The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 268

Chapter 268

Only this time, the flowers that blossomed on the Moonlight Flower Tree were not all snow-white. Among the vast expanse of white, there were scattered red moonlight flowers, one after another.

The intermingling of red and white colors made the entire Moonlight Flower Tree appear so breathtakingly beautiful that one could hardly keep their eyes open.

When the moonlight flowers truly bloomed, the poisonous people and puppets trapped in the stone cave ceased their hissing.

The puppets' crimson eyes slowly returned to normal, turning to the black color that regular people should have.

And the blue and gold heterochromatic eyes of the little poisonous people also regained their clarity.

Just as everyone was astonished at the sight of the poisonous people and puppets, the red flower petals from the Moonlight Flower Tree drifted towards them.

The moment the red petals touched their foreheads, they all transformed into distinct red markings, clearly etched upon their brows.

Lin Zaozao, sealed within the transparent space, saw a flash of red light in her eyes as she witnessed this scene.

This is...

"This is the Singular-Mind Imprint. Those whom I have cured shall not commit evil deeds in this life. If you commit evil, the Singular-Mind Imprint shall disappear, and your lives shall come to an end."

Lin Zaozao heard the system speaking through her body, and her brows couldn't help but furrow.

The Singular-Mind Imprint!

Is this merely a tool to restrain these poisonous people and puppets from committing evil for the rest of their lives?

Yet, she vaguely remembered that this Singular-Mind Imprint had another purpose.

That was allegiance.

Once a person's forehead was imprinted with this mark, they would be loyal to the master of the imprint for the rest of their lives.

And the master of the imprint was her!

For she saw a similar white moonlight flower imprint appear on her wrist.

White as the master, red as the servant.

What was the system doing?

Was it using the name of healing to make the awakened puppets and poisonous people serve her for the rest of their lives?

Just as Lin Zaozao was puzzled by the white imprint on her wrist, the poisonous people and puppets who had regained their senses emerged from the opened cages in the stone cave and knelt before Lin Zaozao's body in unison.

The atmosphere instantly became solemn.

After a while, Lin Zaozao watched as the system, using her body, stood with both arms spread wide in an arrogant, boastful manner of a great deity.

[Damn system, they've been kneeling for so long, you should tell them to get up.]

[No way, this is such a great opportunity to show off, how can I not savor it a little longer?]

[What's there to savor? You're using my body. Now that the poison has been removed from the poisonous people and puppets, you should return my body to me.]

[Return it to you? Heh, sorry! Your body is under my control now, and I'll do with it as I please.

When night falls and the time comes, I'll naturally return the body to you.]

[Damn system, you're not going to keep my body, are you?]

[Of course I'll return it! I definitely have to return it, after all, I don't want to become a washboard. It's just not right now.

If I don't make good use of your washboard body for some fun, then what's the point of me coming out?]

[Damn system, you dare!]

[Heheh! I really dare now. After all, you can't do anything to me, can you? Flat as a board with no chest or butt.]

Then, the damn system completely ignored Lin Zaozao's furious roars and lifted her chin towards the kneeling poisonous people and puppets.

"My beloved subjects, rise!"

Hearing Xi Luo's pretentious voice, Little Xibei turned her head away, unable to bear watching.

That Xi Luo, just like in his previous life, loved nothing more than putting on airs in front of others.

Upon hearing Xi Luo's words, the poisonous people and puppets on the ground obediently stood up.

However, as they stood, those assassins wearing skull masks began to remove their masks, revealing faces that had become deathly pale from years of being deprived of sunlight.

Their excited gazes fixed upon the direction where Xi Luo was standing, and as tears rolled down their cheeks, they knelt in unison before him.

"All of us from the Eighteen Floors thank Her Majesty Zhi Mingzhu for saving our lives. For the rest of our lives, we pledge our allegiance to you. If we betray you, we shall never be reborn again."

Hearing the assassins' deafening voices, Lin Zaozao quickly asked the damn system to tell them to get up.

After all, these assassins from the Eighteen Floors originally served Gu Shan as their master. Now that they were pledging allegiance to her, where did that leave Gu Shan?

Unfortunately, the damn system directly muted her voice. No matter how she yelled or roared, the damn system couldn't hear her.

And she couldn't hear the voices of Gu Shan, Little Xibei, and the others either. She wasn't Ye Yi, after all! She couldn't read lips!

What was the damn system trying to do?

Had the damn system truly decided not to return her body to her?

To her surprise, Gu Shan also half-knelt before Lin Zaozao's body, uttering the same pledge as the assassins.

After everyone had chanted the pledge several times, the damn system arrogantly raised its head, signaling for Gu Shan and the others to stand up.

Rising from the ground, Gu Shan strode towards the arrogant Lin Zaozao.

No, it was that male ghost called Xi Luo!

Gu Shan approached Xi Luo and asked in a low voice, "You are the Xi Luo, the young priest from Purgatory Valley?"

"Yeah! Gu Shan, why aren't you crying in front of your big sister's face? Do you want me to give you a hug and a kiss and toss you up in the air?"

"Why would I cry in front of Zaozao? And you already know the reason in your heart. Xi Luo, you're occupying Zaozao's body now, so where is she?"

"Right by my side. Only she can see you, but you can't see her."

"Is that so?"

Gu Shan scanned left and right, but he couldn't see Lin Zaozao's soul anywhere.

"Gu Shan, you're not a priest, so how could you possibly see Sister's soul? Even Han Xibei, that half-baked priest, can't see where Sister is now."

Xi Luo twisted Lin Zaozao's body as he boasted proudly.

"Xi Luo, you call Zaozao 'Sister,' so you definitely won't harm her, right?"

"Of course not. No matter who I harm, I would never harm her."

"If that's the case, return her body to her now."

"No, not now. At the latest, I'll return the body to Sister when the time is right in the evening."Checkk new ovel chpters at novlbin(.)com

"Xi Luo, by occupying Zaozao's body, aren't you afraid she'll hold a grudge against you?"

"No way! She'll hold a grudge against someone called the 'system,' not her brother Xi Luo."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Never mind, and you can't do anything about it anyway."

Xi Luo rudely rolled his eyes at Gu Shan, reached out and groped Lin Zaozao's small chest again.

After groping it, he kept muttering insults.

Too small, too flat, can't even tell the front from the back.

"Xi Luo, by doing this, aren't you afraid that Zaozao will hear our conversation?"

"Of course not! I've temporarily muted Sister's hearing. She can only see our interactions now, but she can't hear our conversation."

Xi Luo winked at Gu Shan with a smile, then controlled Lin Zaozao's body to pounce straight at him.

"Gu Shan, I'm so tired! Won't you give me a kiss?"

Seeing the familiar face before him acting coquettishly, Gu Shan's heart softened for a moment. But when he remembered that a man resided within that body, his expression instantly turned cold.

However, just as he reached out to push Lin Zaozao's body away, Xi Luo's words froze Gu Shan in his tracks.

"Gu Shan, have you thought this through? Next, even though Elder Sister can't hear our conversation right now, she can see what's happening. If she sees you pushing her body away, will she think you no longer like her?"

Xi Luo's words made Gu Shan's outstretched arm hesitate for a few seconds.

During those few seconds, Xi Luo took control of Lin Zaozao's body and had it lunge into Gu Shan's embrace.

"Young Husband Gu Shan, let me ask you again, do you want this old master to give you a hug and a smooch?" Xi Luo said with a mischievous smile, lowering his voice.

"Get lost!" Gu Shan replied with a forced laugh.

Trapped in the transparent space, Lin Zaozao could only see the actions of Gu Shan and her own body, but couldn't hear the conversation between the system and Gu Shan.

When she saw the system using her body to throw itself at Gu Shan, she nearly bit through her front teeth.

Damn it, she was right earlier - that damn system isn't human, it's either a freak or queer.

It dared to use her body to tease not only Little Xibei, but also her beloved husband Gu Shan!

She could hear the conversation between it and Little Xibei earlier.

But now!

She couldn't hear a word of what the damn system was saying to Gu Shan!

She didn't know what lewd things the damn system might say while using her body.

That damn system couldn't have taken a liking to her Gu Shan, could it?

Her Gu Shan was so innocent, what if the damn system took advantage of him while using her body?

This was infuriating but unavoidable.

No, she was beyond furious now, like an erupting volcano, but she was powerless against that damn system.

Because the damn system had muted her voice...

Now she could only watch helplessly as the system used her body to get all intimate with her precious Gu Shan.

But she was powerless to stop it.

Ah... she was utterly powerless!

[Damn system, give my body back right now!]

[Little Washboard, I'll give you back your body tonight. This system has been trapped in that dark pit for so many years, and now that I'm finally free, can't you have a little sympathy and let me run wild for a bit?]

[You can run wild all you want, but why are you hugging and embracing my Gu Shan?!]

[What's the big deal? It's your body anyway, you're not losing anything.]


[Shut up.]

The next second, the damn system cut off its connection with Lin Zaozao, leaving the poor girl to vent her anger by pounding on the transparent barrier.

[Damn system, you're dead meat!]

The damn system simply ignored Lin Zaozao's roars.

Although Xi Luo was a little afraid when he heard Lin Zaozao's shouts, he temporarily put that fear aside, thinking about what he needed to do next using Lin Zaozao's body.

He mustered his courage and looked at the faces of Gu Shan, Ye Yi, Little Xibei, and Xiao Liuli.

But when his gaze met Xiao Liuli's, he couldn't help but sigh.

This brother of his really was terribly unlucky.

Not only did he have to protect his elder sister's physical safety, he also had to help her manage the rear courtyard.

That Xiao Liuli would definitely end up with his elder sister in this life.

If he didn't step in to help the two of them, they would undoubtedly suffer greatly from misunderstandings over the next decade or so, tormenting their feelings for each other.

Chapter end

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