The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 278

Chapter 278

Hearing Gu Shan's threatening voice, Little Xibei simply rolled a large pair of eyes at him.

Just now, who was the one sniffling and feeling sorry for Zaozao, while secretly touching Zaozao's pig ears with his hand?

Now he's not sniffling anymore, he's become normal. Because he gently pinched Zaozao's nose, and now he's become an utterly heinous scoundrel.

In the end, it's just that he can't stand anyone getting close to Zaozao in front of him.

Gu Shan dared to say that just now, the sour smell coming from Zaozao as she rubbed her pig nose against Xiao Liuli could have made his teeth ache.

"What? You're not satisfied."

"I'm not satisfied, so what are you going to do about it? Gu Shan, your kung fu skills may be good, but mine aren't bad either. Between the two of us, it's uncertain who would win in a fight."

"Then let's try it!"

Gu Shan said coldly.

"Then let's try it now, so you don't go around showing off in front of me, thinking I'm afraid of you."

Little Xibei frowned and spoke coldly.

Seeing Gu Shan and Little Xibei's confrontational posture, Lin Zaozao was just about to step forward to stop them.

But before she could act, Dashan, who was leaning against the door, coldly glared at Gu Shan and Little Xibei and sneered.

"Gu Shan, you're pregnant, you can't fight. I'm sure you don't need me to remind you of that.

And Xibei, did you get the young master pregnant last night?"

Dashan's words made everyone's eyes focus on Little Xibei's flat stomach.

Especially Lin Zaozao, she stared incredulously at Little Xibei's slender waist, then remembered what happened last night with Little Xibei.

Just three seconds, can that really get someone pregnant?

And she had just entered the bridal chamber with Little Xibei last night, so how did Dashan know that Little Xibei was pregnant so early in the morning?

"Young master, I'm Bright Sacrifice from the Sacrifice Hall. Besides martial arts and cooking, my greatest talent is being able to observe the stars.

Last night, there were two faint stars in Xibei's star chart. Those two stars were very distant from the main star, and there's an 80% chance they are connected by bloodline.

Xibei, you must have noticed the change in your star chart last night, I don't believe you didn't."

Facing Dashan's mocking, Little Xibei just kept a cold face and said nothing.

He wasn't blind, after that embarrassing three seconds last night, the first thing he did after pulling up his pants and walking out the door was to check his star chart.

Sure enough, just like that dog Xi Luo's curse, after those three seconds, there really were two stars in his star chart.

Because of those two stars, Little Xibei stood in the courtyard all night long.

He had thought that as long as he found excuses not to enter the bridal chamber with Zaozao in the next ten years, she wouldn't find out that he was a three-second man.

But no matter how unwilling he was, would that dog Xi Luo let him off?

This three-second thing of his was sealed in his future for the next ten years. Not only did he have to be a three-second man, he also had to be a pig for breeding in the next ten years.

So when he saw the pig-nosed and pig-eared Lin Zaozao this morning, he really felt both love and hate!

The reason for love is self-evident, and as for the hate, it's because this ungrateful little thing slept with him and then went off to enjoy herself, leaving him like a resentful husband, only able to bite his handkerchief and lament his miserable fate.

Just now, when he saw this heartless little thing using her pig nose to tease Xiao Liuli, if he didn't get angry, there would be something wrong.

Seeing Little Xibei's puffed-up face, Lin Zaozao incredulously reached out and gently touched his flat stomach.

With just those three seconds, could she really have planted a child in Little Xibei's belly? And according to Dashan's words, it seems to be two!

Two children, one and a half seconds per child?


She really is an extraordinary talent!

"Zaozao, what's with that look in your eyes?"

Little Xibei impatiently swatted away Lin Zaozao's hand that was constantly feeling his abdomen, and said gruffly.

"Hmph, hmph, hmph..."

(You really... got pregnant?)

"I'm not pregnant, I'm pregnant with piglets. Alright, little girl, stop touching me, go get ready, we still have to set off!"

The dazed Lin Zaozao was pushed by Little Xibei in front of the bronze vanity, her gaze still fixed on Little Xibei's belly.

This belly of Little Xibei's practically has supernatural abilities.

Just three seconds, one and a half seconds to conceive a child. If he could hold out a few more seconds, would there be even more children in his belly?

Thinking of Little Xibei walking around with a big belly, Lin Zaozao secretly giggled, her eyes practically sparkling.

Carrying twins, he should start showing soon! In a few months, won't she be able to see Little Xibei supporting his waist, with a big belly?

"Zaozao, look in the mirror, are you satisfied?"

Seeing Ye Yi's amused expression, Lin Zaozao turned around and saw two large pink pig ears with several especially eye-catching flowers inserted into them.

The flowers were large and the colors were very nice.

The only pity was that they were not placed in the right position.

Sticking such large two flowers on her pig ears gave a definite Zhu Bajie vibe.

Not to mention her pig nose, if she went out with these huge flowers, she'd definitely be the center of attention wherever she went.

Glaring reproachfully at the suppressed laughter of Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli, Lin Zaozao pulled out the few flowers inserted in her ears, looked around, and found a pale green tablecloth on the table, which she tied directly on her head.

Although it looked a bit ugly, at least it could cover her pig ears.

As for the protruding pig nose, Lin Zaozao thought about it and pulled some extra fabric from the top to cover her face.

Taking a look in the bronze mirror.

There, she's now a standard-issue masked hero. The only difference is that the cloth covering her face is green.

Lin Zaozao turned around and wrote on the table with her hand dipped in water.

"Do I look like a masked hero?"

"No, you look like a green-clad flower thief."

Little Xibei playfully tugged the tablecloth covering Lin Zaozao's face and chuckled.

Glaring reproachfully at the playful Little Xibei, Lin Zaozao took Gu Shan's hand and after greeting Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli, turned and walked out.

As Gu Shan led her to the large square they had just entered, the first thing Lin Zaozao saw was the assassins dressed in black tight suits, armed with weapons.

Men, women, old and young, they were all there. The eldest one's hair was already graying, and the youngest was probably around six or seven years old. Such a young child, yet each of them was carrying weapons taller than their own frames.

The expressionless assassins, upon seeing Lin Zaozao and Gu Shan emerge together, their faces suddenly became excited.

Especially the one in the front, a little Liuzi, he held the hands of two eight or nine-year-old youths and strode towards Lin Zaozao.

But just as they were about to reach Lin Zaozao, they were blocked by Dashan's outstretched hand. Seeing his path blocked, Liuzi was not upset, he pulled his two brothers and they all knelt down in front of Lin Zaozao.

"Your Majesty Ming Zhu!"

"Your Majesty Ming Zhu!"


Seeing the three children kneeling before her, Lin Zaozao glanced sideways at Gu Shan, seeing no reaction from him, she stepped forward and tried to help the three children up from the ground.

But before she could walk over, Gu Shan grabbed Lin Zaozao's hand, stepping over the three children kneeling on the ground, and headed toward two huge stone pillars in the center of the square.

When they arrived under the stone pillars, Lin Zaozao looked at Gu Shan in puzzlement, unsure why he had brought her here.

Gu Shan turned his head to glance at Lin Zaozao, then put his arm around her waist.

In the next second, Lin Zaozao found herself being carried by Gu Shan up to the top of the stone pillars, looking down at the assassins standing in the square below.

"From this day forward, everyone in Eighteen Floors, including myself, shall serve my wife Ming Zhu as our mistress.

Matters of life and death shall be decided by her. Any who disobey shall be killed without mercy."

As Gu Shan's words fell, the assassins in the square knelt down in unison.

There were no shouts, but the scene was all the more solemn and dignified.

Seeing the solemn scene below, Lin Zaozao tugged at Gu Shan's arm, signaling him to bring her down.pTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

Once they were under the stone pillars, Lin Zaozao looked at the children carrying weapons. She stepped forward and took the weapons from them.

"Zaozao, what are you..."

Faced with Gu Shan's puzzled look, Lin Zaozao thought for a moment, then picked up a stone and wrote:

"They are too young to kill. They need to study, not kill. And I don't need them to kill."

Reading the words on the ground, Gu Shan fell silent for a moment before sighing.

"Zaozao, although they are young, their martial arts skills are top-notch. If you raise them from a young age, they will become your most loyal guards when they grow up."

Meeting Gu Shan's expectant gaze, Lin Zaozao's reply was a light shake of her head.

These children were only a few years old, yet they had already tasted the bitterest fruits of the human world. Now that they were free, she, Lin Zaozao, was nothing special, and could not bring herself to raise such young children as her guards.

Besides, she already had Zhang Shu, Dashan, Wushuangwuji, Zhaocaijinbao, and others around her.

She had more than enough guards already and truly did not need any more, especially not child guards.

Children should be studying, not roaming the martial world.

Seeing that Lin Zaozao remained steadfast, Gu Shan did not try to persuade her further. From this day on, there was nothing left for him to worry about at Eighteen Floors.

The issues with the poisoners and puppets had been resolved, and he could stay by Zaozao's side without any distractions.

As long as he was with Zaozao, no one would dare lay a finger on her.

Lin Zaozao squeezed Gu Shan's hand and smiled at him, then turned to look at Little Xibei, writing on the ground:

"Let these children go to school."

"Understood, I will make the arrangements," Little Xibei said softly.

Receiving his response, Lin Zaozao took Gu Shan's hand and headed out of the square.

"Wait a moment, Zaozao."

As Gu Shan turned around, his smiling expression suddenly became serious.

Chapter end

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