The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 253

Chapter 253

Looking at the innocent and puzzled eyes of Da Bao and the others, Lin Zaozao was momentarily stunned and couldn't help but smile.

After a light chuckle, she pointed at the pile of ashes she had turned the venomous snakes and insects into with her "Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger" technique.

"My dear babies, you all saw how your sister used her skills to turn those venomous creatures into dust, didn't you?"

"Yes, we saw it," the six babies answered in unison.


Meeting their shiny golden-blue irises, Lin Zaozao cleared her throat, then pointed at her voluptuous chest and said seriously:

"Here's what happened. To deal with those poisonous things, I overexerted my inner power.

Using too much inner power caused my inner energies to become chaotic, with the blood rushing to my chest, making me dizzy and weak in my limbs..."

"Sister Zaozao, your condition is so complex and strange. But what exactly is wrong with you?"

Liu Bao poked Lin Zaozao's chest with his finger, looking puzzled.

"In short, to put it simply, I overexerted myself, causing my chest and buttocks to swell up. Once the swelling goes down, my chest will return to normal."

Lin Zaozao said nonsense with a serious expression, while Little Xibei and Gu Shan, standing behind her, couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at? Have you never seen someone's chest and butt swell up like melons before?"

"We haven't, but thanks to Zaozao's demonstration today, we've learned something new. So using too much inner power can really make one's chest swell up that much?"

Hearing Little Xibei's teasing and seeing Gu Shan's eyes almost popping out from laughter, Lin Zaozao rolled her eyes at them before turning around to grab the little poisonous kids that Liu Bao and the others had fished out of the poison pool.

The system had said that rescuing these little poisonous kids would earn her virtue.

Although invisible, having virtue was better than not having any.

Intimidated by Da Bao and the others, the little poisonous kids who had just been fished out of the pool could only cower and avoid Lin Zaozao's approach, not daring to bite.

Because if they showed any sign of hostility, Da Bao and the others would make a snake-like "xi xi" sound.

Under their "xi xi" sounds, Lin Zaozao successfully transferred the illnesses from the little poisonous kids.

As expected, without Lin Zaozao asking, the system's random reward for her was either passing gas or the super antidote pills for saving the little poisonous kids.

That darn system, what random rewards? It gave them out based on its own whims. The darn system even made up this "random reward" thing to deceive her.

That system was really too darn...

After Lin Zaozao fed the super antidote pills to all the little poisonous kids, unlike Da Bao and Er Bao, they didn't fall into a coma despite emitting black smoke from their bodies.

Had the darn system upgraded these super antidote pills?

[Host, how was that? Aren't these upgraded super antidote pills much better than before?]

[My eyes aren't blind, I can see that. You darn system, what's going on? Did you suddenly grow a conscience and upgrade the super antidote pills for me?]

[You darn host, I did it for your sake.]

[What do you mean?]

[A place like Purgatory Valley is life-threatening. To protect your sorry life, I made it so that after the little poisonous kids and puppets took the antidote pills, they would instantly regain their senses.

Plus, after they consume your Level 4 Marrow Washing Liquid, they'll only regard you as their master.

Next, when you go looking for trouble with that big cow Princess Qianyue, you can rescue people along the way and recruit capable followers.

And with the "Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger" technique I gave you, you can slay anything in your path, be it deities or buddhas.]

[So you want me to go slay deities and buddhas with these two big "melons" strapped to my chest and butt? You darn system, really...

Don't you think it'll be awkward for me to walk around with my chest and butt "bouncing" up and down?]

[Host, don't you like a curvy figure with ample breasts and butt? I've fulfilled your wish now, and you're still not satisfied.

As expected, greed knows no bounds. Since you think the "melons" I gave you are too small, should I make them even bigger?]

[No way! I don't need that. Get lost, you darn system!]

[Tsk! Ungrateful melon-headed fool of a host.]

Just as Lin Zaozao finished arguing with the darn system, the little poisonous kids she had treated regained the glow in their golden-blue irises after the black smoke dissipated, and their gaze fixed firmly on Lin Zaozao.

Seeing the little poisonous kids' silence, Lin Zaozao tugged on Da Bao's sleeve and asked, puzzled:

"Da Bao, what's going on? Why aren't these little poisonous kids talking?"

"Sister Zaozao, they're imitating us," Da Bao explained softly while watching the kneeling little poisonous kids.

"What do you mean?"

"Sister, although these little poisonous kids have regained their senses, they still can't speak yet.

They're just watching us intently, trying to learn how we communicate."Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

"Is that so?"

Lin Zaozao turned to look at the little poisonous kids, whose eyes were fixed on her and Da Bao without blinking.

She squatted down and made eye contact with the dirty-faced little poisonous kid in front, saying gently:

"Hello there!"


"My name is Lin Zaozao, you can call me Sister Zaozao like Da Bao and the others."


She was met with silence.

Well, if they couldn't understand, so be it! Da Bao and the others had just fished them out of the poison pool, so it was good enough that they had regained their senses. What more could she expect?

Lin Zaozao reached out and gently touched the dirty little face.

The kneeling little poisonous kid didn't shy away, still gazing at Lin Zaozao's face.

"Sister has to go rescue others now, you all stay here and be good. When we capture all the bad guys out there, we'll come back for you."

After patting the little poisonous kid's dirty face, Lin Zaozao turned and headed in the direction Princess Qianyue and the others had gone.

But after a few steps, she felt a tug on her clothes.

Looking back, it was indeed the little poisonous kid kneeling in front.

His golden-blue irises met Lin Zaozao's gaze for a few seconds before he opened his mouth a few times, then slowly said:



"Zao...zao sister..."

"Oh! You're learning so fast. It hasn't been long, and you can already call me Sister Zaozao."

Lin Zaozao turned around, squatted down, and patted the little poisonous kid's head, then sighed and prepared to leave.

She had an important mission here in Purgatory Valley with Little Xibei and Gu Shan.

Moreover, the secret passage they used to enter Purgatory Valley was dug out by the spies Hanye Gege and Little Xibei had planted here.

However, instead of entering the inner parts of Purgatory Valley, they came out directly at the most dangerous poison pool and encountered that big cow Princess Qianyue head-on.

If their mole had not betrayed her, then they must have run into trouble. As long as their own people were not dead, she would definitely rescue them.

When Lin Zaozao left early this time, the little poisonous kid did not tug at her clothes. However, after Lin Zaozao had taken a few steps, she heard rustling sounds behind her.

Looking back, she saw three or four dozen little poisonous kids following them on all fours.

Meeting three or four dozen pairs of golden blue heterochromatic eyes, Lin Zaozao nudged Gu Shan's arm and softly inquired, "Gu Shan, should we take them with us?"

"Take them with us! Lin Zaozao, since these kids were able to survive in the poison pool, they will naturally have the ability to protect themselves once we go out.

What's more, they even have the ability to fight for you. With them protecting you, I'll be at ease."

Hearing Gu Shan's calm words, Lin Zaozao's mind was put at ease as well.

Indeed, although these little poisonous kids were young, they had managed to survive in the poison pool.

Their skills were undoubtedly much stronger than her own pretense as the great Lin Zaozao.

As she turned and walked ahead holding Gu Shan's hand, Lin Zaozao did not notice the deep, profound look in Gu Shan's eyes.

He tilted his head slightly to look at the little poisonous people following behind them, his eyes now as black as an indissoluble ink stain.

Lin Zaozao could restore these little poisonous kids to normalcy.

Then could the living dead in his Eighteen Floors also one day return to normal?

Thinking that his Eighteen Floors could return to normal, Gu Shan felt an irrepressible surge of excitement in his heart.

He had waited so many years for this, the weight on his heart could finally be lifted by his little girl.

Someone had once told him that if he rescued those poisonous people and puppets, the blessings accumulated would be bestowed upon the person he loved most.

The person he loved most was only one - his wife, Lin Zaozao.

He would bestow all the blessings he obtained upon Lin Zaozao. He wanted her to be safe and joyful, to have a healthy body!

Standing on the side, Little Xibei saw the deep light in Gu Shan's eyes and let out a soft sigh, turning to follow Lin Zaozao towards the exit of the poison pool.

As soon as they left the secret passage, they came directly to this poison pool. It seemed their mole placed here was in grave danger.

Hopefully nothing happened to him!

Earlier, when he and Gu Shan were walking through the secret passage, they had sensed the danger. But he thought of the painstaking efforts he and Han Ye had made over the years, which could not be easily ruined.

He was too overconfident in himself, so despite sensing the danger in the secret passage, he stubbornly came in.

But the consequence? It frightened his Lin Zaozao.

If Han Ye found out about today's events, would he wring his neck directly?

Thinking of his brother's frost-covered eyes when angry,

Little Xibei felt that he was doomed at this moment.

Chapter end

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