The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 263

Chapter 263

Walking over to Princess Qianyue's side, Lin Zaozao ignored her perplexed gaze and immediately grabbed her hand to transfer her ailment.

After transferring the ailment, Lin Zaozao gave her the drop of Level 4 Marrow Washing Liquid she obtained.

With one drop of Marrow Washing Liquid going down, Princess Qianyue's pale face immediately regained some color.

It seemed that her Level 4 Marrow Washing Liquid had taken effect.

When Lin Zaozao released Princess Qianyue's hand and turned to leave, her hand was pulled back by the princess.

"Mingzhu, did you just save me?"

"Yes! Qianyue, the Big Cow, your Auntie has dragged your sorry life back from the gates of the underworld.

That dog fart Seductive Venom on you is gone too. As a reward, you should live a good life with Lvzhi from now on!

If not for Lvzhi's sake, I would never have saved you. Not for the sake of our personal feud, but for my Ji Fantian.

Back in Border City, you almost burned him to death. But Lvzhi had painstakingly infiltrated Han Country for over a decade, so I should do something for him.

However, Qianyue, if you ever do evil again, I'll break your legs and gouge out your eyes myself."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's menacing threats, Princess Qianyue only laughed softly.

"At least you saved me for Lvzhi's sake!"

"Yes! Your Auntie saved you. Otherwise, could you still talk to me so brazenly now?"

Meeting Lin Zaozao's impatient gaze, Princess Qianyue didn't get angry. She tilted her head, squinted her eyes at Lin Zaozao's chest, and mocked her.

"Mingzhu, what did you stuff in your chest? It's so bulging!"


Lin Zaozao proudly cupped her chest and said openly.

"Didn't I sneak into Purgatory Valley? I was afraid of getting hungry, so I stuffed two big steamed buns in my chest.

Little did I expect it to have such a good effect. If I had known stuffing steamed buns would be so effective, I would have stuffed a few more."

"Hmph! Even if you stuffed a few more steamed buns, it wouldn't change the fact that you're just a beansprout."

Princess Qianyue sneered lightly.

"Hey, hey, hey! Qianyue, the Big Cow, I just dragged you back from the gates of the underworld, and not only do you not appreciate my kindness, but you're insulting me too!

Have you had enough of living? Believe me, I'll slap you flying right now!"

Faced with Lin Zaozao's vicious glare, Princess Qianyue only gave her a contemptuous look in return.

She adjusted her position in Lvzhi's embrace and calmly said to Lin Zaozao.

"Mingzhu, how about I give you Fengshuo Country as thanks for saving my life?"

"What? Give me Fengshuo Country? In your current weakling state?"

Lin Zaozao curled her lips disdainfully.iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

"Mingzhu, if I hadn't been afflicted by that Seductive Venom, I would never have ended up in this state.

Who knows, I might have already escaped Purgatory Valley through that secret passage Lvzhi and the others dug out.

Once I escaped Purgatory Valley, I wouldn't be afraid of killing my heartless and unrighteous mother, the Empress!"

Glancing at Princess Qianyue's predatory expression, Lin Zaozao took a deep breath and sat down opposite her on the ground.

"Princess Qianyue, what kind of arrangements did you make outside of Purgatory Valley that could help me?"

"A lot. Mingzhu, if I help you obtain Fengshuo Country, will you ensure my lifelong prosperity and safety under your watch?"

"I can do that. But Qianyue, for the rest of your life, you must live under my surveillance without any freedom.

If you agree, then our deal is sealed. Of course, if you disagree, our deal is void.

Either way, I've set my sights on your Fengshuo Country. Without your help, the process will just be a bit more troublesome.

But that extra trouble is nothing to me."

"Fine! Mingzhu, let's have a pleasant cooperation."

"A pleasant cooperation, Qianyue the Big Cow."

"You're just a beansprout that's not bulging in the front or the back, Mingzhu!"

"Go away!"

"Hmph! A little brat stuffing her chest with steamed buns!"

As Lin Zaozao stood up, she took the opportunity to grope Princess Qianyue's chest while she wasn't paying attention.

Alas! Although she had the System's cheats, her melons were still not as big as Qianyue the Big Cow's.

Moreover, her melons would be gone by tomorrow.

"Mingzhu, groping them once won't do any good. No matter how much you grope, my chest will still be bigger than yours!"

Princess Qianyue scoffed lightly.

"What good is being bigger? A cow's breasts are only bigger for producing milk in the end.

My chest may be small, but haven't you heard a saying? Concentrated is the essence!

You uncultured Big Cow!"

"Theirs may be essence, but yours is as flat as the North China Plain, not even as big as a small steamed bun!"

"Qianyue the Big Cow, your mouth is so salty!"

"Takes one to know one!"

Glancing at Princess Qianyue and Lvzhi still sitting on the ground, Lin Zaozao turned and pulled Gu Shan along as she headed outside.

She couldn't keep bickering with Qianyue the Big Cow anymore. After all, her precious Gu Shan's matters were the most important.

"Uncle Zhang, the affairs in Purgatory Valley have been more or less settled. I'll leave the next steps to you."

"Got it, girl."

Uncle Zhang looked at Lin Zaozao, hesitated for a moment, but still asked.

"Girl, are you sure it's a good idea to save that Princess Qianyue? Aren't you afraid she'll turn on you after getting out?"

"I'm not afraid, Uncle Zhang. Princess Qianyue drank my medicine just now. Under the medicine's effects, she will be loyal to me for the rest of her life.


Lin Zaozao sighed slightly.

"Uncle Zhang, I used to dislike Princess Qianyue because she tried to burn Ji Fantian in Border City.

But I've already avenged her for burning Border City. Until I went to prison, I still disliked her a lot. After all, that b*tch always opposed me, it would be weird if I could like her.

But just now, Princess Qianyue had just walked back from the gates of the underworld. After being humiliated, she could collect herself in the blink of an eye.

Her willpower and desire to live are so strong that I can't help but admire her. If I were in her position, after going through all those things, I definitely wouldn't be as strong as her.

Someone like her is worth being used by me.

Moreover, Lvzhi pleaded for her. For public and private reasons, I couldn't let her die in front of Lvzhi.

That would be too heartless. Besides, keeping Princess Qianyue won't be a burden for me.

Also, she does have the forces I need to help me obtain Fengshuo Country more easily and smoothly."

"Alright, as long as the girl knows what she's doing. We can handle one Princess Qianyue, even if she gets out of Purgatory Valley, she won't cause much trouble under Lord Han Ye's watch.

If the young master wants to take her in, Uncle will follow your lead."

"Thank you, Uncle Zhang."

Lin Zaozao smiled sweetly.

"Girl, Uncle has things to take care of, you be careful."

After saying that with a smile to Lin Zaozao, Uncle Zhang's expression immediately turned stern when he glanced towards Dashan.

"Dashan, protect the young master well."

"Uncle, don't worry, I'll always guard the young master."

Dashan promised earnestly.

"Good, young master, I have things to handle, so I'll get going first."

"Take care, Uncle Zhang."

Lin Zaozao said obediently.

After watching Uncle Zhang leave with his people, Lin Zaozao turned to the well-behaved Gu Shan, took a step forward, and hugged him tightly.

"Gu Shan, the affairs in Purgatory Valley have been settled. From today onwards, there will no longer be a Purgatory Valley in this world.

If you're willing, take me to your Eighteen Floors!"

I know that in your Eighteen Floors, there are attachments you cannot let go of and nightmares that you have been unable to shake off for many years.

Now, shall we face your attachments and nightmares together?

"Yes! Lin Zaozao, I... I want to cry..."

"Don't cry! Crying too much is not good for your eyes. Gu Shan, once we've dealt with the matters in the Eighteen Floors, you must never leave me again, okay?"

"Okay, I won't ever leave again."

Gu Shan stretched out his arms and tightly embraced Lin Zaozao, resting his head on her shoulder, silently shedding tears.

Feeling the warmth on her neck, all Lin Zaozao could do was tightly hug him back.

This is her lover, Gu Shan.

"My lord, shall we return to the Eighteen Floors now?"

A man dressed in black, wearing a skull mask, stepped forward to inquire.

"Inform those lurking in the Purgatory Valley, as well as those outside, to return to the Eighteen Floors at the fastest speed.

Our Eighteen Floors should also see the sun."

"Yes, my lord!"

The man in black replied excitedly after hearing Gu Shan's words.

Gu Shan scanned the direction in which the man in black had left, then held Lin Zaozao's hand, his eyes immediately turning red.


"Lin Zaozao, could you please..."

"Kiss and hug and lift you up? Sure, no problem."

Before Gu Shan could finish, Lin Zaozao wrapped her arms around his neck, evenly smearing her saliva on his face.

With a heave, she lifted Gu Shan into her arms.

"Gu Shan, now let's go to your Eighteen Floors."


Gu Shan pursed his lips and said gently.

Besides Uncle Zhang and the Han Country soldiers he brought, everyone else followed Lin Zaozao to Gu Shan's Eighteen Floors.

Before reaching the Eighteen Floors, Lin Zaozao had always thought that Gu Shan's Eighteen Floors was just like an ancient eighteen-story building standing on flat ground.

After several days of travel, passing through perilous forests and wetlands, when she finally saw Gu Shan's Eighteen Floors, she could only describe it as shocking.

Chapter end

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