The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 247

Chapter 247

Thinking of Gu Shan's pitiful appearance when he begged her earlier, Lin Zaozao felt her heart flutter.

For a man who was usually cold and indifferent to everyone to let down his guard and act spoiled in front of her, how could she not be pleased?

Thankfully, fate had opened its eyes - this man who liked to act spoiled was her husband.

With a happy mood, she arrived at the small pond that Gu Shan had mentioned, in the mountains.

Lin Zaozao looked at the crystal-clear small pond, then turned her head to see Gu Shan following behind her like a little wife, and her mood improved even further.

Such a large natural bathtub was perfect for her and Gu Shan to take a lover's bath together.

"My cute little Gu Shan, let's take off our clothes!"

Meeting Lin Zaozao's gleaming smile, Gu Shan first looked around the small pond before starting to undress himself.

Standing by the small pond, Lin Zaozao's eyes sparkled. Seeing Gu Shan's sudden lack of shyness, she was momentarily dumbfounded.

Her cute little Gu Shan, why wasn't he embarrassed anymore?

"Zaozao, hurry and undress too, so I can help scrub your back."

Gu Shan took off his blood-stained upper garment and tossed it aside, revealing his muscular upper body.pTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

In the dazzling sunlight, Gu Shan's muscular upper body, though smeared with dried bloodstains, combined with his smiling eyes, exuded a wild, rugged beauty.

Faced with such an alluring scene, what woman could resist?

Lin Zaozao subconsciously swallowed, the glimmer in her eyes almost becoming tangible.

Since her little handsome man had invited her, how could she refuse?

Otherwise, she would be hurting her dear little handsome man's heart!

With a delighted heart, Lin Zaozao swiftly untied her outer garment, and clad in her undergarments, pounced towards Gu Shan.

"My cute little Gu Shan, your wife has come to scrub you clean!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao leap towards him, Gu Shan's eyes were filled with laughter. Such a vibrant and adorable girl was his wife.

No matter what method he used, he had to keep this girl by his side forever.

No one could take her away from him!

When the two faced each other unclothed, Lin Zaozao hugged Gu Shan's slender waist, her eyes almost squinting with delight.

Gu Shan looked at the girl in his arms and, after some thought, took out a small box he had prepared earlier.

"Zaozao, look at this?"

Caught up in the excitement, Lin Zaozao was momentarily puzzled when Gu Shan handed her the small box.

Could the item Gu Shan was giving her be an engagement ring?

But Gu Shan was from ancient times, where would he have heard about proposing with a ring?

Most importantly, this setting wasn't really suitable for a proposal!

"Zaozao, open it and take a look?"

Meeting Gu Shan's expectant gaze, Lin Zaozao could only suppress the stirrings within her body. She suspiciously opened the small box.

But when she opened the box and saw what was inside, she was startled.

Inside the box was a fat, shiny black grub.

Repulsed by the ugly grub, Lin Zaozao wrinkled her nose in disgust. Thankfully, she was brave - if it were an ordinary, timid girl receiving such an ugly, fat black grub from her lover while bathing together, not letting out a scream would already be impressive.

"Zaozao, do you like this gift I gave you?"

Meeting Gu Shan's expectant gaze, Lin Zaozao looked down at the wriggling ugly grub in the box and mechanically nodded her head.

This was a gift from her dear Gu Shan, no matter how ugly the grub was, she liked it. She couldn't let Gu Shan's thoughtfulness go to waste just because the grub was ugly!

"Zaozao, since you like it, then I'll put the grub inside my body now."

"Put... put it inside your body?"

Lin Zaozao looked at the ugly grub in the box, then back at Gu Shan's shocked expression, swallowed, and asked in disbelief.

"My cute little Gu Shan, I know you're hungry. If you're hungry, we can quickly rinse off and go back to eat. You really don't need to eat grubs.

This grub is so ugly, eating it might turn you into an ugly monster."

After speaking, Lin Zaozao quickly covered the box, afraid that Gu Shan would eat the ugly grub.

"Zaozao, this grub is a fertility grub used for men to bear children. If I put this fertility grub inside my body, when we make love later, it will allow my body to become pregnant and give birth."

Raising her head to meet Gu Shan's joyful gaze, Lin Zaozao looked at the box in her hand, her throat tightening unexpectedly.

[System, are you there?]

[Please state your request, Host.]

Hearing the system's mechanical and icy voice, Lin Zaozao was momentarily bewildered. What was wrong with this dog system today? Why did its tone sound so impersonal?

[Dog system, are you on your period? Why does your voice sound so cold and emotionless?]


[System? Dog system?]

[Dearest adorable Host, what would you like this little system pet to assist you with?]

[What the f*ck! Dog system, has your brain short-circuited or something? Why are you talking in such a creepy way? And little pet?! Why don't you just call yourself a little ancestor?!]


[System, are you mute again?]

[*Cough cough* Dog Host, what do you want from me? Spit it out quickly if you have something to say, or let one rip if you need to fart!]

[Finally back to normal, dog system! I wanted to ask, will putting this fertility grub inside a man's body harm him?]

[Of course it will harm him. After this fertility grub burrows into a man's body, it will slowly destroy his body as the child grows. When the child is born after ten months, the man's body will also develop various illnesses along with the child's birth.

Although those illnesses are undetectable to ordinary people. Host, you consumed the "Virility Boosting Pill" a while ago, so you've already gained the ability to allow men to give birth.

If you truly love your dear husband Gu Shan, it's best not to let him use this vile fertility grub.]

[System, even if I'm destined to be barren in this life, I could never put such a vicious grub inside Gu Shan's body.

More than children, I care about Gu Shan. What use are children to me if I lose my husband?]

[Host, that's a commendable mindset. If your dear Gu Shan does become pregnant later, this system is willing to provide you with free super fertility pills to let your dear Gu Shan give birth to multiple children at once!]

[One child is enough, what would I do with so many kids! But thanks, system!]

[Dearest Host, if you truly want to thank me, then let this system watch a live broadcast of you and your dear husband Gu Shan later, okay?]

Hearing the system's mischievous tone, Lin Zaozao gritted her teeth and said one word:


[Ungrateful bad Host, letting me peek won't cost you anything. So stingy and heartless.]

[I'm about to get intimate with Gu Shan, dog system, scram!]

[Tsk! Stupid pig Host.]

Hearing the system's grumbling voice fade from her mind, Lin Zaozao looked at the grub in her hand, her eyes filled with darkness.

"Zaozao, why aren't you saying anything? Are you angry with me?"

Looking up at Gu Shan's anxious gaze, Lin Zaozao squeezed the box forcefully, crushing it into a ball. The insects inside the box were undoubtedly dead, no need to even look.

These harmful insects must not be allowed to enter Gu Shan's body. If Gu Shan wanted a child, she could simply conceive one for him directly.

"Zaozao, you..."

Seeing Gu Shan's shocked expression, Lin Zaozao tossed the box aside and placed her hands on Gu Shan's arms, speaking solemnly.

"Gu Shan, do you truly desire a child which is why you considered using the fertility talisman, or are you worried that without a child, I won't stay with you, so you wanted me to bear you a child?"

"Zaozao, I only wish to have a child with our shared blood. If we have a child, then even if you no longer love me, you won't easily abandon me for the sake of our child."

Hearing Gu Shan's dejected tone, Lin Zaozao's heart sank. She might be promiscuous at times, but she's not that unreliable, is she?

In Gu Shan's heart, does he truly not trust her, even considering using a child to tie her down?

Then she realized Gu Shan's upbringing was different from ordinary people, so it's understandable he would have such thoughts.

Understanding now, Lin Zaozao tightly embraced Gu Shan's slender waist, resting her head on his chest, speaking softly.

"Gu Shan, whether we have a child or not, I will never leave you. If having a child is what you need to feel at ease, then I will give you one.

Some time ago, I took a small pill. That pill allows me to conceive a child with a man. So, Gu Shan, if you want a child, I can give you one now.

But absolutely not with that damn fertility talisman. Gu Shan, you cannot harm your body just for the sake of a child.

My dear Gu Shan, you are always calm and aloof. How could you so casually ruin your body for the sake of a child?"

Listening to Lin Zaozao's gentle voice, Gu Shan's heart sank slowly.

How could he not be afraid?

Last night, his darling nearly disappeared before his eyes. In that dazzling Buddhist light, Zaozao's body was almost transparent.

At that moment, under the influence of that mysterious force, he was completely unable to approach his darling.

If one day, that mysterious force were to take Zaozao away from him, what would he do?

If they had a child together, then even if Zaozao was taken away by that mysterious force, for the sake of their child, she would return, wouldn't she?

Thinking of this, Gu Shan lowered his head and kissed Lin Zaozao's lips fiercely.

Chapter end

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