The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 228

Chapter 228

If Qiu was such an outstanding person, to make a comparison, if one's own child was really as outstanding as Qiu, as an old mother, one would only feel proud of one's own child.

But the old woman in front of her!

Her child was so outstanding, but what she was thinking about was not cherishing her own child even more, but trying to ruin Qiu.

At the banquet in Han Country, if it wasn't for the system on her body, Qiu, who was poisoned, would have undoubtedly died.

"These, these people, are all your spies planted in Canglan Country?"

Qiu's mother pointed to the civil and military officials kneeling on the ground and asked in a trembling voice.

"Alas! Grand Counselor, why do you make it sound so unpleasant when you speak! What do you mean by spies?

They are obviously good comrades who have dedicated themselves to the great revival of Han Country and lit up the future revolution."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's mocking laugh, when Qiu's mother looked into Lin Zaozao's eyes, she found no trace of a smile in them.

In her eyes, there was only unconcealable murderous intent.

She wanted to kill herself, her son's wife, the empress of Han Country.

Thinking of this, cold sweat began to emerge all over the forehead of Qiu's mother.

"Grand Counselor, you are Qiu's mother, you are also considered my family. Don't worry, I won't hurt you now.

Even if I want to kill you, it's not my turn to do it. After I finish Canglan Country's affairs, someone will naturally come to deal with you."

"No, no. Qiu is my son, he can't possibly kill me. What's more, his father is still in my hands. Would he not want his father anymore?"

"Humph! You unscrupulous parents have poisoned Qiu. Now you still expect Qiu to spare you. You are simply daydreaming!"

Lin Zaozao flung away the Grand Counselor's hand and said coldly as she turned around.

"Come on, the Grand Counselor betrayed the country. Take her to Tianlao and interrogate her later."Gtt the ltest vls at .o/(v)/e/l/bi(.)co

"Yes, ma'am!"

Watching the Forbidden Guards approaching her, the Grand Counselor no longer had half of the composure she had just now.

She reached out to grab Lin Zaozao's clothes, but was suddenly stopped by Invincible, who cut off her fingers with one stroke of his sword, the pain made her curl up into a ball directly.

"Take her away, don't let her die. When things are over here, let Qiu execute her himself."

Lin Zaozao said coldly.

"Yes, ma'am!"

After the Grand Counselor was taken away, the Hall of Governance regained its tranquility. Lin Zaozao turned her head back and said to the civil and military officials,

"From now on, Canglan Country will be temporarily handed over to the Fifth Prince, Ye Nuo, to deal with. If there are important matters, we will discuss them again."

After finishing speaking, Lin Zaozao pulled Ye Yi's hand and walked out of the Hall of Governance, leaving Xiao Liuli to deal with the remaining mess.

Xiao Liuli had been in poor health since she was a child, but she was indeed a capable hand in handling government affairs.

There were almost no mistakes in the memorials she processed.

What she should do now was to go see Ye Yi's father, Luo Xuan of Feixu Palace.

[Host, hurry to Feixu Palace. The Empress of Canglan has died. Although the vitality of those living dead people whose vitality was sucked away by her has returned to their bodies.

But the poison in them has left them hanging by a thread. Host hurry up, by tomorrow, all of Ye Yis tribesmen will be dead.]

[I know, I'm going right away.]

Lin Zaozao pulled Ye Yis hand while running, and anxiously said,

"Ye Yi, hurry up and take me to see your tribesmen. They are hanging by a thread now. If we don't go, they will really be beyond saving."

"Zaozao, can you save them?"

Facing Ye Yis shocked eyes, Lin Zaozao didnt have time to explain to him either.

"Ye Yi, where is your father's Feixu Palace? Take me there to find your father now? I have a way to save your tribe."

Seeing Lin Zaozaos anxious look, Ye Yi didnt ask much either. He directly hugged Lin Zaozao by the waist and flew towards a secluded palace in the distance.

When she arrived at her destination, Lin Zaozao looked at the shabby palace in front of her, disbelief filled her eyes as she glanced at Ye Yi.

This dilapidated Feixu Palace couldn't be a cold palace, could it! But from the information sent back by her spies, she had not heard that Ye Yi's father had been thrown into a cold palace either.

Thinking that saving people was the priority, when Lin Zaozao followed Ye Yi into Feixu Palace, seeing the luxurious decoration inside, her eyes couldn't help widening.

The outside of Feixu Palace did look shabby, but the inside was unusually luxurious.

As far as the eye could see, everything was extravagant decoration. Even the pillars outside the palace were inlaid with a layer of colorful gems.

Looking at the patterns formed by the gems on the pillars, Lin Zaozao walked over with some doubts. Why did these patterns look so familiar?

But she couldn't remember where she had seen them for a while.

But she really wanted to dig out so many gems!

Her hands felt a little itchy, what should she do?

"Zaozao, all my tribesmen are in the backyard. Do you want to go over now?"

Ye Yi pursed his lips, his tone slightly choked.

"Let's go, let's go now. Ye Yi, don't worry, I will definitely cure your tribesmen. Really, trust me!"

"Zao Zao, I believe you, I, I've always believed in you."

Ye Yi held Lin Zaozao's hand, opened his mouth to continue speaking, but didn't say a word.

Seeing Ye Yi's red eyes, Lin Zaozao felt distressed for him. Now whatever words of comfort were useless.

What she could do now was to cure Ye Yis tribesmen.

Prove everything with action.

As long as she could save Ye Yis tribe, it would work better than her saying ten thousand words of comfort.

When Lin Zaozao followed Ye Yi to the backyard of Feixu Palace, when she saw the rows of densely packed coffins, her eyes couldn't help widening.

So many coffins!

Oh my god, at first glance it looks so creepy!

"Ye Yi, are all your tribesmen lying in coffins?"

"Yes, Zaozao. My tribe is from the Tianshan Baichi Clan. Before my father married my mother empress, they had been living on Mount Jiutian.

Later, my mother empress threatened their lives with my father, elder sister, me and little Nuo, forcing them to come down from Mount Jiutian to serve Canglan.

But from the moment my tribe came down from Mount Jiutian, it was the beginning of disaster for our Bai Chi tribe.

Zaozao, there are a total of three thousand two hundred and nineteen coffins here, including adults and children.

Since my mother empress forced poison down their throats, they have been like the living dead, lying here ever since.

Ye Yi pulled Lin Zaozao's hand and walked to the front coffin.

"Zaozao, lying in this coffin is my elder sister, Ye Xi, Crown Princess Ye Xi. If she hadn't been poisoned by my mother empress, she would have been the next Empress of Canglan."

Ye Yi opened the coffin and looked at the girl lying inside, unable to hold back his tears any longer.

Following Ye Yis footsteps, when Lin Zaozao leaned over the edge of the coffin and saw the fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl lying inside, she couldnt help feeling a little dull pain in her heart.

This girl was so young! So young, yet Lin Zaozao could already sense an aura of superiority emanating from her.

Lying still now, she had an air of solemnity about her. If she could wake up, the aura of superiority emanating from her would become even more pronounced.

Lin Zaozao wanted to reach out and touch the girl's face.

Because when she saw this girl's face, a sense of familiarity lingered in her heart.

"Host, this girl is such a pity!"

"Why is it a pity?"

"Host, if she had not been deprived of her luck by that soul from another world, she would have been the next empress of Canglan Country. What a pity, even if her luck returns now, her fate has changed."

"However, even though her luck has been altered, she can still have a prosperous life in her next life."

"The next empress of Canglan Country? System, as the next empress of Canglan Country, she is also a child of fortune. How could a soul from another world possibly deprive her of her luck so easily?"

"Host, did you not see the gemstone pattern on the coffin?

It is a sacrificial pattern made with gemstones, intended to suppress her. Moreover, behind this coffin are so many other coffins.

The people lying in those coffins are all closely connected to this girl's coffin.

If this girl is willing, she only needs to abandon those people in the coffins, and she can immediately wake up."

"Abandon them? The people lying in the other coffins must all be her relatives! She definitely can't bear to abandon her own relatives.

She is unwilling to abandon her relatives, so she can only let that soul from another world drain her luck until she dies, right?"

"That's right. The people lying in these coffins, they all have one thing in common. That is, their luck is really too pure and holy.

It's no wonder that soul from another world wants to take their luck to conceal Heaven's investigation of her."

"System, I really want to know now, what enmity or resentment did I have with that soul from another world in my past life? It actually implicated so many lives just to take revenge on me."

"That's right, host. The reason why that soul from another world has killed so many people in this world, apart from wanting to conceal her aura in this world.

There is one more thing, that is, she wants to take revenge on you. Host, that soul from another world has tied her life closely to yours. Her ultimate goal for remaining in this world is to take your luck.

Including the luck of those who have lived around you. Because she is up to mischief, people who are implicated with the host will encounter all kinds of disasters since birth."

"Fuck! System, you're saying that while I'm sitting at home, disaster comes from the sky! How unlucky am I to have to take responsibility for someone else's mistakes!"

"You stupid host, in the face of power and status, only an idiot like the host would think of lying down and waiting to die."

"System, listen to what you said. Being busy is a lifetime, being lazy is also a lifetime. Haven't you heard a saying? Those who love to spend money will spend their whole lives, and those who love to save will be thrifty their whole lives."

"Sorry! You stupid system, Lin Zaozao is the kind of person who doesn't like to work but loves to spend money."

"You stupid host, you are really good at making excuses for your own laziness. No matter how you explain it for yourself, you can't conceal the fact that you are an unlucky fool."

"When a person is unlucky, even drinking cold water will get stuck in their teeth."

"Okay, stop talking nonsense. Host, hurry up and transfer the pain and suffering to the people lying in the coffins! After transferring, remember to give them the marrow-washing liquid you have.

When all the people in the coffins wake up, the system will upgrade your reward to level four. With level four marrow-washing liquid, it will be even more convenient for the host to save others."

"System, I feel like I'm just an emotionless tool. Every time you say it's an upgrade reward for me, but in the end I'm just a free medical kit."

"You emotionless medical kit, go be a Lin the Immortal who saves the people from water and fire!"

"I got it!"

Lin Zaozao replied in annoyance.

Chapter end

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