The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 255

Chapter 255

After receiving Lin Zaozao's gaze, Gu Shan and Little Xibei subtly took a step forward.

As Gu Shan and Little Xibei moved forward, Matchless and Invincible, who had been guarding behind Lin Zaozao, quickly took their original positions, silently protecting Lin Zaozao.

Meanwhile, Da Bao and the others followed the steps of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, surrounding Lin Zaozao tightly in a protective stance.

As for the three or four dozen little poison kids who had been trailing behind Lin Zaozao, they also imitated the actions of Da Bao and the others, quickly encircling Lin Zaozao in a protective manner, vigilantly staring at Princess Qianyue and the Sorcerers atop the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes.

When Princess Qianyue and the Sorcerers on top of the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes saw the actions of those three or four dozen little poison kids, their brows unconsciously furrowed.

Even though those little poison kids were just semi-finished products, they had been thrown into the Poison Pond for so long that they had already lost their humanity.

How much time had passed since that wretched girl Ming Zhu fished them out of the Poison Pond?

What exactly did that wretched girl Ming Zhu do to those little poison kids that made them obey her and instinctively protect her?

Lin Zaozao didn't care what Princess Qianyue was thinking.

Because what she was concerned about now were the venomous snakes in the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes. Under the control of that Sorcerer, they were sticking out their forked tongues and slowly crawling towards her direction.

Seeing the colorful venomous snakes tangled like yarn, incessantly slithering towards her, Lin Zaozao felt her claustrophobia kicking in.

It was truly disgusting and terrifying.

"Gu Shan, Little Xibei, are you ready?"Visitt novlbin(.)c/m for the ltest updates

"Zaozao, we're all ready. We're just waiting for those venomous snakes to come over."

Hearing Little Xibei's deliberately lowered voice, Lin Zaozao slightly lowered her head, concealing the glow in her eyes, with the corners of her mouth curving into a subtle arc.

The show is about to begin!

Princess Qianyue, standing atop the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes, unconsciously thought that Lin Zaozao was afraid of the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes before her when she saw Lin Zaozao lower her head.

Come to think of it, it was only a month ago when she was discarded like trash by her mother, the Queen, and thrown into Purgatory Valley that she truly understood what fear was.

Back then, she lived every day as if it were worse than death.

If it weren't for her using her attractive body during this period to gain a foothold here, she would have become just another pile of white bones in the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes by now.

Thinking of her inhumane mother, the Queen, Princess Qianyue nearly gritted her teeth into pieces.

Just wait! Once she takes control of Purgatory Valley, she'll see how she kills her way back to the Fengshuo Country Imperial Palace and ruthlessly tramples that fat, pig-like mother of hers underfoot.

As Princess Qianyue was filled with hateful thoughts, the venomous snakes controlled by the Sorcerer were half-reared, rapidly slithering towards Lin Zaozao.

Seeing those venomous snakes about to approach her, Lin Zaozao unconsciously called out to the System amidst her anxiety.

[System, the Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger you gave me won't fail, will it? I don't want to be bitten to death by venomous snakes! I-I'm so-o sca-ared!]

[Host, the System is also so-o sca-ared!]

[Stupid System, what are you scared of? The venomous snakes are almost upon me, your golden finger won't fail, will it?]

[It won't! It won't! My silly host, please boldly take a step forward and give those shiny little snakes a motherly embrace!

After all, those two cantaloupes on your chest are quite large, it would be a waste if you don't produce some milk.]

[Stupid System, produce you a second uncle!]

[Cow host, the venomous snakes are about to slither up to your feet, so stop cursing me.

You, now, immediately, at once, go produce milk for those cute little venomous snake babies!!!]

[Get lost, you mangy System.]

After scolding the nonsensical System, Lin Zaozao mustered her courage, puffing out her chest, ready to extend her hand to deal with the venomous snakes that were about to slither up to her.

But before she could extend her hand, Little Xibei's next words instantly deflated the courage she had built up.

"Zaozao, those two cantaloupes of yours are already big enough, no need to puff them out. If you puff them out any more, your clothes will burst open."

"Little Xibei, if you can't speak properly, just shut up. If my clothes burst open, I'll just let them hang out. Anyway, if anyone dares to look at my private parts, I'll gouge out their eyeballs."

The conversation between Lin Zaozao and Little Xibei instantly drew the gaze of Princess Qianyue atop the snake pit.

She stared intently at the two "cantaloupes" that had suddenly grown on Lin Zaozao's chest, her eyes full of disdain.

That beansprout Ming Zhu was born without any substance, yet she dared to stuff buns into her chest.

How stupid!


Princess Qianyue's voice clearly reached Lin Zaozao's ears.

"Cow Princess Qianyue, how dare you insult me! Do you want to die? Aren't you afraid of my 'Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger'?"

As she spoke, Lin Zaozao raised her hand, squinting her eyes directly at Princess Qianyue.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's raised finger pointed at her, and recalling how she had just turned those bugs and venomous insects to ashes in an instant, Princess Qianyue and the men around her, including the one blowing the snake whistle, quickly retreated as Princess Qianyue moved backwards.

It was at that very moment when Princess Qianyue and those men retreated that Gu Shan and Little Xibei launched themselves like arrows towards Princess Qianyue.

Meanwhile, Lin Zaozao swiftly turned her hand, pointing her finger at the oncoming wave of venomous snakes.

"Vast is the azure sky, boundless the wilderness, crispy on the outside, tender within, a whole roasted lamb. Today, your mistress goes berserk, to cure her kidney deficiency, sugar-free, with a single finger, the snakes turn to ashes, scattering in the air!"

As the word "air" left Lin Zaozao's mouth, her finger unleashed that same mysterious energy as before.

A flash of white light, and under the mysterious energy emanating from Lin Zaozao's finger, the oncoming wave of venomous snakes instantly turned into a pile of ashes.

In that blinding flash, the surge of venomous snakes had vanished into thin air, without a single one remaining, in the blink of an eye.

Seeing all the venomous snakes dead, Lin Zaozao was only then shocked enough to withdraw her finger.

She slowly retracted her hand, gazing at her finger in excitement.

Although this skill couldn't harm living humans, the way she had just killed those snakes was simply awesome! Extremely cool!

"My little darlings, wasn't your sister's move just awesome?"

"Awesome?" The six little ones asked in confusion.

"Yes, wasn't your sister Zaozao awesome? I turned all those venomous snakes into ashes with just one finger."

"Awesome, sister Zaozao is the most awesome."

Da Bao and the other six children sincerely praised her.

As Da Bao and the others finished praising her, the three or four dozen little poison kids trailing behind Lin Zaozao also imitated them, stuttering in their praise.

"Si-ster Zao-zao awe-some!"

"Si-ster Zao-zao coo-l!"

"Zao-zao, coo-l!"


Hearing the disorderly praises from those little poison kids, Lin Zaozao felt a pang of sadness amidst her joy.

These were all children who never got to grow up.

But it would be alright from now on. Once she levels this damned Purgatory Valley, there would never again be any little poison kids or emotionless assassin puppets.

As Lin Zaozao marveled at those little venomous creatures, Princess Qianyue's heartrending screams came from above.

Hearing Princess Qianyue's screams, which sounded like a pig being slaughtered, Lin Zaozao's body involuntarily shuddered.

Dear me!

That big cow Princess Qianyue, why was she screaming so awfully?

She had just ordered Gu Shan and Little Xibei to apprehend her, not harm her in any way. From her current piercing screams, one would think Gu Shan and Little Xibei had done something to her.

Listening to Princess Qianyue's grating screams, Lin Zaozao turned her head and looked towards the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes.

At one glance, Lin Zaozao felt a chill down her spine.

The dense mass of venomous snakes from earlier had been reduced to ashes by her "Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger" technique.

With the snakes gone, what remained at the bottom of the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes was a layer of grim white bones.

Lin Zaozao took a deep breath, trying to suppress the dull ache in her heart, and slowly walked towards those white bones.

Matchless and Invincible, guarding Lin Zaozao, saw the direction she was heading. They exchanged a glance, intending to reach out and stop her.

But when they saw the dazzling Buddha's light emanating from Lin Zaozao's body, their eyes softened, and the outstretched hands withdrew involuntarily.

Upon reaching the bottom of the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes, Lin Zaozao avoided the white bones and stepped towards the center, one step at a time.

Ordinarily, seeing so many grim white bones would have made her scream in fright, which would have been considered quite courageous of her.

But now, as she gazed upon the countless white bones, her eyes held only endless sorrow.

Until Lin Zaozao reached the center of the pit, she randomly found an empty spot and sat down on the ground.

With both hands, she picked up the nearest small skull, belonging to a child no more than six years old.

Gazing at the tiny skull with her golden eyes, Lin Zaozao's aura of Buddha's light gradually became more dazzling.

Under the gaze of Lin Zaozao's golden eyes, it seemed as though the child's skull in her hands slowly transformed into the tender face of a young child.

Looking at that ashen, withered little face, Lin Zaozao unconsciously raised her hand and gently wiped away the ashes, bit by bit.

As Lin Zaozao brushed away the ashes, the withered little face gradually regained its liveliness.

Until finally, a meek smile appeared on the small face, which then turned into a glimmer of light and slowly vanished from Lin Zaozao's sight.

Along with that white light, the child's skull that Lin Zaozao had been cradling in her hands also disappeared.

Gazing at her now empty hands, Lin Zaozao's golden eyes showed no sign of anything amiss.

However, Matchless and Invincible, who had been standing guard beside her, were utterly astonished!

Was their master truly a great immortal?

As Matchless and Invincible looked on in shock, Lin Zaozao picked up another skull. This one was slightly larger, belonging to a child no more than eight or nine years old.

The skull's owner was still a child.

Slowly repeating her previous actions, Lin Zaozao watched as the skull vanished from her hands.

One skull after another slowly disappeared from Lin Zaozao's hands.

Chapter end

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