The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 287

Chapter 287

Thinking of their brothers being chased by the wolf pack, each one being ravaged by the giant wolves, their bodies couldn't help but shudder uncontrollably.

No way! They didn't want to be trained individually by the Wolf Chieftain!

Under the training of those giant wolves, even if they didn't die, they would be flayed alive.

Thinking of the miserable fate awaiting them if they failed their mission, the strong man felt his legs going soft.

He led his subordinates to stand in front of the carriage, pitifully looking at Lin Zaozao before unexpectedly kneeling before her, bursting into loud wails.

The crying was truly more mournful than having lost parents.

"By the grace of the Wolf God, we must be treacherous and ungrateful! We know our thanks but cannot repay, dead and unable to return to the Wolf God's embrace.

Rather than that, we might as well be dead..."

"Ah! Yes. We might as well be dead. We want to repay our debt, but they don't want us to repay it. Ahhh..."

"We must be treacherous and ungrateful..."

"Wolf God! Master! We cannot complete the mission, so we will meet the Wolf God this time..."

As the strong man finished crying, the slap of his companion kneeling beside him landed shamelessly on his head.

"Fool, you cried the wrong words! You exposed our bottom line!"

"Oh oh oh! I know now."

The strong man covered his mouth, looking a bit guilty as he met Lin Zaozao's smiling gaze.

He knelt, raised his chin slightly, stuck out his neck, opened his mouth wide, and wailed loudly.

"Wolf God!!! I'm going to die. Talking to the people of the Central Plains is too exhausting. It's just repaying a debt, why is it so hard!"

Hearing the strong man's wailing, Lin Zaozao burst out laughing at his antics. These tall and sturdy men from the Frontier Region were truly too blunt!


"Little Xibei, how did the investigation go?"

"These people are indeed not refugees from the Frontier Region. They are the most elite wolf tribe among the Eighteen tribes beyond the border.

The true refugees fleeing from the Frontier Region have been deliberately diverted to another official road.

These people are waiting here because they were ordered by the Wolf Chieftain to pledge allegiance to you."

"Pledge allegiance to me? Why? I don't even know that Wolf Chieftain, why would he order these people to pledge allegiance to me?"

"Zaozao, aren't you curious who the Wolf Chieftain of the wolf tribe is?"

"Wolf Chieftain!"

Lin Zaozao turned to look at the wailing strong men, then thought of how Wuwu and Wanwan had left Luoshui Village. Although the health pill the system gave her had made them gain a hundred pounds and grow ten centimeters taller, compared to the tall men here, they were like night and day.

Those two children standing beside these strong men would be like servers bringing dishes.

Could the two small and weak children Wuwu and Wanwan really be the Wolf Chieftains these strong men spoke of?

Hmm! It's impossible!

"Zaozao, have you guessed?"

"Impossible! My Wuwu and Wanwan are such obedient and frail children, how could they be the Wolf Chieftains these strong men mention.

It's impossible, absolutely impossible. My Wuwu and Wanwan could never be any Wolf King."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's firm denial, Little Xibei didn't refute her. He only smiled at the strong men kneeling in front of the carriage, slumping "powerlessly" to the ground one after another.

"Zaozao, if you don't believe me, you can ask them."

Following Little Xibei's gaze, Lin Zaozao stabilized Gu Shan in her arms before jumping down from the carriage, walking towards the strong men.

"Zaozao, don't go over yet. I put quite a bit of muscle relaxant in the porridge, and these men drank several pots of it. The effects are just kicking in now.

Who knows, their current powerless state might just be an act!"

Seeing Xiao Taohua blocking her way, before Lin Zaozao could react, Gu Shan, who had been sitting in the carriage, leapt down and stood before the strong men.

He drew a knife as thin as a cicada's wing from his waist and held it to a strong man's throat, coldly saying,

"Who sent you? Speak. Say one wrong word, and I'll slit your throat directly."

Up close and personal with Gu Shan's hellishly chilling aura, the strong man's face went pale.

Wolf God! These Central Plains men looked frail, but they were not only cunning, their killing intent was also heavy, just like their Great and Little Wolf Chieftains.

When the two Chieftains had first joined their wolf tribe, their bodies were small and skinny, yet their hearts were ruthless.

With their words alone, they could scheme someone to death without batting an eye.

"Speak, or not?" Gu Shan pressed harder, instantly drawing blood from the strong man's throat.

"I'll speak, I'll speak. Great hero, don't shake your hand! I've already taken a wife but haven't yet consummated the marriage! If I die now, I'll really regret it!"

Hearing the strong man's pleading, Lin Zaozao held back her laughter and asked,

"Then tell me! Who sent you?"Discover ew chapters at novelbi(.)co

"It was our Wolf Chieftain!"

"What's your Wolf Chieftain's name?"

"Our Wolf Chieftain is just called the Wolf Chieftain! But there's a Great Wolf Chieftain and a Little Wolf Chieftain."

The strong man subtly moved his neck back under Gu Shan's killing intent.

"Great and Little Wolf Chieftain. Can you describe your Chieftains' appearances?"

Lin Zaozao asked curiously.

"That's easy! Our Great and Little Chieftains are a pair of twins, looking exactly alike, with one golden eye and one blue eye."

"Exactly alike, with one golden eye and one blue eye. They must be Wuwu and Wanwan."

Lin Zaozao pulled Gu Shan closer, excitedly saying.

"Then how about your Chieftains' physiques? Did they grow taller at all?"

Lin Zaozao asked excitedly.

"Our Great and Little Chieftains did get taller! They're taller and more robust than us. Not only are our Chieftains tall, they're also incredibly strong.

Most importantly, our Chieftains are good-looking. In the Frontier Region, many girls want to marry our Chieftains!"

Hearing the strong man's proud words, the excitement on Lin Zaozao's face immediately fell.

These strong men were taller than mountains, yet their Great and Little Chieftains were described as even taller and more robust than them.

Recalling the small statures of Wuwu and Wanwan compared to the strong men's depictions of their Chieftains, they were worlds apart.

Oh well, no use getting excited over nothing.

"Xiao Taohua, give them the antidote and let them leave. The refugees up ahead are still waiting for us to treat them! Don't waste any more time here."

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, dark guards emerged from the shadows, dragging the obstructing strong men aside.

"Sister, you can't leave! If you leave, our two Wolf Chieftains will twist our heads off."

The leading strong man suddenly lunged at Lin Zaozao's feet, grabbing her pant leg and whining,

"Hey buddy, how old are you?"

Lin Zaozao chuckled.

"I'm twenty-five today."

"Buddy, I'm much younger than you. You calling me sister, does that seem appropriate?"

"But our two Wolf Chieftains call you sister! They even instructed us to respect you.

If I don't call you sister, what should we call you?"

"Your Wolf Chieftains call me sister?"

"Yes! Our Chieftains even pointed to your portrait and told us you're their sister."

"Then where are your Great and Little Wolf Chieftains now?"

"The wolf chieftains have gone to take care of something. Last night, they rescued two raging giant wolves from somewhere unknown.

Our wolf chieftains were afraid those two mad wolves would run out and harm people, so they carried those wolf cubs to see the veterinarian."

"Were the two wolves your chieftains rescued about as tall as me, tall and sturdy?"

"Indeed, they were about as tall as you, sister. As for being sturdy... compared to the giant wolves around our Great wolf chieftain and Little wolf chieftain, they were just two unremarkable wolf cubs."

The burly man said indifferently.

After hearing the burly man's words, Lin Zaozao felt her heart pounding wildly. She was now certain that the Great wolf chieftain and Little wolf chieftain mentioned by these burly men were Wuwu and Wanwan.

Although she didn't know why they didn't come to see her directly, but instead sent their subordinates to pretend to be disaster victims and stay by her side.

Thinking that Wuwu and Wanwan had returned, a feeling of joy and longing filled Lin Zaozao's heart.

"Gu Shan, send secret guards to find Wuwu and Wanwan. I'm sure they're back."

"Sister, don't look for our chieftains. They sent us here to guard you, to delay your steps.

The chieftains said they have something to take care of. Once they've finished their business, they'll naturally come find you, sister."

"What are they doing?"

"We don't know either! Even if we wanted to ask, we wouldn't dare! Our chieftains don't hold back when they're upset and hit people."

Hearing the burly man's complaints, Lin Zaozao's desire to see Wuwu and Wanwan grew even more urgent.

She really wanted to know how her Wuwu and Wanwan had grown in the few short months they hadn't seen each other.

"Xiao Taohua, give them the antidote. We'll go rescue the disaster victims ahead first. As for these people, they can follow if they want!"

"Okay, Zaozao."

After the burly men recovered and stood up from the ground, the leading man bent over and walked in front of Lin Zaozao, respectfully saying,

"Sister, my name is Dalu. You can just call me Dalu from now on."

"Dalu, huh! I'm younger than you, so you can just call me Zaozao."

"No problem, sister."


"What's wrong, sister?"

"Nothing, just call me whatever."

Chapter end

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