extent?]

[Host, it's not because you were so bad that she wanted to take revenge on you. You have to know, in this world, there is a kind of person who is just born bad.

When she dislikes or hates someone else, there is simply no reason at all. This soul from another world wants to harm you because there is something wrong with her own mentality.

Alright host, the most urgent thing now is for you to hand over that lingering soul to me in exchange for the method to save Ye Yi's clan and the entire Canglan Country.

You've also seen that the fortune of the entire Canglan Country has been affected by this lingering soul to the point where the country is about to be destroyed.

If host Zaozao doesn't save Canglan Country soon, once Canglan Country's fortune is taken away, I'm afraid the people living in Lan City won't live long.]

[Fine! I'll give you this tattered soul, I have no use for her. Holding it in my hand is so sticky, she almost disgusts me to death.

But system, can you tell me what exactly is the enmity between me and the Empress of Canglan that is worth her dragging the entire Canglan Country to take revenge on me?]

[Host, the sticky feeling in your hands is the slaughter she created in this world.

Once she is reclaimed by the Heavenly Dao, she will have no more chances for reincarnation. For life after life, she can only exist as the unremarkable dust in the mortal world, despised and punished by the Heavenly Dao.

As for the grudge between you and this lingering soul, later when you reach the prayer platform in Canglan Imperial Palace, there is a great formation she set up that can change Canglan Country's fortune.

With the help of Ye Yi's elder sister, Princess Yexia, as long as you sit in the eye of the great formation, you will naturally be able to see the grudge between you two.

However host, the things between you and this lingering soul happened in your previous life.

Do you know, for your current self, this lingering soul is completely irrelevant?]

[Irrelevant? System, that lingering soul is going to take so many people down with her for burial, and just now she even wanted to absorb the fortune from my body. This matter can no longer be described as irrelevant.

So I must get to the bottom of what happened between my previous self and her. Also, Han Ye brother and State Preceptor Han Xibei have memories of their two lifetimes.

The reason they got close to me now has a lot to do with my previous life. I really want to know what exactly happened between them and my previous self now?]

[Host, since you want to know, then go to the prayer platform in Canglan Imperial Palace! The answers you want to know are there.

However host, you can only go to the prayer platform to find the answers after you have truly regained control of Canglan Country and changed Canglan Country's impending calamity.]

[No problem. The priorities come first, I'm not in that much of a hurry. But system, I want to ask, is that lingering soul and the Empress of Canglan completely separate individuals? If not then why do they look exactly the same?]


[Then are they the same person?]

[Host, that lingering soul and the Empress of Canglan have a previous life-present life relationship. That lingering soul is the previous life of the Empress of Canglan.

She forcefully traveled to this part of the world with someone else's help, originally intending to seize the body of her current self.

But the Empress of Canglan in this life was originally a child of fortune in this part of the world, so that soul from another world simply could not seize her current life's body.]

[System, now that you've taken away that lingering soul, can the real Empress of Canglan come back to life?]

[No. That lingering soul was able to affect the Empress of Canglan because she allowed it herself.

Otherwise, as the empress of a country, and also a child of fortune in this world, how could she have been so easily affected and have her fortune bound by a lingering soul.

The Empress of Canglan believed the nonsense told by that soul from another world, that by absorbing other people's fortune, she could become immortal.

Host, the Empress of Canglan was truly too greedy. The law of heaven and earth is life and death, only the Heavenly Dao is eternal. Only life without death will lead to chaos in the world, so how could the Heavenly Dao allow the existence of such a person?

So host, you must never learn from the Empress of Canglan. Host, immortality is truly too painful. For example the current system, my wish is that one day, I can be erased by the Heavenly Dao.]

[System, does your life and death not belong to you?]

[My fate is not mine, the system itself is also a poor thing! Host, this lingering soul has already been taken away by the system. Now let me tell you the method to save Ye Yi's clan and Canglan Country.

Which is, host quickly gains control of Canglan Country's government, uses your own imperial fortune, plus Princess Yexia's help, to change the impending bloodbath calamity facing Canglan Country.

The reason why Ye Yi's clan turned into the living dead was because the Empress of Canglan drained away all the fortune from their bodies.

Now the culprit behind their current state as the living dead, the Empress of Canglan, is already dead, so the fortune in their bodies will slowly return, they just can't wake up for the time being.

As for the poison in their bodies, host please keep giving them level 3 Marrow Cleansing Solution for the next month until the poison in their bodies is cleansed away.]

After speaking with the system, Lin Zaozao felt exhausted.

Reincarnations of previous and present lives are truly so annoying.

But taking into account how smoothly she killed the Empress of Canglan just now, that little bit of annoyance means nothing.

Returning to Canglan Imperial Palace, Lin Zaozao looked at the already stiff corpse of the Empress of Canglan lying on the bed, with only lament in her eyes.

This old woman had been dead for not that long! How did her body stiffen so fast?

Could it be that she did too many bad things when she was alive?

The Empress of this Canglan Country did all kinds of evil. But she died so suddenly.

Lin Zaozao looked at her own hand, it was with that lingering soul that she had personally strangled the Empress of Canglan to death just now.

But the diagnosis from the imperial doctors of Canglan on the Empress of Canglan was that she died suddenly from heart disease.

Hearing this cause of death made Lin Zaozao involuntarily want to laugh.

Is it common for all imperial doctors to never draft anything before spewing nonsense from their mouths?

There was clearly a distinct strangulation mark that suddenly appeared on the Empress's neck, yet the imperial doctors pretended not to see it. Their diagnosis for the Empress of Canglan was sudden heart disease.

Just how many evil deeds did this Canglan Empress do in her time ah! Otherwise, after her death, aside from the dead warriors who followed her, no one even bothered asking an extra question about her sudden death.

As the empress of a nation, her conduct became so despicable, she truly died an utter failure.

At this time, Lin Zaozao was sitting on a chair blankly staring at the corpse of the Canglan Empress.

With the Canglan Empress dead, her wanting to seize Canglan Country's regime now would be extremely easy.

Moreover, there were too many Han Country spies implanted in Canglan Country.

She was now worried about what kind of reason she could use to stop the endless gossip of the world, so that she could smoothly incorporate Canglan Country into Han Country's territory.

"Uncle Zhang, has Ye Yi woken up yet?"

"Young Master, the Third Prince Ye Yi is still unconscious."

"The Empress of Canglan died right in front of me in front of so many people. What are the civil and military officials of Canglan Country doing now? Is anyone trying to avenge their Empress and investigate the cause of her death?"

"Young Master, they do want to, but they don't have any evidence either. After all, when the Empress of Canglan died, we didn't lay a finger on her."

"The civil and military officials of Canglan Country have now gathered in the Great Hall, waiting for the Third Prince Ye Yi to wake up and take charge of the situation."

Hearing the mocking tone in Uncle Zhang's voice, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel like laughing.

Before she came to Canglan Country, Ye Yi had already been stripped of his power by the Empress of Canglan.

A prince without power or influence and with a declining clan, what situation could he take charge of for them?

The reason why the civil and military officials of Canglan Country were now anxiously wanting Ye Yi to take charge of the situation for them was simply to control Ye Yi, so that they could "wield power in the name of the Emperor".

Some brainless fools, Ye Yi indeed had no power or influence in Canglan Country now, but he was her, Lin Zaozao's, husband.

And she, Lin Zaozao, was now the power and influence that Ye Yi could rely on.

She was just waiting at the moment to obtain Ye Yi's consent. After all, Canglan was Ye Yi's country.

And no matter how unworthy the Empress of Canglan was, she was still Ye Yi's Imperial Mother. She wanted to obtain Ye Yi's consent before taking his possessions.

"Your Majesty!"

A guard knelt beside Lin Zaozao and said.

"What is it?"

"Word is now spreading all over Lan City that you killed the Empress of Canglan, controlled the Third Prince Ye Yi, and wanted to seize Canglan."

"Where are these words coming from?"

Lin Zaozao took a sip of tea and asked casually.

"They were spread deliberately by some of the civil and military officials of Canglan before entering the palace."

"I see. Pass down my order not to stop them from spreading rumors. It's best to add fuel to the fire and let the rumors reach Fengshuo Country until everyone has heard about it."

Seeing the guard withdraw, Uncle Zhang looked at Lin Zaozao somewhat puzzled and said, "Young Master, why order people to exacerbate these rumors? If such rumors spread, it does not seem good for you to take over Canglan."

Chapter end

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