The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 251

Chapter 251

Just as Gu Shan was holding Lin Zaozao and warily scanning their surroundings, a mocking voice rang clearly in everyone's ears.

"Well, well! I really didn't expect that one day our esteemed Queen Mingzhu would grace this wretched Purgatory Valley with her presence."

Recognizing the familiar voice, Lin Zaozao quickly pulled away the cloth covering her eyes and looked towards the source of the sound.

It was the arrogant Princess Qianyue from Fengshuo Country!

There she was on the steps ahead, preening like a peacock in heat, dressed in a skimpy revealing dress made of sheer fabric. Over the flimsy outfit, she wore a slightly darker green shawl.

The emerald green attire complemented Princess Qianyue's delicate beauty, making her look like a flower bud about to bloom. Her every slight movement exuded an alluring charm.

And as proof of Princess Qianyue's seductive power were the men surrounding her.

The eyes of those men ogled Princess Qianyue with an almost palpable lustful gaze.

In a word, the present Princess Qianyue was indeed quite seductive. Even more so than when Lin Zaozao had seen her in the border city.

But hadn't the reports said that this Princess Qianyue had been disgraced by the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country and confined to her palace, forbidden from receiving any visitors?

So what was going on now? How did she come to appear here so boldly?

And moreover, wasn't Princess Qianyue afraid of all these venomous creatures? Considering her scant attire, didn't she fear getting bitten by the toxins?

And where was Lvzhi, who had always been by Princess Qianyue's side? If Princess Qianyue was here, then where was Lvzhi?

Could it be... that Lvzhi's undercover identity had been exposed, and he had been disposed of by Princess Qianyue?

Thinking of this possibility, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but furrow her brow in concern.

"What's the matter? Surprised to see me here, Your Majesty Queen Mingzhu?"

"Indeed, quite surprised."

Lin Zaozao looked at the sultry Princess Qianyue with a deadpan expression and nodded slightly.

"Your Majesty, are you surprised that I'm not dead? Or that I would appear in a place like this?"

"Both are rather surprising. After all, for a beauty like Princess Qianyue to show up in such a foul-smelling place as this, it is quite unexpected. You and this environment are simply too mismatched."

"Is that so?"

Princess Qianyue languidly arched her slender waist, then casually sat back down.

As she lowered herself, one of the men clad in black standing beside her wordlessly knelt to serve as her seat.

Observing Princess Qianyue's pretentious behavior, Lin Zaozao remained expressionless.

After all, if she lost her composure now, Gu Shan, Little Xibei, and Da Bao would all be in danger.

Lin Zaozao gave a light kick to Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, who were guarding by her feet, signaling them to escape through the secret passage.

But that simple kick nearly caused trouble.Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao misinterpreted Lin Zaozao's kick as an order to launch a surprise attack on the elevated Princess Qianyue.

The two of them slowly flattened their bodies against the ground, assuming combat stances, their eyes fixed intently on Princess Qianyue reclining in a man's embrace.

Seeing Zhao Cai and Jin Bao about to pounce, Lin Zaozao quickly crouched down and forcefully grabbed the scruffs of their necks, preventing the idiots from actually charging up and delivering themselves as meals to Princess Qianyue's men.

After all, anyone capable of treating this Purgatory as their home was not someone those wolf pups could handle.

Zhang had fattened up Zhao Cai and Jin Bao quite a bit lately. If those plump pups were treated as appetizers, she would be absolutely distraught!

"Zhao Cai, Jin Bao, be good. Obey, don't attack recklessly, understood?"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's soft admonition, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao let out a whimper before lying down obediently at her feet, burying their heads in her lap.

When Lin Zaozao looked up again, a glimmer of intrigue flashed in her eyes.

It seemed things were about to get interesting.

Lin Zaozao lightly squeezed Gu Shan and Little Xibei's hands within her wide sleeves, signaling them not to act rashly.

Though unsure of Lin Zaozao's intentions, Gu Shan and Little Xibei exchanged glances, indicating their agreement to follow her lead.

"Your Majesty, what's the matter? Not going to send your wolf pups to bite me?"

Princess Qianyue toyed with the chin of one of the men beside her. As her finger trailed across his face, a plump blue worm inexplicably appeared on it.

But in the next moment, Princess Qianyue actually ate the worm!


Lin Zaozao grimaced, feeling nauseous again.

"Good grief! You big cow Princess Qianyue, you're the TMD princess of a country!

Even if your mom treated you badly, surely she didn't deprive you of food to make you eat worms! How could you stomach such a fat, gross worm? Don't you find that disgusting?!

Ugh! You're really grossing me out here. What possessed you to eat insects, you nauseating creature?"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's revolted words, Princess Qianyue's previously sultry expression immediately soured.

She straightened up and shot Lin Zaozao a fierce glare, then gave a subtle signal to one of the shirtless men beside her.

Receiving Princess Qianyue's order, the man stepped forward, took out a bone whistle from his waist, and blew into it, making an unpleasant droning sound.

The grating noise made Lin Zaozao feel like she needed to use the restroom.

Sheesh! That sound was really... quite urge-inducing!

Just as Lin Zaozao was inwardly cursing the awful noise while clutching her stomach, countless snakes, insects, rats, and ants began crawling towards them from the surrounding pools.

Seeing the tide of toxins surging their way, Lin Zaozao's earlier trepidation gave way to firm resolve.

She took a step forward, firmly shielding Gu Shan and Little Xibei behind her, and stared defiantly at the oncoming toxic tide.

"Zaozao, come here!"

Brushing aside Gu Shan's outstretched hand, Lin Zaozao stood resolutely in front of him, awaiting the approaching venomous creatures.

She could die, but her beloved Gu Shan must not.

[System, my dear system, save me! I'm done for!]

[Hmph! You foolish host, you still know to ask me for help? From your conceited behavior, I thought you had some way to deal with these toxins!]

[Dear sweet system, I have no solution! Those snakes, rats, insects, and ants are almost here... Ahh! I'm so scared!

They look so dark and ugly, it's terrifying! Ahhh... I'm going to die!]

[Being afraid is useless! Host, take one step forward, and I'll tell you how to handle this.]

Heeding the system's firm words, Lin Zaozao stepped forward without hesitation.

[System, what now? How do I deal with these toxins? They look so ugly, I really can't bring myself to like them!]

[Host, spread your arms wide and embrace those adorable creatures warmly!]


[Host, hurry up and do it! Remember, you must be passionate. If you could even kiss and cuddle them affectionately, that would be even better.]

[You damn system, why don't you just go die?! You actually want me to kiss those toxins?!!!]

[What's this? The host is being speciesist! Not very nice behavior!]

[Damn your discrimination! You stupid system, don't waste any more words! Help me think of a solution, ah ah ah, those venomous creatures are almost crawling to my feet!!!]

[You stupid host, trust me, quickly use your hand to touch those venomous creatures. If you delay any longer, I won't care about you anymore.]

[You stupid system, can you guarantee that you're not just messing with me now!]

[No no no no!!!! Idiotic pig host, quickly crouch down and stretch out your hand!!!!!]

Listening to the system's furious roars, Lin Zaozao looked at the surging venomous creatures rushing towards her.

After taking a deep breath, she then bent over, squatted on the ground, closed her eyes and stretched out her hand!

Damn it, if she dies in a moment, she will become a vengeful ghost and strangle this good-for-nothing stupid system!

"Zaozao, come back quickly!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao's reckless action, Gu Shan, who had been guarding Lin Zaozao by her side, raised his head and prepared to pull Lin Zaozao behind him to protect her.

But just as he stretched out his hand, when the black venomous snake at the very front was about to strike Lin Zaozao's fingers, a white light flashed and that snake instantly turned into a pile of ashes and disappeared without a trace.

Next, one after another, those surging venomous creatures, as they passed through the intersection of Lin Zaozao's fingers, flashed with white light and all turned into piles of ashes.

In just a moment, those surging venomous creatures all turned into dust and vanished before Lin Zaozao's eyes.

Seeing this scene, the man who had just been blowing bone chillingly immediately stopped and stared at Lin Zaozao with his mouth agape.

"You idiot! Why are you still dazed, quickly release those venomous people from the pool and let them tear that beansprout Princess Mingzhu apart!"

Originally stunned by her own fingers, when Lin Zaozao heard Princess Qianyue insulting her as a beansprout, she immediately became unhappy.

Damn it, it's not her fault that her buns are small in size.

Now Princess Qianyue the cow can't beat her, so she's resorting to personal attacks!!

Besides, the concentrated is the essence. Her small steamed buns are the essence concentrated, which the cow Princess Qianyue can never obtain.


"You damn cow Princess Qianyue, you're looking for death by insulting me as a beansprout!!!"

Lin Zaozao turned around and pointed her finger at Princess Qianyue's protruding chest.

Because of the shocking scene just now, when Princess Qianyue saw Lin Zaozao pointing at her, she subconsciously took a step back.

"What are you backing away for? See my Ash Dispersal Fingerpoint!!! Biubiubiu......"

With Lin Zaozao's voice, Princess Qianyue and the men surrounding her were so scared that they retreated backwards.

In the blink of an eye, Princess Qianyue and those men fled in disarray towards the distance.

Chapter end

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