The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 237

Chapter 237

After hearing Ye Xi's words, Ye Yi pressed his lips together, forcibly controlling the tears that were about to fall.

At this moment, he felt that he was still a child with someone to rely on.

"Yi, after you and Nuo leave, I will send people to take Father and the Baichi Clan back to Nine Sky Mountain.

Their temperament is too upright and steadfast, no longer suitable to stay here. After they leave, I will stay here and wait for you to come back early with Zaozao."

"Eldest Sister, I want to ask, what is the secret our Baichi Clan has been guarding?"

Xiao Liuli tugged at Ye Xi's sleeve and curiously asked.

"Nuo, you shouldn't ask, it's better not to be nosy. When the time comes, you will naturally know the secret our Baichi Clan has been guarding. "

After reprimanding Xiao Liuli, Ye Xi pleaded to the silent Ye Yi:

"Yi, if possible, bring Zaozao back to Canglan. As the young patriarch of the Baichi Clan, you should know how important the secret our clan has been guarding bitterly is."

"I'll listen to Zaozao. If Zaozao is willing to come back, then I'll come back with her. If she doesn't want to come back, I won't force her either."

Seeing Ye Yi's stubborn appearance, Ye Xi shook her head slightly.

Nevermind, they will definitely come back eventually. Saying more now would be pointless.

"Alright, stop crowding around me. Go find Zaozao! Remember, when you get to Purgatory Valley, don't try to act tough and force your way into the valley.

With your current level, forcing your way into Purgatory Valley would be suicidal. It's better to stay outside the valley and help Zaozao mobilize troops.

Let me tell you, Zaozao will definitely be fine going into Purgatory Valley, but if you two follow her in... humph! The consequences..."

Seeing Ye Xi's disdainful gaze, Ye Yi and Ye Nuo obediently nodded their heads.

In fact, if Eldest Sister didn't order them now, they might have followed Zaozao into Purgatory Valley after all.

Zaozao was their beloved, how could they stand idly by if she was in danger!

But hearing what Eldest Sister said now, they should not add to Zaozao's troubles after accompanying her to Purgatory Valley.

"Alright, stop squatting here obstructing my view. If you keep waiting, Zaozao will get too far away."

Ye Xi unceremoniously patted Ye Yi and Ye Nuo's heads, signaling them to scram.

"Eldest Sister, we'll get going then!"

"Get lost!"

Ye Xi made an ungraceful eye roll, hurrying them along.

After watching Ye Yi and Ye Nuo leave, Ye Xi finally bared her teeth in pain as she held her injured foot, tears nearly falling from the agony.

"What's wrong, is our Princess Ye Xi dropping her aloof act now?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Xi quickly put her foot down and resumed the image of Canglan Country's gentle and graceful princess within seconds.

"Enough pretense. I've seen every side of you, what's the point of acting now?"

"Sword Immortal, my foot hurts so much!"

Ye Xi rubbed her eyes vigorously and pouted pitifully at the Sword Immortal and Senior Uncle Yin Xue walking towards her.

With Senior Uncle Yin Xue's support, the Sword Immortal sat directly next to Ye Xi. Looking at the bloodstains on the altar and Ye Xi's bandaged feet, he couldn't help but sigh.

He had lived for decades, yet was not as enlightened as this young girl. Glory, wealth, kinship, she could let go of them just like that.

"Senior Uncle Yin Xue, stop standing, there's no outsiders here, sit down!"

Ye Xi enthusiastically waved at the spot next to the Sword Immortal.

"Ye Xi, thank you for speaking up for me earlier."

Yin Xue said gratefully.

"What are you thanking me for? You and Sword Immortal being together is between you two, what does it have to do with others?

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If that still doesn't work, get Zaozao to help. She would definitely be very happy to get involved in matters between you and Sword Immortal."


Yin Xue said in surprise.

"Senior Uncle Yin Xue, Zaozao is much more open-minded than you imagine. Back then, you left the Clan of Divine Physicians to be with Sword Immortal.

If Zaozao had been in the clan back then, I dare say she would have been the first to support you two being together."

"As the female emperor of Han Country, Zaozao's insights are naturally different from others."

The Sword Immortal sighed lightly.

"Sword Immortal, besides being the female emperor of Han Country, Zaozao is also the saint of our Baichi Clan, isn't she?"

Facing Ye Xi's deep glassy eyes, the Sword Immortal seriously nodded.

"Ye Xi, earlier you told Yi and Nuo to bring the Baichi Clan back to Nine Sky Mountain after we leave.

Little Xi, can you handle the vast Canglan Country alone after we're gone?"

"Sword Immortal, although I've been asleep for so many years, as you know, I, Ye Xi, was raised to be a princess from a young age. Dealing with some insignificant worms is still beneath me.

Besides, when Yi and Nuo left, they already handed all their troops and power to me. If I still can't handle them like this, then I, Ye Xi, have lived in vain."

"Little Xi, I think we should wait until you have completely pacified Canglan before going back to Nine Sky Mountain. There's no rush."

The Sword Immortal said with concern.

"No way. Sword Immortal, you are devoted to the sword, Senior Uncle Yin Xue is devoted to medicine, and Father is already so old yet still has the innocent mind of a child.

As for the Baichi Clan, they are all like my Father, simple-minded without the slightest guile. Keeping you here would only drag me down."

Ye Xi's mocking tone left the Sword Immortal and Senior Uncle Yin Xue speechless.

Indeed, if not for dragging Ye Xi down this time, she would not have had to sleep for so many years because of the Baichi Clan.

Seeing the regret on the faces of Sword Immortal and Senior Uncle Yin Xue, Ye Xi also felt she had been too blunt.

But the Sword Immortal and Baichi Clan really weren't suited to stay here. Although Canglan was settled, the matter with Fengshuo still remained unresolved!

When she was young, she had secretly caught a glimpse of the female emperor of Fengshuo in her mother's secret chamber.

With just that one look, she discovered that the bloody aura around that female emperor was no less than her own mother's.

One stained with so much slaughter could not be easily dealt with.

Furthermore, since birth, the female emperor of Fengshuo carried memories of her past life. Some mistake must have occurred for her birth to differ from Ye Xi's own mother.

It was because of these two souls from another world that Han Ye and Han Xibei did not interfere with the relationship between Zaozao and the two female emperors of Canglan and Fengshuo.

Otherwise, with Han Ye's capabilities, he would have destroyed Canglan and Fengshuo long ago, sparing her the trouble!

Thinking of what would happen next, Ye Xi felt very annoyed.

Considering the many things she still had to deal with, she'd rather go back to lying in the coffin and sleeping!

"Little Xi, can you really handle what comes next?"

"I can, I can, Sword Immortal. You rest and recover for the next two days, then return to Nine Sky Mountain quickly. Unless it's a major issue, don't come down the mountain rashly.

After I settle things here, I'll bring Zaozao back to Nine Sky Mountain."

"Alright, we'll go back first then."

The Sword Immortal sighed softly and stood up from the ground. After Senior Uncle Yin Xue supported him walking a few steps, he took out a small medicine bottle from his waist and handed it to Ye Xi.

"For nourishing qi and blood, take one pellet twice a day."

"Thank you, Senior Uncle Yin Xue,"

Looking at Ye Xi's grinning face, Senior Uncle Yin Xue glanced at her before turning around and walking towards Sword Immortal.

Holding the small medicine bottle in her hand, Ye Xi suddenly felt her eyes well up with tears as she watched the backs of Yin Xue and Sword Immortal leaving.

It had been so difficult for Senior Uncle Yin Xue and Sword Immortal to get to where they were today...

At this moment, Lin Zaozao was sitting on Zhao Cai's back, flying forward with an anxious expression on her face.

Uncle Zhang said Canglan was only five or six days away from Purgatory Valley. But who knows what could happen in those five or six days.

There was a riot in Purgatory Valley, and the environment there was also particularly complicated. Gu Shan was there with the people from Eighteen Floors, and they could be in danger at any time.

Thinking that Gu Shan might be in danger during those five or six days, Lin Zaozao was so anxious she wished Zhao Cai could run even faster.

If only she could get there a little faster, she could help Gu Shan earlier and prevent him from getting hurt even a tiny bit.

But the more anxious she was, the longer the road ahead seemed to stretch. Seeing the endless road that had no end in sight, Lin Zaozao was so impatient she could burst into flames.

"Girl, even though there's a riot in Purgatory Valley, Demon Lord Gu Shan and the people of Eighteen Floors are not simple. They can handle things for five or six days. "

Uncle Zhang intercepted Lin Zaozao's side with his lightness martial arts, and said anxiously.

"Uncle Zhang, I know Gu Shan is very skilled in martial arts. But Purgatory Valley is full of traps and poisonous gases all year round. No matter how great Gu Shan's martial arts skills are, he will get injured!

Last time in the border city when he came to find me, he was already seriously injured. Now he's in Purgatory Valley, which is a human hell. How could I not be anxious?"

"Girl, stop for a moment first. We've been traveling for so long. Even if you can endure it, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao can hardly carry on.

Also, it's already dark now. Traveling in the dark is a big taboo when marching. With just the two of us, we simply cannot handle an ambush!"

Uncle Zhang's words gave Lin Zaozao a big shock.

That's right! After hurriedly leaving Canglan Palace yesterday, she had been rushing towards Purgatory Valley under Uncle Zhang's lead.

After traveling for so long, it was already dark now. The guards and spies who had been following her all this time were left far behind by her and Uncle Zhang.

Without the guards, if they were to encounter an assassination, it would be very unfavorable for her.

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao could only stop. She would wait for the spies and guards to catch up, rest for the night, and continue towards Purgatory Valley tomorrow.

If something happened to her, who else could go and save her Gu Shan!

Thinking of Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao felt a sense of suffocation in her heart. Please, let her precious Gu Shan be safe!

When they got to a wind-shielded mountain pass, Lin Zaozao jumped off Zhao Cai's back. As soon as she landed on the ground, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao immediately lay down on the ground, exhaustedly panting with their tongues out.

Seeing Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's miserable state, Lin Zaozao was instantly filled with guilt. She had only been thinking about Gu Shan's safety and forgot that although Zhao Cai and Jin Bao had grown very big, they were not yet fully mature!

Running for so long must have completely exhausted them.

Chapter end

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