The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 196

Chapter 196

"Host, my random rewards aren't like cabbages growing in the fields, ripe for the picking. Just like how in your past life buying lottery tickets didn't guarantee a win every time!

The ones that hit the jackpot, aren't they one in a million?"

"Alright, alright, doggone system, you've got a point. I concede defeat, okay?"

"That's more like it, you big goofball host."

"What the heck! Doggone system, if you dare call me a big goofball again, don't push me to slap you!"

"Big goofball host, big goofball host, big goofball host... You can't even lay a finger on me, you'll just get all worked up. Oh! Wait, correction, you'll get all fat and puffy."

"Doggone system, mark my words. One day when you fall into my hands, you'll see how I deal with you."

"Hah! Like I'm scared of you!"

After the banter with the system, Lin Zaozao finally looked up at Princess Yezhao, who was still kneeling on the ground.

To be honest, she didn't dislike this Princess Yezhao. Born a princess of a nation, raised in the grandeur of the Canglan Imperial Palace, there's no way she could've survived till now if she were a naive fool!

She didn't dislike her, but she didn't exactly like her either. After all, it was Princess Yezhao who had schemed against her last time.

"Princess Yezhao, I can help you rescue your people. But what do you have to offer me in return?

As an empress of a nation, I can't afford to make deals that end up with me losing. And let me remind you, it's better not to try to deceive me again like last time, with some half-truths about military defenses and antidotes.

If you dare to fool me again this time, then you can watch as your father's clan is executed by your mother empress in the fall!"

Facing Lin Zaozao's threat, Princess Yezhao immediately got up, pulled out a token from her bosom, and knelt before Lin Zaozao's desk, intending to place the token on it.

But the next moment, she was suddenly restrained by Matchless and Invincible, who appeared out of nowhere, holding her hands and pinning her to the ground.

Invincible picked up the token that fell to the ground and inspected it closely. In the next moment, several hair-thin poisonous needles shot out from the token towards Invincible's face, but he calmly blocked them without changing his expression.

Daring to harm their mistress!

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Invincible threw away the token in his hand and raised it to strike Princess Yezhao's head.

One strike, and Princess Yezhao would either die or be disabled!

"Your Majesty Mingzhu, wait! Please listen to my explanation!"

Seeing the palm wind about to strike her, Princess Yezhao anxiously pleaded from the ground.

"Invincible, wait. In the face of facts, let's see if Princess Yezhao has anything left to argue," Lin Zaozao said as Invincible stepped back.

"Your Majesty Mingzhu, this token is genuine. The poison needles on it were designed by me for self-defense. I just forgot to tell you about the mechanisms on the token in my haste.

Your Majesty Mingzhu, as long as you possess this token, you can command the Imperial Guards stationed at the Canglan Imperial Palace.

As long as you hold it, whether you want to save Yeyi or seize Canglan in the future, it's all benefit and no harm to you."

Lin Zaozao looked at Princess Yezhao, trembling on the ground, with a mocking smile playing on her lips.

Princess Yezhao couldn't believe her luck tonight it seemed she wouldn't rest in peace until she saw her own coffin.

As for the poison needle on the token, Lin Zaozao wondered if Yezhao Princess had genuinely forgotten about it or if she intended to use the token to harm her.

Lin Zaozao was no fool. She could easily see through the clumsy acting. However, if Princess Yezhao still had some use for her, she would play along with the charade.

"Oh, so that's how it is! I must have misunderstood Princess Yezhao. Well, I'll have my people investigate the authenticity of this token. If it's genuine, I'll help Princess Yezhao achieve her desires and save her father's lineage. But if it's fake, we'll slowly peel off that layer of skin on you."

As Lin Zaozao finished speaking, Yezhao Princess, kneeling on the ground, trembled slightly in fear.

Observing the trembling Princess Yezhao due to fear, Lin Zaozao instructed, "Take Princess Yezhao down to rest. When she's recovered, escort her to meet her twin sister, Princess Yemu. Remember, they haven't seen each other in a while, so make sure to serve them well. If either of them loses a single hair, you'll be held accountable."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Watching Princess Yezhao leave with the palace attendants, Lin Zaozao, who had been composed, suddenly threw the quill in her hand away and lazily leaned back in her chair.

Damn it, Princess Yezhao with her myriad schemes! Why did she have to use them against her? Every time she spoke with her, Lin Zaozao had to analyze her words eight hundred times, and it was beyond irritating.

"Zhu Zhu, the reply from Empress Canglan has arrived."

In the midst of her annoyance, Lin Zaozao, seeing Han Ye entering the room, instantly perked up.

"Han Ye, big brother, I want kisses and hugs, and I want to be lifted up high. Being stuck in your study all day reading memorials makes me so bored that I'm about to grow grass on my body."

After speaking, Lin Zaozao directly lifted her skirt and, taking a bounding step, stood on the table and pounced toward Han Ye.

She wasn't afraid; if Han Ye didn't catch her, she would end up with a face full of the floor.

Han Ye, holding the letter, looked at the figure leaping towards him. His eyes were filled with amusement.

His legs subconsciously spread apart, and he took a step back with his left foot, directly discarding the letter in his hand. He caught the incoming Lin Zaozao in his arms.

After stabilizing her, Han Ye used his face to rub against Lin Zaozao's fluffy head and chuckled.

"Zhu Zhu, you can't jump like that next time. What if I hadn't caught you? What would you do if you fell and got hurt?"

"Hehehe! Big brother Han Ye, I know you can catch me. After all, you've caught me so many times already. We have great synergy."

Lin Zaozao, holding onto Han Ye's neck, coquettishly said.

After putting Lin Zaozao back on the chair and taking the letter he had just discarded, Han Ye spoke in a gentle tone.

"Zhu Zhu, there's a reply from the Female Emperor of Canglan Country. She's willing to exchange Night Yi, Murong Hai, and Lonely Mountain for fifty thousand Canglan prisoners. However, she has conditions."

"Big brother Han Ye, does that Female Emperor of Canglan want me to personally go to Canglan Country to receive Night Yi and the others?"

"Han Ye, you really flatter me," praised Lin Zaozao generously.

"Han Ye gege, it's not that I'm smart, but the Female Emperor of Canglan Country is just too arrogant. She wants to lure me into Canglan Country, and then, on her own turf, find an opportunity to kill me.

Han Ye gege, what do the Female Emperors of Canglan and Fengshuo have against me? Why do they want to push me to the brink of death?

I'm sure I don't even know those two old women! Are they out of their minds?"

"Zhu Zhu, when you reach Canglan Country and meet the Female Emperor, you will understand why they hate you so much.

Or perhaps, at the first sight of the Canglan Female Emperor's face, you'll notice her uniqueness.

Zhu Zhu, some people are never satisfied with their greed. Endless desires will only turn them into hideous ghosts."

Han Ye comforted Lin Zaozao, embracing her shoulders gently.

"Oh, Han Ye gege, this token was given to me by Princess Yezhao just now. She said it could mobilize the Imperial Guards guarding the Canglan Imperial Palace.

Han Ye gege, can you check if this token is genuine?"

Taking the token from Lin Zaozao, Han Ye examined it closely and his eyes reflected mockery.

"Zhu Zhu, this token is indeed genuine and can mobilize the Imperial Guards of the Canglan Imperial Palace.

However, this token can only summon two hundred soldiers. Two hundred Imperial Guards are of little use."

"Ugh! That Yezhao is such a scheming girl. Her family is in dire straits, yet she's not in a hurry! She's here playing mind games with me.

Doesn't she fear I won't cooperate, and her family gets beheaded by her Empress mother?"

"Zhu Zhu, the fact that Princess Yezhao gave you this token indicates she still has illusions about her Empress mother.

Princess Yezhao still hopes you can fight to the death with the Canglan Female Emperor, and she can profit from it. Yezhao and Yemu are known as the dual talents of Canglan Country, and they indeed possess some abilities.

Zhu Zhu, never underestimate anyone. Even an ordinary person might deliver a fatal blow at your most crucial moment."

"Han Ye gege, I've never underestimated her. But Han Ye gege, Xiao Taohua has already placed curses on Yezhao and Yemu. I doubt they can cause any trouble in my hands.

At this point, if Princess Yezhao still wants to play both sides, let's see if she can survive in the storm."

Lin Zaozao tossed the token onto the table, her eyes filled with disdain. She wasn't the naive girl everyone thought she was.

Han Ye looked at the triumphant Lin Zaozao and couldn't help but smile.

Indeed, if he could intervene in the cause-and-effect relationship between the Canglan Female Emperor and Zhu Zhu, he would have killed the Canglan Female Emperor long ago.

There was no need for Zhu Zhu to frown every day over such a scum.

"Zhu Zhu, this time you're going to Canglan Country, and I won't accompany you. I am the high priest of Han Country, and I have to stay in the sacrificial temple.

Although I can't go, I will have Uncle Zhang and Dashan accompany you. And Divine Doctor Ji will also go with you.

As for Xiao Taohua and Ruo Qiu, it's best for them to stay in Han Country to be ready to assist you at any time. Especially Ruo Qiu, his parents are still in Canglan. Once he goes back, he will definitely be influenced by his family, which will not only ruin important matters but also endanger his life."

"Okay! Then I'll listen to Big Brother Hanye."

Lin Zaozao snuggled early into Han Ye's arms, constantly nuzzling his chest, acting spoiled.

There was a particularly pleasant smell on Big Brother Hanye. Whenever she felt restless, smelling the scent on Hanye's body inexplicably improved her mood.

Han Ye looked at Lin Zaozao, who was groping his chest randomly, with a smile almost overflowing from his eyes.

This Zaozao in this life is really nothing like the previous life.

Because she doesn't have to bear as much responsibility as in the past life. She doesn't have to protect others and make herself subservient to them.

Clearly, she was someone revered by thousands, but she ended up with such a bleak outcome.

In the end...

No, it won't happen.

Because in this life, with him here, with Han Xibei here, and with other people also guarding Zaozao in different capacities.

In this life, Zaozao can only be happy, safe, and live smoothly all her life.

Chapter end

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